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Mobile net demands optimized design 2001-02-01
Manufacturers of mobile Internet systems will play a key role in delivering a new class of wireless services for entertainment, e-commerce and multimedia messaging  
Minimizing noise-induced data errors 2011-11-15
Learn about the four primary methods which have been developed to detect noise-induced data errors in sensor-centric applications  
Minimize PA battery current with DC/DC converters 2011-06-13
Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of using DC/DC converters to cut PA battery current  
MEMS mic enables thinner phone designs 2005-11-01
The many advantages of MEMS microphones will inevitably win them a place in new cellphone designs  
Memory options explode for network processors 2002-11-01
This article talks about how designers accurately match the design requirements against the memory's characteristics  
Measurement, location relating to EFT/ESD 2006-05-01
The E1 disturbance immunity development system offers engineers a new and effective measurement method that can help them locate the sensitive spot in a circuit  
MDC and MiniPCI modem/LAN combo design for notebooks 2000-05-03
This paper describes the technical challenge of designing software modem and modem/LAN combo for notebook based on these two new platforms. Both modem hardware and software architecture will be discussed. The advantages of cost, development and homologation cycle, as well as variety of choice of vendors will be presented too  
Making TV out ubiquitous on the PC 2000-10-01
TV out is a relatively new multimedia feature which gives PC users the ability to display PC content on their home television sets rather than a monitor. Now consumers can play video games, watch DVDs or use a variety of home/office applications with their televisions being the display device  
Making the leap to 4G wireless 2002-01-16
While 3G has not quite arrived, designers are already thinking about 4G technology. With it comes challenging RF and baseband design headaches  
Make plans for power in next-gen CE 2006-02-01
Continuing innovations in power generation and management will usher in a new era of CE applications  
MAJC—the solution for the future media-rich convergence market 2000-03-20
This paper describes the MAJC (Microprocessor Architecture for JavaTM computing) as a new general-purpose microprocessor architecture from Sun Microsystems designed to address the converged services platforms and infrastructure needs of the new millennium  
LVDS: Five tips for buffering signal integrity 2001-08-09
This conference technical paper provides general LVDS design tips and shows how National Semiconductor's new buffers can improve signal quality in existing applications  
Lithography friendly design for improving yield 2013-03-19
Learn about the LFD flow and the common printability failures  
LIN Bus emerging standard for body control apps 2004-09-16
Learn everything about LIN as a low-cost serial communication system for distributed electronic systems in vehicles  
Li-ion battery-powered buck-boost regulator minimizes portable product size 2002-04-08
This article presents a novel solution using a single inductor buck-boost regulator and discusses the detailed operation of this new converter and its control scheme  
Learning the ROPES 2001-09-01
This article describes a new development process, called rapid object-oriented process for embedded systems  
Learn RS-485 design basics 2008-08-01
RS-485 has emerged as the industry's seemingly eternal interface workhorse. This article serves as an introductory guide to designers new to RS-485 by discussing the main aspects of the standard  
Learn how processor-based emulation works 2005-11-01
Learn more about processor-based emulation and how design constructs are mapped into it  
Leakage power at 90nm and below 2005-06-01
Learn more about the challenges and tools needed in addressing leakage power at 90nm and below in today's advanced designs  
Keep the livestock industry healthy with RFID 2009-04-23
Animal disease outbreaks are devastating to the meat production industry. The only way to control these outbreaks' cause is to prevent any further spread of infection. Thus, a means to rapidly trace the origins of a new disease outbreak is essential. Enter the RFID  
Jazz up in-vehicle entertainment network 2008-01-16
The number of MCUs built into new vehicles grows annually, as electronic content of cars, trucks and SUVs increases. According to Akio Nezu of Fujitsu Microelectronics America, an emerging requirement is for information and entertainment systems that can be implemented in automotive networks using MCUs that support the Intelligent Transportation Systems Data Bus-1394 (IDB-1394) specification  
IPTV pushes silicon, software solutions 2005-10-03
Emerging IPTV and networked entertainment applications are placing new requirements on silicon and software  
Intra-panel interface for large TFT-LCD apps 2005-05-02
Large-size, high-resolution TVs are adapting new interface design protocols to address market demand  
Interoperable tools ease equivalence checking 2003-08-18
Without postponing the verification cycle and risk to design integrity, an automated setup allows users to solve new verification problems  
Interconnects: Evolution at high-speed 2005-06-01
Evolving interconnect technologies pose new design considerations in meeting desired data-processing system performance  
Integrating PCB layout with mechanical design 2001-03-01
Learn how you can save time and reduce the potential for errors by putting the Intermediate Data Format to work on your next design project  
Integrating passive RF technology with cryptographic communications protocols 2000-09-27
This paper discusses the new "state-of-art" semiconductor RF "crypto-chip" combining passive RF and encryption/decryption technology  
Integrated access device to boost broadband Internet 2000-06-01
A new router dynamo combines the best of DSL and ATM technologies to support multimedia applications over the existing copper-wire pairs in telephone network. The paper outlines basic design and implementation issues to realize a new class of telecom routers  
Integrate power mgmt functions for energy harvesting 2012-01-16
Learn about the functional blocks needed for this role in a harvesting design  
Inside Bluetooth ULP technology 2011-01-24
Learn about Bluetooth low energy wireless technology for minimizing its power consumption  

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