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Utilising power MOSFET Z<sub>th curves 2013-08-05
Here are several worked examples showing how junction temperatures can be simply calculated using the device Z<sub>th curves  
Ferrites and accessories 2008-06-24
This application note discusses the usage and function of Epcos' ferrites and cores in filter, LAN, EMI and power applications, broadband transformers and inductive sensors  
Guide to using TPS92310 EVM 2012-05-24
Read about the TPS92310 EVM-8W evaluation module, a constant current output LED driver supporting 5W to 8W applications.  
The importance of being earnest (about reading from an ADC on I2C interface 2011-08-01
Know how to appropriately handle the transfer of multibyte data over the I2C-compatible interface  
Speed up devt of next gen 802.11ac wireless LAN transmitters 2012-08-03
Find out how to ease 802.11ac validation.  
Identifying critical tearing energy of polymer films 2012-09-03
Know how to determine the critical fracture energies during tearing fracture of two different types of packaging tapes using the Agilent UTM T150  
Characteristics of interleaved PFC stages 2009-02-18
This application note focuses on the current ripple reduction when the interleaved stages are operated out-of-phase and on the design criteria when dimensioning the power components  
Selecting the right battery system for cost-sensitive portable applications while maintaining excellent quality 2007-08-27
This application note shows characteristics of some popular battery chemistries for portable applications and fully integrated low cost single-cell Li-ion/lithium polymer battery charge management solutions  
Managing Designs with Multiple FPGAs 2009-03-19
Managing designs that incorporate multiple FPGAs raises new challenges that are unique compared to designs using only one FPGA. There are several methods for managing multiple FPGAs in a single design, each of which has its pros and cons  
Implementing Bus LVDS interface in Cyclone III, Stratix III, and Stratix IV devices 2009-02-12
This application note describes how to implement BLVDS interface in Cyclone III, Stratix III, and Stratix IV devices for high-performance multipoint application  
DS1371/DS1374 32-bit Binary Counter Time Conversion 2003-09-19
This application note describes how to convert the 32-bit time value of the DS1371/DS1374 into a date and time value that can be put in MM/DD/YYYY form  
Writing a Device Driver for TINIOS 2003-09-19
This application note examines the TINIOS I/O subsystem, explains how to write a driver as a native library and provides a simple example in the form of a pipe driver  
Using the Mini-FlexBus external bus interface for ColdFire microcontrollers 2009-05-06
This application note describes how to set up and use the Mini-FlexBus on the MCF5225x and shows some implementation examples  
Using an FX469 FFSK synchronous modem with an asynchronous data I/O 2002-10-15
This application note describes the construction of a low-cost asynchronous modem for the transmission of RS-232 data in the form of FFSK or MSK, between terminals by a radio or line medium  
The 'Export IGOR' Chart extension (Windows) 2002-04-16
This application note describes how the Export IGOR extension allows the export of Chart files in a form readable by the data analysis application IGOR  
The 'Export IGOR' Chart extension (Macintosh) 2002-04-16
This application note describes how the Export IGOR extension allows the export of Chart files in a form readable by the data analysis application IGOR  
Sensorless BLDC control with back-EMF filtering using a majority function 2008-02-13
This application note describes a sensorless brushless direct current (BLDC) motor control algorithm that is implemented using dsPIC digital signal controller  
Programmable Tee Networks 2001-06-11
This application note is intended to illustrate the idea of using digitally controlled potentiometers to form tee networks and provide the design engineer with reference designs for using tee networks and their derivatives as building blocks in analog circuits and systems  
Minimising tin whiskers 2012-02-16
Know the problems caused by the removal of lead from electronics and the techniques to mitigate tin whiskers  
Migration to 90nm 5V Async SRAMs 2010-02-25
This application note discusses the migration of 5V asynchronous SRAMs from existing technology (250nm and earlier) to 90nm technology  
Linear brightness controller for LEDs has 64 taps 2011-04-14
Read about an IC with a digital potentiometer that aids an LED-driver IC in providing manual control of the LED brightness  
LatticeECP3 sysCLOCK PLL/DLL design and usage guide 2009-05-13
This application note describes the clock resources available in the LatticeECP3 device architecture. Details are provided for primary clocks, secondary clocks and edge clocks as well as clock elements such as PLLs, DLLs, clock dividers and more  
KGD Assembly 2008-09-08
This application note is relevant for any die product not packaged and at risk of exposure to UV light, plasma clean or X-ray during module assembly. In addition to KGD, Known Tested Die (KTD) and Non-Singulated Wafers are available for commercial and industrial applications  
IPAD 500µm Flip Chip: package description and recommendations for use 2010-06-04
This application note provides package and usage recommendation information for 500µm pitch Flip Chips  
Introduction to dialysis machines 2010-07-01
This tutorial provides an introduction to dialysis machines and discusses FDA regulation and IEC 60601-1 certification, self-test and fault-indication capabilities, form-factor requirements, power-budget constraints, and other critical design considerations  
Incorporate MPC5643L, MC33907/08 for safety apps 2013-12-17
Know the MPC5643L and MC33907/08 feature sets, as well as the functional safety requirements that are satisfied to achieve ASIL D level of safety  
Image processing API for the i.MX platform 2010-05-18
This application note provides information about the image processing API for the i.MX platform. Image processing is a form of signal processing  
I'm OOK. You're OOK? 2009-08-12
This application note describes ASK/OOK techniques, and outlines implementations of ASK/OOK receivers using RF power detectors and a few discrete components  
How to use widgets in Microchip graphics library 2008-02-26
This application note details how a 16bit MCU with a graphical library is used to drive a QVGA display supporting 16bit colors  
How to run BSP unit test on Windows CE using i.MX platforms 2010-05-28
This application note describes the setup process to use the CETK; describes how to use the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Test Kit (CETK) with the tests provided by Microsoft; and describes how to use the custom test provided by Freescale, followed by an example of a custom test for the i.MX31 PDK platform  

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