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Smart partitioning could be path to integration 2002-09-16
The paper talks about the trade-offs of implementing RF inside the chip against surrounding the mainly digital chip with the needed RF circuits  
Smart antennas: A design alternative 2005-02-16
With integrated GPS technology, today's smart antennas drive new alternatives in remote tracking  
Slashing design time with the IP evaluation model 1999-10-01
A new paradigm in design reuse eases your job of picking the right IP for your application, and lets you focus on more pressing issues in the design process. It calls for just downloading the IP, parametrizing it and evaluating it before licensing the core  
Simulation takes off with hardware 2002-12-02
This article talks about how simulation can help develop firmware in advance for a safe and successful integration  
Simplify automotive ASIC design with FMEA 2011-01-10
Learn about failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), an essential tool to examine all aspects of a product specification  
Significance of RTL architecture to power analysis 2015-03-30
Learn about the advantages of a well defined RTL architecture for power estimation and analysis through a case study of a FIFO design  
Significance of data acquisition to smart grid 2015-03-17
The smart grid must automatically detect system faults and quickly isolate them for fast repair. Learn about the important role of data-acquisition systems in keeping electricity flowing  
Signal chain basics: How to deliberately boost THD in audio processing systems 2012-09-13
Here's a new concept for producing higher fidelity from audio system  
Signal chain basics: Clock jitter unveiled (Part 2) 2012-01-25
Learn about the practical aspects of jitter transfer and the limitations of phase noise measurement techniques  
Signal chain basics: Clock jitter unveiled (Part 1) 2012-01-24
Read about some of the key parameters of this critical specification, which affects many aspects of the signal chain  
SigmaRAM: The 24Gbps technology for wired world 2002-08-01
The SigmaRAM groups says it can meet the challenge of capturing multimedia data at wire speed at any point within the Internet by developing a new generation of ultra fast SRAM  
Serial ATA: Designing for high-speed storage 2005-03-16
Designing with SATA requires a new way of thinking for everyone. Here are layout rules to ensure a working implementation  
Self-repair boosts memory SoC yields 2002-04-01
This technical article describes the emergence of a new BIST and repair technology that is capable of running test, diagnostics and repair functions right on the chip  
Selecting DSPs for real-time signal processing 2000-03-01
Choosing the appropriate DSP for the system is one of the first and most critical decisions to be made, for the choice affects every aspect of the engineering cycle and can literally make the difference between project success and failure  
Scale JTAG to meet evolving embedded needs 2006-06-16
The biggest hurdle to JTAG adoption and integration is recognizing that a strategy is needed across multiple development disciplines. Once this step has been initiated and initial adoption of ATPG support and a JTAG mux device is completed, it becomes easier to evaluate or implement additional new JTAG capabilities one small step or generation at a time  
Saving power in portable applications 2006-09-01
Power requirements and power-saving challenges call for new manufacturing and process technologies. These methods must work together to optimize performance and maximize battery life for the customer's benefit  
Save energy with next generation IGBTs 2008-05-01
For industrial applications, with state-of the art inverters, special optimized types of power semiconductors are needed. The new 1200V IGBT4 generation combined with improved emitter control diodes from Infineon provides three optimized chip versions for low, medium and high power IGBT modules that are designed for the needs of modern inverter concepts for different applications  
RF test aids in design of in-vehicle radio 2006-04-17
The widespread use of in-vehicle modules has necessitated new RF test chambers designed for modules with radio interfaces-based mainstream wireless standards  
Reusable Intellectual Property for embedded systems software development 2000-08-01
One of the most neglected areas of embedded systems software development has been the area of reuse of device drivers and Board Support Packages (BSP). But with a new tool called the Device Driver Development Environment (3DE), you can now accelerate support for the development of BSPs and device drivers  
Removing field failures at wafer level (Part 1) 2013-05-29
Here's a look at Sonoscan's new automated wafer inspection system and its advantages  
Reinventing the switch fabric architecture 2001-10-16
This article features the functions of the new switch fabrics designed to solve bottlenecks and minimize QoS concerns in edge access switching systems  
Reducing power consumption in MPUs with FPGAs 2010-03-22
The newer and better FPGA technology brings with it a whole new set of challenges for the designer. Power utilization is one issue that moves to the forefront when designing an FPGA-based embedded system for a handheld or portable device  
Reduce SoC power use without high-level EDA tools 2013-07-30
Read about several situations where high level design tools are not useful and are sometimes a hindrance  
Reduce auto cabin noise with NVH analysis 2007-05-01
This article describes an approach implemented by LMS International to reduce the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels of a new car model from an automotive OEM  
Reap embedded USB's benefits in appliances 2007-03-01
Concerns about increased cost and complexity have slowed the initial adoption of the USB bus in the appliance world. The USB bus offers many classes of solutions that can be used alternatively or in combination to achieve much more  
Rapid design of media-enabled information appliances 2001-01-01
An integration platform approach can greatly facilitate the rapid development of new products, as well as successors and derivatives. The article takes a look at the design of an information appliance that may spawn many derivatives  
Programmable logic enables powerful SoC solutions 2002-10-01
With the ability to embed complete systems on a single FPGA, programmable logic has enabled a new realm of powerful yet very flexible SoC solutions  
Preventing flip-chip solder joint failures 2001-08-01
Learn about the degradation of solder joints in FCOBs as a result of thermal cycling. The article also seeks to answer how solder joint cracks are initiated and propagated  
Precision jetting allows closer component placement 2004-03-16
One of the limitations on the close placement of components has been the space requirements for underfilling flip-chips, BGAs, and CSPs; and Asymtek's new developed solution makes it unnecessary to insert the needle between components  
Powering LED-backlit LCDs using DC-DC topology (Part 1) 2011-05-09
Learn about the approaches and tradeoffs in supply topologies and configurations, when powering LED arrays  

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