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Implement large-scale IPTV systems 2007-07-02
IPTV system deployments usually drive major upgrades to the network infrastructure and need new test and monitoring technologies to check and maintain that infrastructure  
Implement H.264/AVC standard on FPGAs 2007-03-01
When used in an optimized fashion, the coding tools of the H.264/AVC standard increase coding efficiency by about 50 percent compared to previous video coding standards for a wide range of bit rates and resolutions  
Ikos lawsuit against Axis turns more complex 2001-04-15
Is the Ikos lawsuit strictly 'black and white' or is it tied to a takeover bid? This technical news article describes that issue against Axis Systems, which deals about the emulation patents of both companies  
IEEE 1284.3 and 1284.4 advances in high-speed parallel port performance and port sharing 1999-06-29
The parallel port is being enhanced by new hardware and software support. With backward compatibility and a huge installed base, this interface will provide a convenient and powerful port for future peripherals. This report provides an introduction to the state and future of the parallel port interface and the associated protocol stack  
Identifying front-end challenges for 90nm design 2003-09-01
FEOL scaling is about density improvement while simultaneously improving transistor performance  
IBIS and SPICE: Modeling languages for the demanding EDA industry 2000-12-01
This technical article summarizes IBIS and SPICE modeling language, looks at some of the new IBIS developments and then takes a look at the future  
HSDPA enables future of mobile broadband 2006-10-02
This new standard promises to help operators increase capacity, offer richer multimedia services and get their money's worth out of 3G  
How to drive LED with fluorescent ballast (Part 2) 2014-01-16
Learn about AC/DC converter with active LED current control, high harmonic input current and maximum LED string lengths for ballast types  
How to design an insulin pump 2013-06-13
Learn about the purpose of an insulin pump, its overall workings, and the requirements needed for its design as well as implementation  
Home networking using 1394 2000-05-03
This paper offers an overview of industry progress, bandwidth needs, media, required components, how to get started and myths versus facts about the 1394 specification in the networked environment  
High-frequency prescalers pave the way for lower-cost VSATs 2003-05-02
New 13.5GHz dividers can help reduce the cost of new, higher-frequency applications such as VSATs and encourage their wider use  
High-bandwidth services via carrier Ethernet 2007-10-01
Carrier Ethernet is now playing a significant new role in metro, edge and core networks as part of a mixed technology solution, as Asia's mobile operators increase their focus on HSDPA technologies  
High PoE made simple 2008-03-03
According to National Semiconductor's Grant Smith, high Power-over-Ethernet (HPoE) standards are still to be resolved. What is expected by most is that the voltage source will be increased to 53Vdc, usable current from each line to about 750mA, and the total resistance in the cable be limited below 12.5Ω. But for some applications, this is not enough power. One solution is to use multiple Ethernet lines, but this raises the problem of power sharing  
Hardware/Software co-development and SoC verification 1999-09-01
Different tools and methods are needed to address system-level architecture, hardware/software co-development, and full verification of SoCs in their target environments. Rather than inventing new solutions, leverage techniques proven in the PCB systems world  
Handling multicore design patterns 2008-02-18
Anderson MacKay of Green Hills Software DiscusseS in this article the high-level overviews of three simple models for multicore systems, which are straightforward to implement with today's tools and hardware. These multicore design patterns provide starting points for thinking and talking about the high-level picture of what your system does, and provide a common terminology so that hardware and software teams can hash out a multicore system structure  
Handling behemoth designs 2012-06-20
Learn about some strategies and tool requirements for physical implementation of large and complex semiconductors  
Guard PoE systems from lightning surges, electrical hazards 2012-05-10
Read about evidence-based design methods that protect PoE equipment from various electrical hazards  
Green IC packaging addresses environmental concerns 2006-07-17
As new environmental regulations are enacted and a universal recognition of the benefits of Green design and manufacturing practices percolates, adherence to manufacturing regulations will become a basic requirement for participation in world markets  
GPS Receiver Modules Ease Overall System Design 2001-03-30
This paper focuses on the advantages of the use of GPS receiver modules for the design of new and innovative products  
Getting HDMI systems ready for Deep Color 2007-10-16
HDMI has become the standard interface between any HDTV and media sources that provide the content displayed on the HDTV. The crisp, clear images made possible with the high-resolution video data promise to be even richer as new systems implement ver 1.3 of the HDMI standard  
Future trends for 1394 2002-04-08
This article describes conference proceedings on the development of a new serial bus with the specification number of 1394 as well as current and future trends of the 1394 technology  
Functions of 60V high current LED driver 2013-10-30
Read about a 60V synchronous, step-down DC/DC controller designed to regulate LED current at 20A with PWM dimming  
FPGAs don remote reprogram habits 2001-05-01
FPGAs are often used in embedded devices because they can be reprogrammed and one way of getting the new program to the device is by sending it through the net  
FPGA tools need hardware assistance 2001-05-01
While techniques such as logic emulation provide a new tool for logic designers, many other FPGA-based systems serve as high-performance replacements for standard computers  
Formal verification for IP soft core 2003-11-17
Engineers are facing challenges on improving design efficiency and shortening time-to-market of IP soft core--formal verification is believed to provide a new solution for them  
Fixing signal integrity with logic analyzer, DSO 2003-06-16
When designers add new bus architectures to their designs, they will rely on powerful signal integrity measurement toolsets to get products to market on time  
Fingerprint sensors keep data secure in laptops 2006-11-16
One method for safeguarding data is biometric technology, specifically, fingerprint sensors. These devices are embedded in PCs and handhelds to add a new level of security by making it almost impossible for unauthorized access  
Fingerprint identification technology set for use 2003-04-01
New solid-state sensing devices provide cost-effective, reliable, and sophisticated fingerprint identification technology to be used for a variety of uses  
Fast, accurate multi-GHz modeling techniques 2004-10-01
New modeling methods are presented to save time and improve performance on high-speed serial link designs  
Fast testers now tackle wireless handsets 2005-09-16
Here's a new-generation test solution that uses. advanced hardware and software for quick and accurate measurements in a variety of handsets  

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