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MAXIM power supply, MODEL:MA661246, INPUT:120VAC 60Hz,72W OUTPUT:12VAC@4600mA

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Using fusion for closed-loop power supply margining 2008-10-08
A growing number of embedded systems designers want the ability to dynamically alter the precise value of a power supply's voltage  
Using Dynamic Voltage Positioning to Reduce the Number of Output Capacitors in Microprocessor Power Supplies 2003-05-11
This application note discusses the implementation of the dynamic voltage positioning technique to reduce output capacitors in microprocessor power supplies  
Using BIAS supply as a standalone power supply 2002-05-09
This application note describes the process of using BIAS supply as a standalone power supply  
Use U8030 power supply output sequencing feature 2012-06-19
Read about three test applications that demonstrate the capabilities of the U8030 Series power supply  
Universal input voltage range power supply for high resolution monitors with multi-sync capability 2000-12-07
This application note describes an easy-to-build, high-performance, low-cost 100W flyback power supply that is capable of working in any mains supply from 85Vac to 265Vac (40Hz to 100Hz  
Uninterruptible power supply application brief 2000-04-16
This application note describes the PIC17C756A as the heart of the UPS system. This document also discusses the basic operation of the UPS in detail.  
Understanding the power supply requirements of PCI bus standard - how to protect the digital components 2003-09-19
This application note provides a guide to PCI system designers in understanding the power supply requirements of the PCI bus  
Understanding flash core voltage supply 2013-10-09
Here is a look at the flash memory supply requirements  
UltraVolt high voltage power supply output current monitor 2002-05-14
This application note describes the output current monitor feature of Ultravolt's HVPS.  
Ultralow-power supply voltage supervisor family TPS383x 2001-05-01
This application note describes the TPS383x supply voltage supervisor circuit family that features an extremely low supply current, and finds applications in battery-operated systems  
Ultra-low power consumption, low saturation three-pin regulators with on/off pins: MM1065 and 1165 2003-06-11
This application note discusses the MM1165 IC, which is designed for stabilized power supply applications with low current consumption  
Ultra-low power consumption low-saturation three-pin regulators with on/off pin - MM1065 and 1165 monolithic ICs 2003-06-10
This application note discusses the MM1065 ICs, which are stabilized power supply devices with ultra-low consumption currents, designed for greatly reduced reactive current systems at low input voltages  
TMS320DM6467 power consumption summary 2008-04-25
This application report from Texas Instruments discusses the power consumption of the Texas Instruments TMS320DM6467 digital media SoC (DMSoC). Power consumption on the DM6467 device is highly application-dependent; therefore, a spreadsheet that estimates power consumption is provided along with this document  
TMS320DM6441 power consumption summary application report 2008-04-25
The data presented in this document is actual measured power consumption for the TMS320DM6441 silicon revision 2.1 and earlier devices  
TMS320C62x/67x power supply solutions for 1-2 DSPs: Using the TL5001A and TPS7133 2001-04-30
This application note describes a low-cost power solution for Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP applications using the TL5001 PWM controller and the TPS7133 LDO voltage regulator  
The LCD TVs standby power consumption reduction 2008-04-15
This article describes the "easy to make" modification of the power supply unit that diminishes the former maximal standby power consumption of the standby power supply unit (>1.1W) by more than 200mW to final achieved value 828mW  
Switching supply 'bias' circuit 2002-05-09
This application note describes how the BIAS supply could be implemented as a "bias" supply for primary system power supplies  
Switching power supply design with the PIC16F785 2008-03-07
In this application note, we will examine a typical buck topology intelligent switching mode power supply design using the PIC16F785  
Switching power supply control loop design 2000-04-19
A simplified approach to feedback control loop analysis is presented in this application note. It starts with a general overview of various parameters affecting performance in a switching power system  
Switch mode power supply topologies (Part I 2008-04-04
This application note, which is the first of a two-part series, explains the basics of different SMPS topologies.  
SWIFTTM designer power supply design program 2005-06-13
This app note uses Texas Instruments TPS54xxx family of internal-MOSFET power-switch controllers for minimal parts count  
Soldering Methods and Procedures for 1st and 2nd Generation Power Modules 2003-06-27
This application note is intended to provide guidance in utilizing soldering practices to make high quality connections of Vicor Power Modules to PCB  
Single Supply Operation of the DAC0800 and DAC0802 2007-02-27
The DAC0800 is a versatile DAC that has found many uses. The perceived drawback has been its need for a negative supply. However, because the important thing for any electrical component is the relative potentials and correct currents, it is possible to come up with a method to eliminate the need for a negative supply  
Single Ended and Single Power Supply Hybrid Circuit 2000-04-13
This application note introduces a simple hybrid circuit that will save costs as well as provide high performance in power supply interface design. It highlights transmission and reception features along with PCB guidelines and details on parameters such as output level  
Simple high-voltage supply features single IC, small size 2011-01-17
Here's a circuit that includes magnetic isolation that allows you to configure a positive, negative, or floating output.  
Simple +5Vdc power supply 2001-06-06
This application note discusses how to get a simple 5Vdc power source for the TICkit processor  
Setting a LOP (Loss Of Power) threshold level equivalent 2001-04-24
This application note outlines how one might set the LOP (loss of power) threshold in a photodiode receiver such that the assert level is equivalent to a BER (bit-error rate) of 10-3  
Semiconductor considerations for dc power supply voltage protector circuits 2000-12-05
This application note addresses the requirements for the semiconductor sensing circuitry and SCR crowbar devices used in DC power supply overvoltage/undervoltage protection schemes  
Selecting the correct IC for power supply applications 2008-09-18
Selecting the proper IC for a power supply application may seem like an easy task. However, as newer consumer electronics come out that require multiple voltage rails, the task becomes more complex  
RS-232 Line Driver Power Supply 2003-05-11
This application note provides a design for powering RS-232 line drivers.  

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