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Xinruilian cooling fans eye A/V equipment 2004-01-07
Shenzhen Xinruilian Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd has introduced its brushless dc and ac cooling fans that are designed to suit PCs, as well as other A/V equipment where heat removal or ventilation is required  
Xinruilian Electronics cooling fan offers 4,500rpm speed 2003-11-28
Xinruilian Electronics has announced the availability of its XRL-HS-565 60mm to 80mm high static pressure cooling fan that has a rated voltage of 12Vdc  
Xinruilian cooling fan offers 9.98cfm airflow 2002-06-25
Designed for use in PCs, the RDH4028B brushless dc fan from Xinruilian Electronics Co. Ltd operates from a 3.5Vdc to 5Vdc source and produces 9.98cfm airflow  
VaST releases virtual model of StarCore's SC2400 processor 2006-04-04
VaST Systems has released a high-performance virtual model of StarCore's SC2400 processor  
Upgrade unveiled for model-based comm design software 2005-07-04
Communications Blockset 3 is the latest version of The Mathworks Inc.'s software for designing and simulating the physical layer of wireless and wireline communications systems and components.  
The MathWorks pitches automated model-checking support 2008-05-01
The MathWorks has announced that its Simulink verification and validation software automatically evaluates and verifies system models for compliance with DO-178B and IEC-61508 standards and MAAB modeling guidelines, which have been adopted by international aerospace, automotive and industrial equipment markets.  
Spice model shapes up organic TFT panels 2008-08-25
Cambridge Display Technology has collaborated with Silvaco Data Systems to develop Spice model for organic TFT technology  
Solve the complexity issues in network system design with a packet processing language model 2005-08-08
SBC system providers are rising to the challenge of network system complexity by providing equipment with the necessary performance.  
Solutions model to latest 28-nm parasitic effects ratified 2011-02-03
Synopsys collaborates with IMTAB members of IEEE-ISTO to ratify extensions to its Interconnect Technology Format, enabling parasitic extraction tools at 28nm and below process technologies.  
Smart watch reference model speeds up device prototyping 2015-03-06
The TZ1001 from Toshiba combines an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and optical pulse sensor to enable smart watch designs for sport watch applications.  
Samtec enhances connector model library 2003-09-02
Samtec has added "IBIS-like" models to its library of Spice models.  
RF series adds twin BNC model 2002-08-27
The V-Bite RF edge board connector series from Bomar Interconnect Products Inc. now includes a twin BNC connector for video applications.  
RF design toolkit expands model selection 2006-03-07
XMOD Technologies has announced the release of version 2.6 of the HiCUM Master toolkit, which is designed to address the needs of the SiGe BiCMOS market.  
Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance 2005-08-10
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related intellectual property core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits and higher speed  
Revised model-based DSP tools pitch higher performance 2005-08-30
The 2005.3 versions of AccelChip DSP synthesis tool and related IP core generators for MATLAB model-based design of DSP products promise higher performance circuits, higher speed, and streaming I/O microarchitectures for FFTs  
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B: More power, same price 2015-02-03
Priced at $35.33, the successor to the four million unit selling Raspberry Pi promises to be six times faster than its predecessor and boasts 1GB of RAM to run bigger and more powerful projects.  
PoE midspan line gets 60W model 2010-08-17
Phihong boasts lowest-cost 60W midspans  
Picture quality analyzer uses Human Vision Model 2007-07-20
Tektronix has unveiled the PQA500 Picture Quality Analyzer, a new generation picture quality analysis tool that incorporates what Tektronix touts as the most comprehensive Human Vision Model  
Pentek rolls new Model 7131 version 2005-04-06
Pentek announced a new version of its Model 7131 16-channel multiband digital receiver PMC module that features two 14bit 105MHz A/Ds and four quad digital receivers  
New language tool allows reusable model designs 2008-10-13
Ver 3 of Simscape from The Mathworks integrates a new language that helps the users to design their own physical modelling components and libraries in the Simulink environment.  
New BSIM3 model aids high-voltage IC design 2004-04-14
Silvaco has rolled out a High-Voltage IC Design tool suite for LCD drivers, TFT drivers and power management ICs.  
Model simulation tool offers faster performance 2002-06-24
Model Technology Inc. has upgraded its ModelSim simulation tool with the release of ModelSim 5.6 that performs simulation at twice the speed of other tools  
Model instruments to improve signal integrity simulation 2007-11-07
Including the effects of the test system into circuit simulators improves the understanding of the design and reduce the cost of design turns.  
Memory model generator trims verification time 2009-06-09
India-based eInfochips has launched a memory model generator based on the DDR2 SDRAM SystemVerilog Verification Methodology Manual approach  
Full HD 3D plasma display available in 152-inch model 2010-06-17
Panasonic Corp. is offering professional-use, ultra-large Full HD 3D plasma display panels in the largest 152-inch model, as well as 103- and 85-inch models  
Chip capacitor model addresses DC blocking from 16kHz-65GHz 2011-02-23
AVX and Modelithics have jointly designed a surface mount chip capacitor model to address DC blocking issues from 16kHz (-3dB rolloff) to 65GHz  
Agilent touts 'first' PSP model extraction package 2006-10-02
The PSP model parameter extraction package from Agilent provides more accurate and efficient modeling than was possible with previously available solutions  
Agilent offers first HiSIM2.4 model extraction package 2008-07-17
Agilent Technologies Inc. releases the first commercially available HiSIM2.4 model extraction package for DC and RF parameters for advanced CMOS device models  
Acces launches 'functional' USB I/O model 2008-06-02
Acces I/O Products recently announced USB-IDIO-16, its latest addition to its USB/104 I/O modules, which is fully compatible with both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 ports and offers hotplug functionality for quick connect/disconnect.  
3D model viewer supports iPad 2010-09-16
Apple's A4-powered iPad gets 3D model viewer from Dassault Systemes  

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