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Choosing the right electromagnetic scanning system 2003-12-16
The primary goal for using any electromagnetic scanning technique is to understand as much about your board as possible so that you can optimize your design for functionality and compliance. The designer must decide if he is willing to increase design effort and sacrifice time-to-market by using manual tools or decrease design effort and time-to-market by using automated tools  
Choosing the right approach for Linux-based USB devices 2003-11-03
This article talks about choosing the right approach for Linux-based USB devices  
Chips bring fingerprint verification a step further 2006-04-03
A new fingerprint identification chip takes ID verification technology to the next level  
China enters the cable broadband communication era 2001-08-09
This conference technical paper discusses trends on the worldwide cable modem industry and provides standards, technology and market on the new era of broadband communications  
Centrifugal cleaning for advanced circuit assemblies 2000-04-01
As a manufacturer, you face the simultaneous challenges of qualifying new cleaning compounds and equipment designs for improved cleaning results. Centrifugal cleaning may be the solution to overcome shortcomings of present cleaning processes  
Capacitive proximity detection paves way for vehicle convenience features 2012-01-23
Read about the broad range of automotive comfort applications made possible by the implementation of capacitive proximity sensors  
Building networks for wireless M2M apps 2012-02-24
Read about the implementation of a Zigbee-type mesh  
Building fault-tolerant embedded systems using TTP/C 1999-11-01
An automotive brake-by-wire embedded control system has to be exceptionally fault-tolerant. With the time-triggered methodology, you can design such new emerging category of systems, having demands that cannot be met using today's event-triggered Class B protocols  
Build optimum next-generation residential gateways 2005-10-17
WLAN residential gateways help providers retain and support customers as they adopt new service models  
Broadband illumination captures critical defects 2007-09-17
This article demonstrates that a tunable broadband brightfield approach has several advantages over a single-wavelength approach for meeting new inspection challenges and generating higher capture rates of yield-impacting defects  
Boosting efficiency using 802.11a power amps 2004-04-01
For 802.11a-based systems to deliver their full performance potential in WLAN-enabled devices, a completely new modem architecture and PA design is required  
Boost RF harmonic measurements with PXI digitizer 2013-04-02
Learn about the measurement challenges involved in measuring low-level harmonics and look into a practical example test set-up  
Boost automotive electrical integration using sensor module (Part 1) 2012-02-14
Learn about the growing trend of employing more sensor modules in automotive environments  
Automotive connectors evolve to meet EV demands 2011-01-17
Learn about the various factors that shaped the evolution of the automotive connectors  
ARM, MIPS fight it out on embedded processor front 2002-11-18
MIPS impressed the audience on the Embedded processor forum by presenting new products that make use of the MIPS core, while ARM was content on riding on Intel's enthusiasm with XScale  
Applying Network Processors For IP Routing ACL, NET And DiffServ 2001-07-03
This paper presents an abstract on how the new breed of network processors is applied to both traditional and new data networking devices  
Application-specific DRAM needed for communication apps 2001-05-16
This news article describes how DRAM vendors need to work more closely with communications systems OEMs to define new comms-specific memories  
Antenna diversity: Effective solutions for the ongoing cost and design challenges for wireless devices 2003-12-16
Portable wireless devices that utilize a single antenna are notoriously inefficient about how they maintain a comms link to the surrounding radio power. However, engineers are now discovering ways to extract both performance and cost savings from receivers with closely-spaced antennas  
Analyzing high-speed serial links 2004-12-01
Learn a new simulation/statistical technique that accurately analyzes Serdes performance in systems, delivering 3Gbps data rates and beyond  
Allocating dynamic memory with ease 2011-01-10
Read about the use an embedded database library to manage memory more effectively  
Allocate memory efficiently in Matlab-to-C code 2008-10-01
Matlab frees you from having to think about memory allocation and actively encourages the use of variable-size arrays. But memory, time and hardware constraints limit how the C implementation allocates memory. Here are some workarounds  
Advances in satellite front-end technology give speed and cost-benefit system test, installation, and free to air operation 1999-06-29
This paper reviews the possibilities of addressing issues of satellite TV through advances in the front-end technology used in a typical digital satellite receiver. The required enhancements are quantified, followed by a description of the design project intended to deliver these enhancements  
Advances in multi-functional lighting controllers 2013-05-02
Learn about the demand for lighting control that is as flexible and effective as possible  
Advances in acoustic microscopy 2001-03-01
This article discusses some of the advancements in acoustic microscopy, which provide users new tools useful for difficult design analysis  
Advanced network solutions for high quality voice/data over twisted pair 2000-05-03
To provide quality voice over IP, a new protocol, called Token over the Ethernet Protocol (TEP) is introduced in this paper. TEP guarantees bandwidth for delay sensitive application, such as voice or video when mix with delay non-critical application over the shared twisted pair  
Advanced Flash memory features ease design 1999-07-01
New features in Flash memory help designers ease interfacing requirements, meet escalating system performance needs, and reduce system cost  
ADSL technology explained: The Physical Layer 2001-05-08
Learn about ADSL's multicarrier modulation technique, common impairments and phone-line characteristics  
Address system-level design tasks 2007-01-16
The goal of a new system-level design methodology through ESL is to realize direct benefits in the design flow. Validating the system functional behavior as early as possible helps reduce iteration  
Adding tactile feedback to touchscreens 2008-02-01
Today's new haptic interfaces can provide a more familiar, engaging, satisfying user experience for touch-activated controls. Fortunately, enabling a haptics system is now technologically simple and the electromechanical integration is well understood  
Adding class D audio to embedded systems 2013-03-05
Learn about the various implementations of class D amplifiers  

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