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Dealing with impedances on the test bench 2014-04-03
Designers and producers of digital high-speed systems are about to confront the challenge of having to consider high-frequency design aspects  
Dealing with automotive radio design challenges 2010-01-28
Next-generation automotive radio platforms pose new challenges to both OEMs and suppliers. The rapidly accelerating technologies represented by current infotainment systems require robust product design followed by thorough product qualification  
DBIST answers advanced SoC test challenges 2003-04-16
Due to the exponential growth in the time and cost to apply scan tests on sophisticated SoCs, Synopsys Inc. releases its DBIST as a key capability in its new product for advanced SoC testing, the DFT Compiler SoCBIST  
Cut domestic energy with speed control 2007-10-01
Vendors are looking to deliver cheap but more efficient appliances that use variable-speed motor controls. Solutions have emerged to ease the digital design aspects of such a project, but designers also need integrated modules and associated design tools to ease design of the power stage  
Current DRAMs step up computing apps 2007-02-16
New technologies and architectures have now emerged for DRAM chips and modules  
Creating optical devices by nano-machining 2003-02-03
Nanotechnology is the driving force in today's technologies; knowing the processes involved in creating such technology can help engineers design new materials  
Converging optical IP: can GMPLS take control? 2002-09-01
Migrating to GMPLS will give operators the network intelligence and scalability they need to provision new revenue-producing IP services  
Controlling process parameters for flip-chip underfill 2000-07-01
With new substrates adding new challenges to the flip-chip technology, engineers must tackle the difference in TCE between the die and the substrate in order to avoid the fracturing of outermost connectors during thermal cycling  
Contactless tech toughens passport integrity 2007-10-01
The electronic passport is entering a new technological era with the integration of the contactless security controller. With widespread adoption, the handling of such documents has become more secure and convenient  
Configurable logic for wireless communications: Carrier and symbol synchronization 2000-09-27
Software-defined radios (SDR) are highly configurable hardware platforms that provide the technology for realizing the rapidly expanding third (and future) generation digital wireless infrastructure. This paper is about carrier and timing synchronization in SDRs using FPGA-based signal processors  
Configurable logic for wireless communications: carrier and symbol synchronization 2000-05-03
This paper is about carrier and timing synchronization in SDRs using FPGA based signal processors  
Conducting at-speed test at RTL (Part 2) 2011-04-15
Find out more about at-speed timing closure rules and at-speed coverage  
Combined communication 2004-02-16
New applications for existing Wi-Fi technology are taking hold in the form of wireless data connectivity for PDAs, MP3 players and other portable consumer apps  
Class D amps have greater efficiency, stability 2006-04-03
New switched-mode audio amplifiers are increasingly being used in portable, slim-size consumer apps  
Class AB amps retain place in audio design 2007-02-01
A quick look at many new low-power speaker amplifiers on the market highlights the move to Class D audio performance. But when it comes to low cost, distortion and noise, Class AB still has the edge. The differential input/differential output amplifier is similar to the conventional single-ended output op amp in terms of the equations that determine its gain  
Choosing the right timing device (Part 1) 2012-09-27
Learn about the key parameters affecting oscillator performance, including frequency, frequency stability, signal mode, jitter and reliability  
Choosing the right electromagnetic scanning system 2003-12-16
The primary goal for using any electromagnetic scanning technique is to understand as much about your board as possible so that you can optimize your design for functionality and compliance. The designer must decide if he is willing to increase design effort and sacrifice time-to-market by using manual tools or decrease design effort and time-to-market by using automated tools  
Choosing the right approach for Linux-based USB devices 2003-11-03
This article talks about choosing the right approach for Linux-based USB devices  
Chips bring fingerprint verification a step further 2006-04-03
A new fingerprint identification chip takes ID verification technology to the next level  
China enters the cable broadband communication era 2001-08-09
This conference technical paper discusses trends on the worldwide cable modem industry and provides standards, technology and market on the new era of broadband communications  
Centrifugal cleaning for advanced circuit assemblies 2000-04-01
As a manufacturer, you face the simultaneous challenges of qualifying new cleaning compounds and equipment designs for improved cleaning results. Centrifugal cleaning may be the solution to overcome shortcomings of present cleaning processes  
Capacitive proximity detection paves way for vehicle convenience features 2012-01-23
Read about the broad range of automotive comfort applications made possible by the implementation of capacitive proximity sensors  
Building networks for wireless M2M apps 2012-02-24
Read about the implementation of a Zigbee-type mesh  
Building fault-tolerant embedded systems using TTP/C 1999-11-01
An automotive brake-by-wire embedded control system has to be exceptionally fault-tolerant. With the time-triggered methodology, you can design such new emerging category of systems, having demands that cannot be met using today's event-triggered Class B protocols  
Build optimum next-generation residential gateways 2005-10-17
WLAN residential gateways help providers retain and support customers as they adopt new service models  
Broadband illumination captures critical defects 2007-09-17
This article demonstrates that a tunable broadband brightfield approach has several advantages over a single-wavelength approach for meeting new inspection challenges and generating higher capture rates of yield-impacting defects  
Boosting efficiency using 802.11a power amps 2004-04-01
For 802.11a-based systems to deliver their full performance potential in WLAN-enabled devices, a completely new modem architecture and PA design is required  
Boost RF harmonic measurements with PXI digitizer 2013-04-02
Learn about the measurement challenges involved in measuring low-level harmonics and look into a practical example test set-up  
Boost automotive electrical integration using sensor module (Part 1) 2012-02-14
Learn about the growing trend of employing more sensor modules in automotive environments  
Automotive connectors evolve to meet EV demands 2011-01-17
Learn about the various factors that shaped the evolution of the automotive connectors  

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