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Xilinx offers 32-bit Java MPU 2001-06-16
Embedded Java applications and smart Internet appliances such as wireless phones and STBs are the main target of Xilinx's new core, which enhances long byte-code execution times  
xDSL/ATM router architecture, design, and implementation 2000-05-03
The paper discusses the architecture, design, and implementation issues to realize these new classes of IAD  
Wireless-trench technology for silicon GSM power amplifiers 2002-04-08
This article describes the results obtained for power amplifiers designed with the new wireless trench technology  
Wireless broadband showcases emerging apps 2006-11-01
The need for "communications-on-the-go" and its fulfillment will provide new opportunities as well as new lifestyle and work options, much of which will be enabled by the broadband wireless era  
Why measure differential gain and phase? 2011-04-11
Learn about the role and impact of these closely associated video-signal parameters  
Why digital power calls for more standards 2015-03-04
Read about the move to come up with common standards that will encompass mechanical, electrical, communications, monitoring and control specifications  
What you need to know when designing your PCB 2014-01-10
Learn about the main aspects of a modern PCB that must be thoroughly considered  
Web without wires 2001-05-22
The World Wide Web is potentially about a lot more than just surfing from a desktop PC. But infrastructure challenges make true wireless Web a bit harder to access  
Voice-over-FLEX: Value creation for paging carriers and subscribers 1999-06-29
FLEX has been established as the standard for high speed messaging protocol in Asia. With 800bps voice coder on a low power DSP, it creates a new paging segment, non-real time but real-voice messaging, for the FLEX carriers. It helps fulfill the excess capacity of the carriers, but also creates the utility that cannot be fulfilled by the numeric or alphanumeric paging services  
Visualize a better debugging tool 2003-11-03
Programmers often use visualization tools to investigate bugs they already know exist. But when used in novel, almost casual ways, these tools can be more powerful. Is there a new tool here for finding elusive bugs  
Video coder threads media needle 2003-07-01
Digital video thrives in myriad applications; the new H.26L can exploit new techniques to offer better video quality and low latency for real-time video apps  
Validate embedded flash memory for power fault resilience 2011-12-06
Read about the methods available to specifically demonstrate power fault resilience of embedded flash memory products  
Utilizing class-D audio power amplifiers for high efficiency 2000-09-27
New filterless modulation techniques eliminate the biggest limitation of using class-D amplifiers in portable equipment. Notebook computers, PDAs, mobile phones and battery-powered speakers are applications that could greatly benefit from the use of class-D amplifiers  
Utilising a memory management unit 2014-02-25
Learn about the workings of a memory management unit and its applications  
Utilise PSoC for heart rate monitor 2013-12-26
Read about a heart rate monitor design using programmable system-on-a-chip  
Using next-gen optical transport protocols 2003-06-02
In the interim, evolutionary technologies like VC, LAPS and GFP will continue to gain traction in new equipment deployed all over the world  
Using energy harvesting implementations in aircraft design 2011-05-23
Learn about the process of monitoring an aircrafts health that incorporates sensors, artificial intelligence and analytical techniques  
Using cost-effective PWM controller for small power-offline apps 2004-12-16
The article presents the development of a new PWM power-supply controller IC for universal input and low-power applications  
Using COFDM microwave links in mission-critical apps 2011-07-25
Learn about the various applications of COFDM microwave technology in the field of video surveillance and security  
Using Bipolar Transistors for Power Management in Low Voltage Systems 1999-06-29
This paper presents general overview of new bipolar transistor technologies with respect to selection criteria against competing MOSFET solutions for low-voltage applications  
Use spread spectrum clock generators for EMI reduction in digital systems (Part 2) 2011-09-05
Read about the types of spread (down, center, and up); and the precautions to be aware of when using a spread spectrum clock  
Use lossless data compression in embedded systems 2009-07-08
Learn about the different methods of lossless data compression  
USB 3.0: More than just a speed boost 2011-04-11
Find out what is new and better with SuperSpeed USB protocols  
Update on connectivity: Cables & connectors (physical interface: past, present and 1394b future) 2000-09-27
The heart of the multimedia bus is the physical connector and various 4-pin and 6-pin alternatives have been discussed now for years. This paper reviews the physical interconnect, now and with the new 1394b types of interface that are coming along as the speed and distance of 1394 increases  
Universal Amplifiers 2005-04-04
Linear Technology has introduced a new class of amplifier family that provides various functions without using any external components  
Understanding SAR and delta-sigma ADC signal path 2012-10-18
Learn about the signal characteristics of several representative sensors and signal chain components for each converter type  
Understanding power issues in SDI products (Part 1) 2011-07-25
Learn about the considerations to make when designing with analog and mixed-signal serial digital interface components  
Understanding one's needs is key to motivation 2001-07-16
This article talks about the insights of Philip Chatting, Global Sources' vice-president of corporate human affairs, regarding career management and wok motivation  
Understand product failures through bathtub curves 2015-02-18
The likelihood of a component failing to properly function over time can be described by the bathtub curve. Read this article to learn more about this concept  
Ultrasparc III passes physical verification 2002-09-16
Sun Microsystem's new processor succeeds in its quest to make optimal use of the die area and power budget to achieve highest performance  

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