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Enabling technology for OLED displays 2003-12-01
There is a transformation brewing in the world of flat panel displays, driven by a new solid-state material called OLEDs  
Employ integrated solutions for motor driver applications 2009-09-10
To enable future innovation, designers will continue to require a blend of turnkey and multichip solutions, allowing them to solve complex problems in new applications when required  
Emerging trends in distributed power systems 2004-10-01
The regulatory and end-application requirements are creating new challenges for the distributed power solutions  
Emerging storage trends for residential gateways 2003-06-02
The paper offers new insights into the technical and financial benefits of incorporating enhanced flash storage solutions into residential gateway products  
Emerging challenges of nanotech testing 2006-08-01
As nanotechnolgy research continues to advance, scientists and engineers are faced with new challenges, particularly in testing  
EMC Basics #2: Resets as crucial circuits 2011-05-16
Learn about the EMC vulnerability of this ubiquitous circuit function, and what to do about it  
EMC Basics #11: A primer on EMC shielding 2011-10-17
Read about the hows and whys of using shielding to solve EMC problems  
Embedded software debug for real-time trace 2002-05-16
Developing a new embedded-processor-based digital system can easily be achieved through the use of an in-circuit emulator capable of real-time trace  
Efficient power electronics is key to widespread HEV adoption 2012-02-09
Learn about the factors that contribute to the achievement of maximum power density in automotive power electronics  
Effective interconnect space reduction formation 2001-05-16
Significant technical progress has been made with newly developed materials and with the introduction of new components, this evolution has become possible. This paper describes the benefits of using microvias  
Drive parametric yields higher at 65nm, beyond 2007-10-01
The need to characterize and model intrinsic variability in a production-worthy process will intensify and represent a new imperative for improving yield in 65nm process technologies and beyond. A PAM platform methodology can foster a collaborative environment between design and manufacturing, a condition key to driving parametric yields higher  
Double-zone acoustic scanning of plastic-encapsulated ICs 2011-04-19
Learn about the double-zone scanning system and how it can increase throughput  
Docsis Part 2 2003-08-16
This paper talks about the second part of Rob Howald's discussion on how Docsis leveraged cable connections to deliver broadband data  
Distributed switching architecture optimizes 4G MSPPs 2006-02-16
A new approach to switching is needed to accommodate the evolving traffic mix between TDM and packet data in MSPPs  
Discovering how home networking works 2004-07-01
With requirements that differ from traditional data-centric platforms, OEM vendors face new challenges in the digital home  
Digital video IC set for debugging ride 2002-09-16
Philips' CTAG uses several existing tests to determine the reliability of their new Digital Video Platform system chip  
Digital trigger system with low trigger jitter 2013-12-26
Read about a digital trigger system in an oscilloscope that results in very low trigger jitter  
Digital set-top boxes in IEEE 1394 home entertainment systems 2000-06-01
Set-top boxes are evolving from fixed-function devices to a home networking system, allowing a new breed of interactive services. The paper describes layered architecture and firmware approaches in the high-speed serial bus standard  
Digital control fits power amps for 3G 2001-04-15
Delivering new consumer products based on 3G wireless communication standards will require an overhaul of the existing infrastructure, including the network's base transceiver station (BTS) infrastructure  
Diagnostic test for design validation 2004-04-16
Whether you are testing a new MCU or an ASIC, post-silicon validation of the design is a must. Here's a look at diagnostic tests and techniques  
DFM guidelines for through-hole technology 2001-07-01
Everything you wanted to know about through-hole design for manufacturability (DFM) but were afraid to ask  
Developing audio processor hardware with C 2002-04-16
This technical article describes a new C-based software environment capable of creating high-performance hardware designs in very tight schedules  
Detect stepper motor stall with back EMF technique (Part 1) 2011-11-07
Learn about this method that takes advantage of constant motor parameters and overcomes limitations of traditional stall detection of current and duty-cycle sensing  
Designing magnetic solenoid driver circuits 2013-09-09
Read about the design of current-controlled, intelligent magnetic solenoid driver circuits  
Designing in Rambus modules 1999-09-01
The 800MHz Rambus memory interface answers the needs of multimedia-intensive PC environments. However, new manufacturing issues are challenging its viability. Folow these basic principles and invest in emerging automation equipment  
Designing high frequency synchronizer with programmable MTBF features 2012-02-29
Read about a high frequency synchronizer circuit with programmable mean-time-between-failure capabilities that is well suited for high frequency clock gating and input signal synchronization applications  
Design, implement MCU-based current loop calibration device 2011-11-11
Read about this low-cost microcontroller-based current loop calibration device to test and calibrate systems that communicate via 4-20 mA current loop standard  
Deliver optimal images with GDCs 2007-11-01
The variety and performance of graphics display controllers enable an innovative set of new infotainment applications in vehicles. GDCs are a critical component in navigation and video products, and will become even more important as car makers differentiate their models  
Deliver connectivity for emerging tech 2007-09-03
The future home and workplace will revolve around connected experiences, driving the emergence of new categories of devices that not only consume services but also interact with them  
Dealing with impedances on the test bench 2014-04-03
Designers and producers of digital high-speed systems are about to confront the challenge of having to consider high-frequency design aspects  

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