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Power distribution for high-performance processors 2001-04-01
A new architecture not only addresses issues such as rising current transients, but also considers the limited space available for semiconductor devices and their associated power delivery systems  
Portable Applications Drive Packaging Evolution 2001-03-30
This paper gives an overview about the Micro SMD chip-scale packaging technology. It describes Micro SMD's advantages over traditional leaded plastic packages and explains mounting and handling considerations  
Platform-based SoC design comes of age 2006-04-03
Ongoing silicon scaling has prompted the IC industry to seek new design methodologies, the most notable of which is platform-based SoC design  
Pinout complex FPGAs step-by-step 2008-12-16
I/OI pin assignment is a challenge when integrating large FPGA devices into PCBs. But with smart I/O planning and new tools, you can remove the pain from the pinout process  
Physical design flow taps partition layout 2004-08-02
This article describes a new hierarchical design flow and its usage on a 3 million-gate chip  
Performing synthesis-aware clock analysis 2013-05-23
Read about a tool that performs clock structure analysis by tracing complex clock nets and visually presenting them to designers  
Perform integrated HW/SW verification 2008-01-02
As the lines marking the responsibilities of HW/SW teams and who is responsible for implementation and debug are getting blurred, new methodologies must be adopted to effectively validate an entire IP or silicon solution. The ability to efficiently and optimally design, and perform system-level verification can result in a significant competitive advantage, especially as software solutions become expected deliverables along with complex IP or silicon  
Peak floating-point performance calculations 2014-11-10
Read about a methodology that provides designers a reliable technique for the baseline comparison of the peak floating-point computing capabilities of devices with very different architectures  
PC main power supply design 2002-04-08
This article describes a new single ended forward converter solution  
Packet rings aim at metro nets 2001-05-01
Resilient packet ring (RPR) is a new technology that optimizes unique requirements of metro networks by defining a MAC with two network interfaces  
PA design boosts 3G handset talk time 2006-05-01
This article describes a new PA design concept, in which the PA driver stage operates by itself for low- and medium-output power levels, and the higher-power final PA stage is used only for high-output power operation  
Overcome clock distribution issues in medical imaging 2011-09-01
Learn about clock distribution systems on large scale imaging devices, and the challenges that come with these  
Optimizing the high-speed IrDA extensions 1999-08-01
This paper discusses how high-speed extensions to the IrDA platform will allow an engineer to design new classes of applications  
Optimizing DSPs for multimedia 2006-09-01
With the aid of new design techniques, DSP designers can now address the main areas of power consumption--leakage power, clock trees, logic transitions and power grids  
Optimize Bluetooth car kit design, implementation 2003-11-17
There are many things to be considered in designing a Bluetooth car kit system - hardware and software must be upgraded and new profiles released by the Bluetooth SIG are needed  
Opportunities for FPGA's "Long Tail" 2010-11-22
FPGAs are particularly well suited to Long Tail markets because of their field programmability. Learn more about the advantages of FPGA over hardened-silicon devices  
One approach for debugging of modified designs 2001-03-01
Two engineers describe a methodology of comparing old designs to new designs in order to validate the new one  
Novel ACF for flip-chip attach 2000-06-01
This paper focuses on determining the advantages achieved with the new 'ordered' ACF on actual flip-chip assemblies. In particular, the distribution of conductive particles are determined on the flip-chip bumps and results are compared to theoretical predictions  
Nonlinear sensors impact digital imaging 1998-12-01
A new image sensor technology uses nonlinear acquisition as opposed to linear image sensors such as CCDs and linear CMOS sensors  
NoC: Evolution toward the MPSoC era 2006-03-16
Learn more about a low-cost on-chip interconnect that works to enable multiprocessor SoCs  
NFC delivers intuitive connected consumer experience 2006-05-01
Near-field communication, a short-range wireless technology, creates new opportunities for mobile commerce, and could change consumer behavior and spending habits  
Next-gen WLAN supports media-rich apps 2007-05-01
802.11n opens up new opportunities for media-rich wireless applications used at home and enterprise  
Next-gen DSL: SoC doubles the data rates 2005-01-17
The promise of an even broader broadband reach rests on the shoulders of two new DSL implementations--ADSL2+ and READSL  
Network Processing In Cost Sensitive Applications 2001-07-02
This paper provides an abstract that explains the need for flexibility of CPU-based solutions due to the commoditization and consumerization of a new breed of network devices  
Nano-optics redefine rules for optical processing 2003-08-01
The commercial introduction of wafer-based, nanofabrication techniques now makes it possible to create a new class of optical components called subwavelength optical elements (SOEs  
Multi-pronged approach reduces carbon dioxide emissions 2009-11-27
The issue of low CO2 emissions is becoming an increasingly important factor for customers when they buy a new vehicle. Here's a multi-pronged approach to reducing carbon dioxide emissions  
Moisture sensitivity levels for plastic-encapsulated ICs 2014-02-28
Learn about the use of acoustic microscopy to find internal defects during the assigning of the sensitivity levels  
Mobile net demands optimized design 2001-02-01
Manufacturers of mobile Internet systems will play a key role in delivering a new class of wireless services for entertainment, e-commerce and multimedia messaging  
Minimizing noise-induced data errors 2011-11-15
Learn about the four primary methods which have been developed to detect noise-induced data errors in sensor-centric applications  
Minimize PA battery current with DC/DC converters 2011-06-13
Learn about the advantages and drawbacks of using DC/DC converters to cut PA battery current  

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