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Trends and issues in thermal processing 1999-10-01
Revision in standards, introduction of new solder materials, emergence of different base materials and alterations in component design are driving thermal processing requirements. Assimilating these changes within your present processes entails proper analysis and equipment improvement and optimization  
Transaction-based simulation using SystemC/SCV 2005-03-16
Learn how SystemC/SCV speeds up simulation and verification cycles to provide overall project cycle with better quality results  
Tight DSP and NP integration produces enhanced VoIP chip solutions 2004-04-16
This technical paper discusses how VoIP has altered the landscape of telecommunications by adding a new level of intelligence to networks  
Thriving in the time of touch revolution 2011-03-01
Learn about the developments in touch design that are causing accelerated adoption of touch interfaces across many markets  
The USB: A universal bus architecture? 2000-02-01
USB is a new connectivity standard that enables computer peripherals to be connected to a computer without reconfiguring the system, giving a better perspective to plug-and-play. But, consumers are asking is this technology enough to solve issues such as bandwidth allocation and compliance for more PC-based applications  
The role of the digital STB in home entertainment system 2000-05-03
Set-top boxes are evolving from fixed-function devices to a home networking system, allowing a new breed of interactive services. This paper describes the layered architecture and firmware approaches in the high-speed serial bus standard  
The opportunities for 1394-enabled PCs 2000-05-03
This paper describes the IEEE 1394 bus. It discusses the new applications for the IEEE 1394-enabled PCs. Additionally, the use of the 1394 standard in audio/video production studio environments is introduced  
The importance of deep packet inspection in wireless nets 2009-08-18
Mobile broadband is today's growth engine for wireless network operators. Even in the current economic downturn, wireless network operators continue adding new subscribers on their data plans  
The challenges of doing PCI design in FPGAs 1999-04-08
This paper covers the issues in doing PCI in FPGAs, how they are surmounted and what are the things the designer needs to think about when implementing such a design scheme  
The art of Mobile WiMAX testing 2008-03-03
The latest version of the WiMAX standard addresses the mobile services required to free users from the tethers of a predetermined location. As with any new technology comes the need to test its hardware--in the research labs, for product qualification and conformance testing to the standard; on the production line; and for troubleshooting and maintenance. Proper and accurate testing helps ensure full interoperability of WiMAX equipment from all manufacturers  
Testing HSUPA devices 2007-11-16
HSUPA is an exciting new technology that will enable much higher data rates in the uplink than current systems. However, HSUPA places high demands on the wireless device�s transmitter, processor, internal buses and memory allocation. The device�s performance must be tested while HSUPA channels are active  
Testing designs containing embedded blocks 2000-05-01
Deep-submicron processes enable increased complexity, which means that many of the embedded blocks cannot be tested using traditional methods. You must find new solutions to avoid risking product quality  
Testing beyond the required specs 2007-12-03
An increasing number of new and proposed EMC standards are pushing the upper frequency test limits further up the microwave spectrum. The latest EMC standard released, IEC 61000-4-3:2006, is no exception  
Test EMC using novel time-domain methods 2004-02-02
This article covers new ways of signal processing to use time-domain measurement techniques to perform accurate and time efficient EMI measurements  
Technologies boost virtual instrumentation 2008-03-17
At present, virtual instrumentation has been used in all fields of measurement and automation. More engineers create high-performance and expandable test systems with the help of virtual instrumentation--signaling a new era of instrumentation is coming  
Taking advantage of MCU sleep modes to boost energy savings 2012-03-21
Learn about the different MCU modes that allow energy conservation  
Systems approach delivers SiP design 2006-05-01
System-in-Package isn't just about size. Boasting faster development and lower cost, SiP allows the combination of different wafer process chips in one solution, making it not only a package but also a true system  
System specs drive multiprocessor SoC 2002-02-16
SoC design requires new tools and a different skill set than traditional ASIC chip design. The case study illustrates new challenges and describes methodologies to address them  
Syntax raises RTL abstraction level 2001-05-16
A University of Toronto professor has proposed a new RTL abstraction syntax that he claimed can be implemented by a modest extension to traditional imperative programming languages  
Survival guide to high-speed ADC digital outputs 2012-04-18
Learn about the key attributes of CMOS, LVDS, and CML outputs, and their performance tradeoffs  
Sub-GHz wireless for long range IoT connectivity 2014-12-03
Learn about the role of the sub-Gigahertz wireless radio spectrum in extending the range of wireless devices in an Internet of Things network  
Standard metal enables paradigm shift in ASIC technology 2005-08-16
Deep-submicron design and manufacturing issues drive the critical need for a new design technology to replace standard cell  
Speed enhancements for Model Tech upgrades 2001-04-15
This article discusses the ModelSim simulation upgrade, which promises faster performance, better memory use, new interactive debug features and improved testbench and regression test support  
Speech quality issues in mobile networks 1999-09-09
This paper describes the several sources of speech degradation in wireless mobile networks, and offer new methods for eliminating them. Sources of degradation including digital speech compression, tandem coding, background noise, hybrid echo, and acoustic echo will be described in detail. It also describe how modern signal processing technology, including echo and noise cancellation, automatic level control, and tandem CODEC avoidance is being used to eliminate these problems and improve speech quality  
Solving today's problem of SoC verification 2010-01-22
As more complex, mixed-signal SoC designs continue to stress verification methodologies and schedules, designers need new approaches in solving today's test challenges. Mixed-signal verification presents a unique challenge as the analog portion of the design requires highly accurate and time-consuming, analog simulation  
Solutions for dual-band GSM handset 1999-09-09
The growth of GSM networks, particularly in Asia-Pacific and China, is an ideal opportunity for new Chinese handset manufacturers to enter this market. However, producing a good and affordable voice-centric GSM phone is not trivial, and despite some serious efforts, quite some players have already experienced failures with currently available solutions. This paper describes the elements guiding the dual-band GSM handset with focus on mass production and key driving factors such as cost, power consumption, size, weight, quality, and time to market  
Solder masks: Examining rules of thumb 2001-02-01
Learn the plane facts about cuts in power planes and solder mask on surface layers  
Smart partitioning could be path to integration 2002-09-16
The paper talks about the trade-offs of implementing RF inside the chip against surrounding the mainly digital chip with the needed RF circuits  
Smart antennas: A design alternative 2005-02-16
With integrated GPS technology, today's smart antennas drive new alternatives in remote tracking  
Slashing design time with the IP evaluation model 1999-10-01
A new paradigm in design reuse eases your job of picking the right IP for your application, and lets you focus on more pressing issues in the design process. It calls for just downloading the IP, parametrizing it and evaluating it before licensing the core  

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