2020-09-21- Egil Juliussen

China’s Race to Develop Autonomous Vehicles

China is making a concerted effort to develop autonomous vehicles with the expectation it will eventually be able to take…

2020-09-18- Junko Yoshida

Autonomous Vehicles Coming to Germany’s Autobahn

Germany is angling to leapfrog the world with legislation – currently being drafted – to permit self-driving vehicles as a…

2020-09-17- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio & Junko Yoshida

Teardown Analysis of Vayyar 4D Imaging Radar

With radar getting adopted even in consumer products, Systems Plus Consulting got curious about how it was being implemented. The…

2020-09-16- Nitin Dahad

Nvidia Starts Campaign to Close Arm Deal

After announcing $40 billion acquisition, Nvidia and Arm must now start campaign to convince regulators and industry...

2020-09-14- Junko Yoshida

Nvidia Buys Arm for $40 Billion

Nvidia announced Sunday that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Arm from SoftBank, in cash-and-stock transaction valued at…


Nvidia’s $40 Billion ARM Purchase Will Test Current M&A ‘Ceiling’


Achieving High Efficiency with Silent Switcher Regulators

A switching regulator is typically the first active component on the input power bus line, and therefore has a significant impact on the EMI performance of the complete circuit