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Maxim launches step-down regulator with internal switch 2006-08-11
Maxim's new step-down regulator with 14V internal switch is suitable for LCD displays, POL regulators and other 8V/12V industrial-equipment apps  
Maxim hot-swap controllers eye IEEE1394/FireWire apps 2004-09-15
The new MAX5943 and MAX5944 devices from Maxim allow the safe insertion and removal of IEEE1394/FireWire peripherals from a live IEEE1394/FireWire port  
Maxim DC/DC converter tailored for active-matrix TFT LCDs 2005-11-10
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a new fully integrated, step-up DC/DC converter for active-matrix TFT LCDs  
Maxim dc-dc converter suits notebook, sub-notebook PCs 2004-12-21
Maxim's new source/sink step-down dc-dc converter is designed for use in low-voltage active-termination power rails or chipset power supplies  
Maxim clock generator offers excellent jitter performance 2004-08-18
A new multiple-output, audio clock generator was released by Maxim that is engineered for use in high-end audio, DVD, digital STB and home-entertainment systems  
Maxim boosts CVBS video reconstruction app performance 2005-09-13
Maxim introduced its new single-channel video reconstruction filters and buffers for use in CVBS video reconstruction applications, or wherever analog video is reconstructed from a digital data stream  
Maxim boost converter with 0.125W channel MOSFET 2004-08-17
Maxim's new boost converter incorporates high-performance, current-mode, fixed-frequency, PWM circuitry with a built-in 0.125W channel MOSFET  
Maxim battery monitors include internal hysteresis window 2002-01-30
The company's new range of battery monitors is claimed to be the first with internal hysteresis window and offers internally trimmed thresholds that eliminate the need for external components  
Maxim announces low-component-count audio amplifier solution 2005-11-09
Maxim Integrated's new integrated 2W audio amplifier is designed notebook PCs, small flat-panel displays and portable DVD/media players  
Matsushita varistors target Firewire, USB2.0 systems 2003-05-20
The new series of Panasonic multi-layer chip varistors from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is suitable for measuring ESDs in high-speed interfaces such as USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE 1394  
Matsushita unveils next-gen dry cell battery 2004-02-04
Matsushita has developed a new dry cell battery with 1.5 to 2 times better performance than alkaline dry cell batteries  
Matsushita memory card offers 10MBps data transfer rate 2004-04-07
Matsushita Electric has introduced its 1GB SD Memory Card with an expected market price of about 499 Euros in Germany and $499.99 in North America  
Matsushita LSI integrates 3D Y/C separation filter 2002-09-02
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co Ltd has developed a new LSI incorporating a 3D Y/C separation filter and color demodulator circuitry  
Matsushita graphic processor supports DDR-SDRAM 2004-07-06
Matsushita Electric has developed a new graphic processor as an addition to its GRiTT processor series  
Matsushita DVD recorders with up to 400GB HDDs 2004-09-14
Matsushita unveiled five new models of DIGA DVD recorders that feature 160GB to 400GB hard disk drives  
Matsushita develops ultra-slim speaker 2002-07-05
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the development of the Sound Slim ultra-slim speaker unit that incorporates a new sandwich-type magnetic circuit  
MathWorks, ADI offer Simulink code generator 2007-05-10
A new tool from MathWorks and Analog Devices generates VisualDSP++ projects from Simulink models  
MathStar FPOA offers programmability, low-cost 2004-05-17
MathStar has released its new Field Programmable Object Array that offers deterministic clock (up to 1GHz) and low recurring costs  
Mate Technology cooling fans offer 34.75cfm airflow 2004-10-18
Engineered for use in PCs and power supplies, the new PDC-8025 DC cooling fan from Mate Technology has a measurement of 80-by-80-by-25mm  
Master Hill fiber-optic cables have 0.2dB loss 2004-06-01
The new plastic fiber-optic cables from Master Hill Electric are designed for interconnects between advanced audio equipment  
MARTIN adds IR sensor to its rework system 2013-04-26
The new IR sensors increase the flexibility of the Martin EXPERT 10.6 system, which includes a hybrid under-heater and control unit, integrated into a single housing  
Magnetostrictive sensor sports gradient upload capability 2005-10-14
MTS Sensors has upgraded its E-Series of Temposonics magnetostrictive position sensors by adding a gradient upload capability to its EP2 digital pulse output model. The new feature allows for automatic calibration and automatic upload of the sensor-scaling factor, making the EP2 suitable for materials handling, packaging and assembly equipment industries  
Magnetic sensor promises high reliability 2007-03-13
Alps Electronics said its new switching output-type device uses a magnetic sensor that can sense over a wider area and with higher reliability compared to other magnetic elements  
MagnaChip PMOLED chips support QCIF+ resolution 2005-12-06
MagnaChip unveiled its new PMOLED QCIF+ two-chip solution that is designed for the main display on mobile devices and is specifically targeted at the MP3 display market  
MagnaChip debuts power management devices 2008-02-21
MagnaChip has announced four new power management products, for which samples are now available  
Magma upgrades 3D field solver 2005-01-14
Magma released a new version of its QuickCap 3D field solver capacitance extractor with features to allow the tool to better address design problems that occur in 90nm and smaller process nodes  
Magma flow adds power analysis 2004-05-06
Magma said a new tool lets designers set a timing budget and implement a design with the proper balance of power, timing and area  
Macraigor delivers debug support for Freescale, MIPS processors 2005-12-09
Macraigor announced JTAG debug and Flash programming support for several new Freescale PowerPC and MIPS Technologies 64-bit processors. Full JTAG debug and Flash programming support has been added for Freescale's MPC5200 rev. B processor and 83xx PowerQUICC II Pro family of processors  
Macraigor announce additional support for ARM, MIPS, PowerPC processors 2005-02-16
Macraigor Systems LLC announced additional support for several new processor chips in the ARM, MIPS and PowerPC families  
Machine vision cameras come with GbE and FireWire-b 2006-04-11
Basler introduces two new camera families—Basler Scout and Basler Pioneer  

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