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ZL2005 component selection guide 2009-12-02
Zilker Labs' power management and conversion ICs are synchronous voltage-mode buck converters based on the patented Digital-DC technology. This application note provides guidelines in selecting components for ZL2005.  
TRANSZORB TVS selection: Unidirectional vs. Bidirectional 2001-06-14
This application note describes the selection criteria for a TRANSZORB transient voltage suppressor diode by presenting two options: a unidirectional or bidirectional device  
Selection of SCRs for parallel operation 2001-08-21
This application note presents a simple method of selecting the appropriate SCRs for parallel operation by looking on the device data sheet, based on a number of simplifying assumptions.  
Selection of filters for use on signal/data lines 2001-08-22
This application note discusses the proper selection of filters when designing signal and data circuits  
SDRAM selection guidelines and configuration for ADI processors 2004-12-13
This app note is intended to help the user select and configure a suitable SDRAM device to interface with Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) processors and DSPs.  
Protection of automotive electronics from electrical hazards, guidelines for design and component selection 2010-04-29
This application note aims to help electronic module designers with a protection design approach for selecting the most suitable devices for typical applications depending on the protection standard the electronic module has to meet.  
PCB dielectric material selection and fiber weave effect on high-speed channel routing 2009-02-23
This application note is for printed circuit board (PCB) designers planning to use the high-speed transceivers available in Stratix II GX and Stratix IV GX devices and addresses two key design topics.  
Output inductor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter 2008-11-10
This application note summarizes the method for selecting the output inductor for AnalogicTech's AAT115X series of DC/DC inductor-based buck converters.  
Output capacitor selection for the AAT115X series buck converter 2008-01-22
Regardless of the application—from cellphones to WLAN cards—height, size and efficiency are important features for components used with AAT115X converters. With this in mind, the recommended output capacitor for the AAT115X family of buck converters is presented in this Application Note. The design procedure for determining the capacitor value and calculating stresses is also examined.  
Optimizing TPS6206x external component selection 2011-02-09
TPS6206x internal compensation network is optimized for an LC output filter composed of a 1-µH inductor and a 10-µF ceramic capacitor.  
LCD controller selection guide for Hantronix graphics LCDs 2001-08-31
This application note presents an overview of the controllers that are available to drive any of the Hantronix LCD panels that do not have built-in controllers.  
High isolation synthesizer selection circuit for GSM, DCS1800, PCS1900 2002-10-24
This application note describes the solution developed by Alpha to enable switching between two synthesizers via a three switch solution utilizing high isolation SPDT and SPST GaAs IC switches.  
Guide to the selection of filters for use on fire and intruder alarm circuits 2001-08-22
This application note presents a guideline in choosing the appropriate filters when designing fire and intruder alarm circuits.  
DS80C400/410/411 flash memory selection 2005-06-07
This app note describes those requirements and gives examples of memory chips that are fully compatible with the DS80C400/DS80C410/DS80C411.  
Details of output capacitor selection for Pentium II processor converters using the RC5051 2009-02-09
Using the calculations provided in this application note enables you to select capacitors that will minimize the total cost, while ensuring that the power still meets the transient requirements under worst case.  
Capacitor selection guide for STM8T and STM8TS capacitive sensors 2010-05-13
This application note aims to help designers in selecting the right sampling capacitor for STM8T and STM8TS series of capacitive sensors.  
Architecture and component selection for SDR applications 2007-07-18
This paper from Altera explores an optimized architecture for a typical SDR application, which can deliver an obsolescence-proof radio product.  
An input selection circuit for the MT8843 and MT88E43 2002-11-29
This article describes a low cost circuit to select the MT8843 and MT88E43 analog input between tip/ring and the hybrid receive pair in a CIDCW telephone using passive components and transistors only.  
AlGaN/GaN transistor application notes: Substrate selection 2001-10-09
This application note describes the available substrate materials that can be used for GaN epitaxial growth. Features and characteristics of substrate types are given importance to guide users for right material selection  
Well grounded, digital is analog 2009-05-21
This application note discusses proper capacitor selection and how that decision affects a well-grounded design. Guiding currents toward the ground star point in ground planes is demonstrated by slotting the plane. The discussion begins by emphasizing why this is necessary, and how digital and analog circuits share a sensitivity to noise  
SPM 12kHz and 16kHz blocking filters 2002-11-14
This article presents SPM (Subscriber Pulse Metering or Tax Metering) detection and methods to attenuate SPM burst signals.  
Selecting HB LED drivers for automotive lighting applications 2009-08-27
This application note provides an overview of HB LED driver selection criteria for automotive lighting applications  
Power MOSFET basics: Understanding MOSFET characteristics associated with the figure of merit 2008-05-08
This application note from Vishay Siliconix focuses on the basic characteristics and understanding of the MOSFET.  
Non-contact test access for surface-mount technology 1999-10-22
SMT, which has provided new levels of packing density, has also denied physical test access. To overcome this challenge, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has sponsored a new standard, IEEE 1149.1-1990, the Standard Test Access Port and Boundary-Scan Architecture.  
Mounting and handling of semiconductor devices 1999-11-12
This application note will guide the user to the proper utilization of the company's devices, particularly the TO-220 and TO-202 epoxy packages.  
IEC Electromagnetic Compatibility Standards for Industrial Process Measurement and Control Equipment 2003-05-26
This application note discusses the IEC standards for evaluating performance of industrial-process measurement and control instrumentation when exposed to electric or EMI.  
HV832 dual EL lamp driver circuits 2002-05-07
This application note provides example circuits that offer guidelines for applications with different lamp sizes and input voltages.  
Applying modern clock drivers to MOS memories 1999-10-09
This paper covers the practical aspects of using modern clock drivers in MOS memory systems. Information includes selection of packages and heat sinks, power dissipation, rise and fall time considerations, power supply decoupling, system clock line ringing and crosstalk, input coupling techniques, and example calculations  
VFA, CFA, Bipolar or CMOS - Which high-speed amplifier is best for your low-noise application? 2006-06-02
Both current- and voltage-feedback amplifier topologies are popular choices for high-speed applications. An understanding of the differences in circuit topology along with basic noise and distortion characteristics is crucial for optimal product selection  
Using rectifiers in voltage multiplier circuits 2001-06-14
This application note explores the basic operation of multiplier circuits and discusses guidelines for electronic component selection  

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