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EMC simulation addresses ECU validation issues 2013-07-24
A more straightforward validation of electromagnetic compatibility can be achieved by combining tools.  
Using the MAX6650 and MAX6651 fan speed regulators with 24V and 48V fans 2005-06-06
This app note shows how to use the MAX6650 and MAX6651 with higher-voltage fans  
UltraCap capacitors: Charging characteristics and circuit design 2000-12-20
This application note describes the charging characteristics and circuit design of Siemens Matsushita Components' UltraCap double-layer capacitors  
TV in cinema format: SAW filters drive PALplus 2000-12-20
This application note discusses the suitability of SAW filters in addressing the PALplus specifications, the enhanced version of the PAL standard for wide-screen formats, for frequency response and group delay in the IF stages of TV receivers and video recorders.  
Switchable SAW filter K6257K 2000-12-04
This application note proposes a switching circuit with a test layout for the K6257K switchable SAW filter.  
SMD varistors poised for success 2000-12-20
This application note describes the characteristics and behavior of Siemens Matsushita Components' families of SMD varistors, which include multilayer chips (CN type series, non-encapsulated) and thermoplast-encapsulated chips (CU type series  
SIOV-CN multilayer varistors: Keeping ESD at bay 2000-12-20
This application note discusses Siemens Matsushita Components' SIOV-CN series of metal oxide varistors, which satisfies all ESD protection requirements in various sensitive electronic circuits  
SIOV arrester blocks for power distribution: Reliable protection with zinc oxide varistors 2000-12-20
This application note presents the SIOV E32VR302 and E32VR602 zinc oxide varistors, which function as ESD protection devices and high-energy arrester blocks for protection of distribution lines, substations and other power applications.  
SAW filters for advanced pagers: Boom without end 2000-12-20
This application note the advantages delivered by Siemens Matsushita Components' SAW filters, which offer high channel selectivity and compact design, in the propagation of worldwide pagers operating at various frequencies  
Principles of SAWR-stabilized oscillators and transmitters 2000-12-04
This application note describes the principles of SAW-stabilized oscillator design. It discusses two types of oscillators, which include single- and two-port resonator models.  
Preventing problems in parallel 2000-12-20
This application note discusses the versatility and high reliability of parallel SIOV metal oxide varistors in diverting high-voltage spikes and current surges.  
Preamplifier桽AW filter section for a receiver in the ISM band @ 433.92MHz 2000-12-04
This application note describes a preamplifier designed to simplify the matching of the antenna and the SAW filter, and increase system sensitivity. The preamp discussed in this note operates within the 433.92MHz ISM band.  
PCB layout recommendations for SAW filters in DIP18D package 2000-12-04
This application note gives several guidelines in optimizing the PCB layout in the vicinity of a SAW filter to reduce crosstalk and other unwanted effects. A reference design of a PCB for a DIP18D SAW package is shown in this note.  
Modeling varistors with PSPICE: Simulation beats trial and error 2000-12-20
This application note presents a simulation model for the PSPICE Design Center software so that standard SIOV varistors can be integrated into computer-aided design.  
Link circuit design with dry MKK capacitors 2000-12-20
This application note presents some design procedures on component selection and scaling of self-healing, gas-impregnated MKK DC capacitors to allow users to work out optimum circuit designs right from the project planning stage.  
For optimum power factor correction: More power with PhaseCap 2000-12-20
This application note discusses Siemens Matsushita Components' environment-friendly PhaseCap phase shifter capacitors designed for power factor correction in low-voltage switchgear applications  
Filter cascade X6930 2000-12-04
This application note evaluates the performance of two X6930M filters in a cascaded design, and presents an example circuit.  
Ferrite film innovates transformer design: An end to leakage 2000-12-20
This application note describes Siemens Matsushita Components' unique ferrite polymer composite film, which are used to reduce the core losses and self-heating effects in power transformers and chokes  
Dry MKK capacitors for modern rail traction 2000-12-20
This application note discusses the characteristics and properties of gas-impregnated metalized film (MKK) dc capacitors that are suitable for use in rail traction.  
CPU thermal management 2000-03-08
This application note describes the CPU thermal management practices using a heat sink/fan combination for microprocessor functions. The heat sink/fan assembly helps to guard against processor overheating in systems where the airflow may be restricted by the addition of add-in cards or modules that can block airflow necessary for proper CPU cooling  
Cordless phones: No strings attached with SAW filters 2000-12-20
This application note discusses the benefits provided by Siemens Matsushita Components' SAW filters in cordless telephone systems  
Contactless, ferrite-based technology enhances automotive safety: Intelligent angular motion sensors 2000-12-20
This application note describes a contactless, ferrite-based sensor system that addresses the automotive demands for high-resolution measurement of angular motion, redundancy in safety-critical applications and high reliability.  
Calculation of matching networks for SAW filters 2000-12-04
This application note demonstrates the use of impedance values both of filter and chipsets in the calculation of matching networks possible.  
Black magic in the Gigahertz range: Double-aperture transformers for RF applications up to 2.5GHz 2000-12-20
This application note discusses Siemens Matsushita Components' compact double-aperture transformers, which are designed for RF applications operating at a wide frequency range of 1MHz to 2.5GHz  
LM3743 high performance controller with comprehensive fault protection features designed for high reliability systems 2007-08-09
Data center facilities and telecom base station subsystems must manage the balance of two essential commodities—power and cooling capacity  
VF control of 3-phase induction motor using space vector modulation 2005-06-16
This app note discusses the SVM digital implementation for VF control using Microchip's PIC18FXX31 8-bit microcontrollers  
Using the PIC18F2431 for sensorless BLDC motor control 2005-06-16
This app note describes BLDC motor speed control without the use of sensor  
Using the LS7210 as a state-generator for a blower-motor controller 2001-04-18
This application note describes how LSI Computer Systems' LS7210 controller chip can be used to control a blower motor  
Using the HT45R35 in touch switch fan applications 2009-05-22
The HT45R35 is 12-touch switch type Holtek microcontroller. Touch switches are non-contact capacitor type switch that can be used to replace the usual mechanical switch types.  
Using the HT45R35 in touch switch extractor fan control applications 2009-05-28
The HT45R35 is 12-touch switch type Holtek microcontroller. Here, the HT45R35 device is used in an extractor fan control application. The application uses touch switches to replace the usual mechanical type of switches to control the extractor fan speed, timer function, illumination and LED indicator light function  

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