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LED driving with NCP/V3063 2008-04-25
This application note describes how the NCP3063/NCV3063 can be configured in a boost topology to drive strings of LEDs  
Learn about TDA8034 demonstration boards 2013-06-07
The application note describes the Cake8034_01_D Cake8034_02_D demo boards for TDA8034. Schematics, layout and uses are discussed  
LDO white-LED driver TPS7510x provides incredibly small solution size 2008-09-18
Use of white-LED drivers has increased in recent years due to the popularity of color LCD screens on most portable electronic equipment. The white backlight required to bring out the color in these screens is most often provided by white LEDs.  
Key steps to design a post-regulator driven by the NCP4331 2008-11-13
This paper proposes the key steps to rapidly design a post regulator driven by the NCP4331, in a systematic manner.  
KEELOQ microcontroller-based code hopping encoder 2009-04-17
This application note describes the design of a microcontroller-based KEELOQ hopping encoder  
Isolating I²C interfaces 2008-05-27
This application note by Ronn Kliger for Analog Devices provides a brief overview of the I²C bus (focusing on its PHY), discusses the challenges in isolating I²C interfaces, and describes iCoupler solutions for isolating I²C interfaces  
ISL8013EVAL2Z: 3A low quiescent current 1MHz high efficiency synchronous buck regulator 2008-06-09
This application note discusses Intersil's ISL8013EVAL2Z evaluation kit, which is intended for users with point-of-load requirements from 2.7V to 5.5V  
ISL6269AEVAL2Z user guide for ISL6269A and ISL6269B PWM controllers 2008-06-06
Intersil's ISL6269AEVAL2Z evaluation board demonstrates the performance of the ISL6269A or ISL6269B single-phase synchronous-buck PWM controller featuring the company's Robust Ripple Regulator (R3) technology.  
Introduction to MIFARE SAM 2013-10-23
Here's an application note that introduces MIFARE SAM AV2 as well as all documentation and samples  
Introduction to electrocardiographs 2010-05-17
This application note provides an introduction to electrocardiographs (ECG or EKG) and discusses the basics of how heart signals are measured and displayed electronically  
Introduction to CAN 2007-02-05
This document is a guide to the outline of CAN and the CAN protocol proposed by BOSCH, and is only a reference material to be consulted when using CAN in application systems  
Introduction to audio processing using the WOLA Filterbank coprocessor 2009-02-26
This document provides an overview of the features and typical usage of the IOP and the WOLA filterbank coprocessor.  
Interfacing to analog switches 2008-10-16
Analog switches are often used to give portable system designers a convenient method of increasing their features or accessibility without duplicating any circuitry.  
Interfacing the MSP430 with MMC/SD flash memory cards 2008-08-08
This application report and the associated source code files demonstrate the implementation of a serial peripheral interface (SPI) between the MSP430F161x MCU and an MMC or SD flash memory card used in SPI mode  
Interfacing the IA4421 transceiver to PIC microcontrollers 2008-10-22
This document discusses what is required to successfully develop a radio application using the Integration Associates IA4421 transceiver  
Interfacing the FLEx72 18Mbit synchronous dual-port RAM to the TI TMS320C641x DSPs 2008-05-22
This application note describes wiring, EMIF register settings and other design considerations for connecting the TMS320C6416 DSP to the Cypress FLEx72 18Mbit synchronous dual port  
Interfacing the DS5250 with a magnetic stripe card reader 2009-05-18
This application note explains how magnetic stripe card reading and decoding can easily be implemented on the DS5250 secure microcontroller  
Interfacing PDIUSBP11A to a microcontroller 2002-11-20
This application note demonstrates how to interface the PDIUSBP11A analog USB transceiver to general application circuitry. Also, an example on interfacing to a QUALCOMM microcontroller is provided  
Interfacing multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs on the I²C bus 2008-05-28
This application note by Denisa Stefan presents I⊃2C bus device addressing solutions and addresses in particular the issues raised by the parallel programming of multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs from Catalyst Semi  
Interfacing mid-range PIC MCUs with UNI/O bus-compatible serial EEPROMs 2008-12-04
This application note is intended to serve as a reference for interfacing Microchip's mid-range family of PIC MCUs with Microchip's UNI/O bus-compatible 11XXXXX family of serial EEPROM devices, with the aid of a hardware timer  
Interfacing LVPECL 3.3V drivers with Xilinx 2.5V differential receivers 2009-01-22
This application note describes how to interface 3.3V differential LVPECL drivers with Xilinx 2.5V differential receivers  
Interfacing LVDS devices to QuickLogic Eclipse and Eclipse-II FPGAs 2008-11-11
This application note discusses software implementation and board level issues when interfacing LVDS devices with QuickLogic Eclipse FPGAs  
Interfacing 8051 MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs 2008-06-25
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the  
Interfacing 8051 MCUs with I²C serial EEPROMs 2008-06-25
This application note is part of a series that provides source code to help the user implement the protocol with minimal effort  
Interface design guide for STMicroelectronics Cartesio microprocessor 2009-03-06
This technical note provides guidelines for interconnecting the STA2062 dynamic bus controller to two Micron 512Mb Mobile DDR SDRAM devices to achieve a 128MB external dynamic memory without series termination resistors other than clock line parallel terminations.  
Intelligent fan control 2008-12-03
This application note describes the creation of an intelligent 4-wire fan. This design incorporates a PIC MCU directly inside of the fan, enabling the fan to provide closed loop speed control, speed feedback, and additional safety features  
Integrating an I2C bootloader into a PSoC Express project 2008-05-22
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor details the integration of an I2C bootloader implementing a protocol into a PSoC Express application  
Input dynamic range extension of the BelaSigna 300 series 2009-03-12
This application note describes the functioning of the BelaSigna 300 input dynamic range extension (IDRX) feature  
Industrial stepper motor driver 2008-05-22
This application note from Cypress Semiconductor describes stepper motor control based on PSoC  
Indirect programming of BPI PROMs with Virtex-5 FPGAs 2009-02-05
This application note demonstrates how to program a Intel StrataFlash P30 BPI PROM indirectly using iMPACT 9.2i and a Xilinx cable  

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