2020-08-14- George Leopold and Junko Yoshida

U.S. CHIPS Act Takes Center Stage in Post-Globalized Industry

To manufacture highly integrated circuits in the United States is no longer just a nice-if-we-can idea. It is building momentum.

2020-08-13- Kevin Krewell

Hot Chips 2020 to Highlight Machine Learning

2020 Hot Chips starting next Sunday won't be held at Stanford Univ. Although it goes virtual, there’s no let up…

2020-08-12- Nitin Dahad

SMD Package Gets Space-Ready for Rad-Hard MOSFETs

Conditions in space pose multiple challenges for electronics reliability. A new line of SMD packages is engineered to meet those…

2020-08-11- Michael Azoff 

Deep Learning: What the AI Chip Market Is All About

With 80 startups and 34 established players, the AI chip market is clearly unsustainable in its current form. Why is…

2020-08-10- Egil Juliussen

Connected Cars: Where’s the Money?

Let’s examine current and emerging business models of connected cars, while evaluating the value of car data and content to…


Q&A with RISC-V CTO Mark Himelstein