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Production flash programming for MCUs 2014-04-29
Know the recommended steps for production flash programming on Kinetis K-series and L-series devices.  
PIC MCU KEELOQ/AES receiver system with acknowledge 2010-07-29
This application note describes a system by which the access point (receiver) responds back to the remote transmitter with a status message.  
Interfacing 8051 MCUs with SPI serial EEPROMs 2008-06-25
This application note offers designers a set of examples for the read and write functions for the  
Info on Pegoda toolchain 2011-11-21
Learn about the recommended toolchain solutions for embedded programming on Pegoda.  
Improving STM32F101xx and STM32F103xx ADC resolution by oversampling 2009-06-11
This application note gives two methods to improve ADC resolution. These techniques are based on the same principle: oversampling the input signal with the maximum 1MHz ADC capability and decimating the input signal to enhance its resolution.  
How to migrate from 71M6513 to 71M6533/6534 2011-08-26
Know how designs based on the 71M6513 can be adapted to both the 71M6533 and the 71M6534.  
Guide to using 78M6613 evaluation board 2012-03-12
The Teridian 78M6613 Evaluation Board is an electrical measurement unit for performing measurements of up to two single-phase AC loads.  
Guide to installing USB PCDC 2011-12-19
Read this installation guide for the USB Peripheral Communication Device Class Driver, a sample program for USB interface control using USB device.  
Going to production with bq2754x gas gauge 2011-04-11
Here's a strategy for high speed, economical calibration, and production programming of the bq2754x single-cell gas gauge.  
Ethernet theory of operation 2008-02-20
This document specifies the theory and operation of the Ethernet technology found in PIC MCUs with integrated Ethernet and in stand-alone Ethernet controllers.  
Display Different LED Sequences Using the MAXQ2000 Microcontroller with the MAX6970 LED Driver 2009-05-20
The MAX6970 is an 8-port, 36V constant-current LED driver that uses a 4-wire serial interface. Using this application note, the MAX6970 can be used with the MAXQ2000 16bit RISC microcontroller to create a variety of simple LED sequences with the touch of a button.  
Differences between Maxim's UART devices 2011-07-20
Learn how to adapt software and hardware from one UART device to another.  
Developing secondary USB bootloader on MCU 2010-11-30
Learn how to develop a secondary bootloader on a LPC1700 series MCU.  
Data flash programming and calibrating the bq20z80 family of gas gauges 2010-02-02
This application report presents a strategy for high-speed, economical calibration and data flash programming of the bq20z80 advanced gas gauge chipset family.  
CY7C64613 FX conversion to CY7C64713/4 FX1 2010-04-19
This application note is intended to provide guidance on design elements to consider while redesigning an existing FX application for the FX1.  
Connection diagrams interfacing the MoBL-USBTM FX2LP18 to mobile handset applications and baseband processors 2008-05-16
This application note from Cyoress provides connection diagrams that can be used as a guideline to develop schematics for high-speed USB designs containing common applications/baseband processors.  
Code for bank-switching with 653X-Series 2011-06-15
Understand how to use banked code with a 71M6531 energy meter IC.  
Closed loop chromaticity control: interfacing a digital RGB color sensor to a PIC24 MCU 2009-09-09
This application note describes interfacing the TAOS TCS3414CS digital color sensor with a PIC24F to establish a closed loop control system for maintaining a consistent chromaticity output for an RGB LED backlight unit (BLU) illumination system for a graphics LCD panel.  
bq20z90/bq20z95 to bq20z60-R1/bq20z65-R1 change list 2011-06-21
Learn the differences between a bq20z90/bq20z95 design and a bq20z60-R1/bq20z65-R1 solution.  
71M651X energy meter IC 2011-05-06
Here are the details on interfacing LCD displays to the 71M651x chips.  
Implementing a Network Interface in TINI 1.10 2003-10-03
This application note describes the functions and callbacks used to implement a network interface, and provides a sample SLIP interface.  
Using the C8051Fxxx on-chip interface utilities DLL 2003-06-19
The interface utilities DLL (dynamic link library) provides functions to download an Intel hex file to Flash and connect and disconnect to a C8051Fxxx microprocessor  
Using the ADS8327 with the TMS320C6713 DSP 2007-05-04
This application report presents one solution for interfacing the ADS8327 16-bit, 500KSPS serial interface converter to the TMS320C6713 DSP. The hardware solution comprises the ADS8327EVM, TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK), and the 5-6K Interface Board. The software demonstrates how to use a McBSP, EDMA and a timer peripheral to collect data at 500 kHz. Discussed also are some of the key points to remember when designing the hardware and writing the software. The software developed is available for download to involve the user in the discussion and as sample code to use in system development  
Using C18/HI-TECH C compiler to interface serial SRAM devices to PIC16F/PIC18F microcontrollers 2009-09-11
This application note offers designers a set of firmware routines to access SPI serial SRAM  
USBXPRESS programmer's guide 2007-03-12
The Silicon Laboratories USBXpress Development Kit provides a complete host and device software solution for interfacing Silicon Laboratories C8051F32x and CP210x devices to the USB. No USB protocol or host device driver expertise is required. Instead, a simple, high-level Application Program Interface (API) for both the host software and device firmware is used to provide complete USB connectivity  
LatticeXP2 configuration encryption and security usage guide 2009-06-17
The LatticeXP2 devices are non-volatile and have on-chip configuration Flash. Once programmed (either by JTAG or SPI port), this data is a part of the FPGA device and can be used to self-download the SRAM portion without requiring any additional external boot prom  
Getting started with bq76925 analogue front end 2014-10-16
Bq76925 is combined with MCU to build a complete battery management system (BMS). This document tackles the important considerations that will aid in the design of the hardware and firmware of the BMS  
Configuring FPGAs over a processor bus 2000-06-26
This application note describes how to configure an FPGA over a processor bus. It also illustrates the source code required to download a configuration bit-stream using an IBM PC as a host microprocessor  
CAN booting process for Vybrid controller solutions 2013-10-03
This application note explains the hardware setup and software algorithmic approach to download a boot image from the CAN-host to Vybrid CAN-device  
Basic application loading over the serial interface for the DaVinci TMS320DM644x 2008-04-25
This TI application report describes two related pieces of software that are used together to download an application over the DM644x UART0 serial interface and run it out of the ARM internal memory  

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