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Thermal Considerations: Assuring Performance of 2nd Generation High-Density DC/DC Converter Modules 2003-06-27
This application note discusses thermal considerations in the design of high-density dc/dc converter modules  
Theory and implementation of Impedance Track battery fuel-gauging algorithm in bq20zxx product family 2007-05-04
This application report outlines the theory of Impedance Track (IT) technology that overcomes these problems. Implementing the IT algorithm in the Texas Instruments bq20z8x family is reviewed and setting the data flash constants associated with the fuel-gauging algorithm is described in detail  
Theory and construction of mic 'splitters 2002-03-25
This application note discusses the theory and construction of microphone-splitter transformers  
The versatile Z86C08: Three key features of this Z8 microcontroller 2000-09-07
This application note discusses the D/A conversion, zero crossing detection, and current sensing capabilities of the Z86C08 MCU's dual analog comparators  
The use of earth leakage circuit breakers with power line filters 2001-08-22
This application note discusses the proper placement of earth leakage circuit breakers or residual current circuit devices on high-performance power line filters  
The Ultimate Information Capacity of HFC Return Paths Using QAM 2000-02-18
Cable industry is entering the interactive era to provide telephony, data and video services over two-way HFC networks. This application note discusses the issues related to the capacity of HFC return paths  
The TMS320C2xx sum-of-products methodology 2001-05-01
This application note shows a series of programs transforming a normal sum-of-products routine to one using the MACD instruction. It uses TI's TMS320C2xx DSP series to program a fourth- or higher-order filter  
The potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers 2001-09-20
This application note discusses the potential use of PIN diodes in handheld transceivers  
The mathematics of Log-based dynamic processors 2002-12-06
This application note describes the basis for the mathematical treatment of dynamic processors and offers insights into its application to circuit designs based on log-corresponding components  
The mathematics of log-based dynamic processors 2002-02-23
This application note describes the basis for this mathematical description of circuits and offers insights into its application to circuit designs based on these log-responding components  
The low-cost, efficient serial configuration of Spartan FPGAs 2000-06-21
This application note shows how to achieve low-cost, efficient serial configuration for Spartan FPGA designs. The approach recommended here takes advantage of unused resources in a design, thereby reducing the cost, part count, memory size, and board space associated with the serial configuration circuitry  
The ISO72x family of high-speed digital isolators 2009-06-03
This application note provides an overview of the need for, implementations of and characteristics of electrical isolation in high-speed digital circuits  
The FLASH370i family of CPLDs and designing with Warp2 2001-03-19
This application note covers the following topics: a general discussion of complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs); an overview of the FLASH370i family of CPLDs; and using the Warp2 VHDL Compiler for the FLASH370i family  
The fabrication and use of micromachined, corrugated silicon diaphragms 2002-05-09
This application note discusses the fabrication and use of micromachined, corrugated silicon diaphragms  
The express configuration of SpartanXL FPGAs 2000-06-21
This application note provides information on how to perform Express configuration, which uses an 8-bit-wide bus path for fast configuration, specifically for the SpartanXL family of FPGAs  
The do's and don'ts of using MOS-Gated transistors 2000-05-04
In this application note, some of the most common do's and don'ts of using power HEXFET are described. The objective is to help the user get the most out of these devices, while reducing on-the-job learning time to minimum  
The Developments of a VLSI IC for TETRA 2003-08-18
This application note discusses the design and parameters of the TETRA FX890 Baseband Processor  
The development of a full field 3D-microscale flow measurement technique for application to near contact line flows 2002-02-19
This application note contains details of the development of a new 3D-velocity field measurement technique which can be used to provide more insight into the dynamics of thin evaporating liquid films  
The destructive effects of Kelvin leaded packages in high-speed, high-frequency operation 2001-09-06
This application note explores in detail the impact of intermediate speed enhancement techniques in power MOSFET die technology, such as the Kelvin lead, without commensurate attention to other stray inductive terms  
The design and performance of a precision voltage reference circuit for 14-bit and 16-bit A/D and D/A converters 2001-09-17
This application note describes the performance and design of a complete precision voltage reference circuit consisting of the VRE3050 precision reference, the MAX1682 charge pump voltage doubler and the THS1265 evaluation board  
The CS5101A/CS5102A: Minimizing start-up time after coming out of sleep 2001-04-18
This application note discusses the sleep function of Crystal Semiconductor's CS5101A and CS5102A A/D converters that helps reduce power consumption  
The benefits of Cell Balancing 2003-05-12
This application note explores the cell balancing aspects of battery management and describes the system level inter-relationships that impact useful battery life  
The benefits of Atmel's RAPID programming algorithm 2000-09-06
This application note details the Atmel RAPID programming algorithm and briefly explains why this algorithm is superior to others. In addition, it will give an introduction to EPROM technology and the mechanics of programming  
The behavior of integrated bus hold circuits 2001-04-06
This application note discusses the effects of bus hold circuits as applied by Philips Semiconductors in their advanced CMOS and BiCMOS logic families  
The advantages of using a quadrature digital upconverter (QDUC) in point-to-point microwave transmit systems 2010-04-21
This application note briefly reviews the pros and cons of each approach and also offers an architectural option that is well suited for IF generation in the indoor unit (IDU) section of a microwave point-to-point radio  
The advantages of PIN diode switches over MESFET switches for IEEE 802.11a high-speed wireless LAN applications 2001-09-20
This application note provides a comparative discussion of silicon PIN diodes and MESFETs to help circuit designers in choosing the suitable mobile wireless diversity switch  
TFT Data Mapping for Dual Pixel LDI Application - Alternate A - Color Map 2003-10-03
The purpose of this application note is to provide the data mapping information for an 8-bit color dual pixel application using the DS90C387 (LDI Transmitter) to the DS90CF388 (LDI Receiver  
Testing the timing characteristic of the BE1-87T 2002-05-13
This application note illustrates the process of testing the timing characteristic of the BE1-87T power device  
Testing the performance of multiple TCP/IP stacks 2001-06-18
This application note compares the performance of protocol stacks. It addresses issues such as performance differences between TCP and UDP, throughput and response time differences among various OS and Ethernet speeds, etc  
Testing inductors at application frequencies 2001-08-27
This application note discusses accurate measurement of coil parameters at the application frequency  

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