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Video switch matrix housed in rack-mountable form factor 2006-04-12
Pickering Interfaces introduced the 60-710 video switch matrix.  
Unique form-factor Windows-based digital scopes debut 2006-01-13
LeCroy now offers a line of Windows-based digital oscilloscopes that are claimed to eliminate tradeoffs between performance, display size and bench footprint.  
Storage device offers 16GB in 1.8-inch form factor 2007-01-22
Available in capacities up to 16Gbytes, SiliconSystems' SiliconDrive devices are designed as a replacement for hard drives and flash cards.  
Sony PSP kicks in slimmer form 2007-12-06
In September 2007, Sony released the PSP Slim and Lite, which offers the same functionality as the original, and then some, but in a smaller overall form factor  
Sn-Pb plating for capacitors meets lead form needs 2008-09-01
AVX has produced a new series of part numbers for its line of conformally coated, radial leaded, multilayer capacitors, which offer Sn-Pb plating on its wide variety of lead form configurations  
GPIB interface controller conforms to MD1 form factor 2006-03-01
Adlink announced a new low-profile PCI bus GPIB interface controller that promises a more compact size to conform to the low-profile MD1 form factor  
Fast multi-media platform fits 3.5-in. HDD form-factor 2004-12-07
Evalue announced a 3.5-inch single computer board providing GHz high speed and versatile multimedia platform for the embedded apps.  
Carrierboard offers pin-out type 6 for small form factor apps 2012-06-15
Kontron's COM Express Reference Carrier Type 6 carries out all the interfaces that are needed by the company's COM Express computer-on-modules as well as connectivity to various digital displays in parallel.  
Assemblion offers odd-form component placer for PCB assembly 2002-02-15
The company's Elim post-reflow, odd-form placer for component placing machines is designed for manufacturers seeking 100 percent automation of PCB and product assembly  
Application processor unleashes 1,080p full-HD 2010-01-08
Marvell's new application processor brings 1,080p full-HD encode and decode to mobile connected devices  
30V MOSFETs in 1.6 x 1.6mm form factor 2012-02-21
Vishay's Si8497DB and Si8487DB can be used for load, battery and charger switching in handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, POS devices and mobile computing.  
WLAN module delivers 12Mbit/s real data throughput 2010-04-30
Laird Technologies has released enhanced versions of its WLM400/402 802.11b/g WLAN modules that deliver a new level of performance to streaming video and high data rate applications.  
Starter kit offers efficient COM-based design 2011-07-20
Kontron's COM Express Starterkit Type 6 is based on the Kontron COM Express Eval Type 6 carrierboard in the ATX form factor and offers increased performance and energy-efficiency  
Starter kit eases multimedia device development 2007-04-11
To streamline the development of wireless/multimedia devices based on TI's OMAP2430 application processor, real-time embedded solutions provider Mistral Software unveiled the OMAP2430 Starter Kit  
SEI starts volume shipment of optical transceivers 2003-09-24
Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) Ltd is now shipping in production volumes its SFP optical transceivers that are suitable for use in CWDM apps.  
RF transistors deliver up to 2kV HBM ESD protection 2010-07-12
The new RF transistors form Infineon Technologies comes with ESD protection for reliable, high- sensitivity wireless communications device designs  
Processors bring PC performance to mobiles 2009-10-23
The Armada family supports OS used across consumer and embedded markets.  
MOSFETs cool high-current DC/DC apps 2010-01-14
A new family of TI power MOSFETs allows computing and telecom system designers to use higher-current processors.  
Metal element resistors maximize heat dissipation 2008-05-09
The OARS-XP Series metal element resistors from TT electronics IRC deliver power ratings up to 5W in a flameproof open-air surface-mount form factor that promises the maximum heat dissipation for a PCB-mounted component  
Lighting management IC enhances viewing quality in portables 2008-10-21
Analog Devices Inc. has developed the ADP5520 lighting management system, a power-efficient, customizable display management solution designed to improve viewing quality and extend battery life in portable applications.  
LED controller enables power rating, dimming flexibility 2010-05-11
NXP's SSL2103 LED controller is designed to bring complete flexibility to lamp designers in terms of power rating, form factor and dimmer control  
Fujitsu upgrades mobile gadgets with new media processors 2004-03-30
Fujitsu Microelectronics has introduced two new advanced Mobile Media Processors for mobile phones and other handheld devices.  
Exynos 5 Octa adds support for heterogeneous multi-processing 2013-09-27
In an attempt to top MediaTek, Samsung has revealed that its Exynos 5 Octa application processor will be able to use all eight cores at the same time, with tasks assigned to any combination of cores  
Embedded VoIP platform suits industrial, commercial apps 2007-10-08
Freescale has unveiled an embedded VoIP reference platform solution designed to speed time to market for industrial embedded voice applications using VoIP technology.  
Development tool supports hardware-independent mobile test 2005-10-27
Setcom's S-CAT 501 is a one-box tester facilitating the development and implementation of individual test scenarios during the engineering design phase of new mobile terminal applications.  
CMD's ASIP filter arrays offer superior EMI filtering performance 2005-07-06
CMD has unveiled a family of packaged Centurion ASIP EMI filter arrays that promises superior EMI filtering performance combined with robust ESD protection in the most compact package available for use in mobile handsets.  
Car navigation processor features embedded GPS 2007-10-22
STMicroelectronics has introduced its new automotive-grade application processor with embedded GPS for navigation and telematics  
10GbE adapter features 10GBase-T support 2013-03-28
Touted by the firm as the industry's smallest, Tehuti Networks said TN9210 is geared for low-power, low-cost, single-port applications required in application servers, high-end workstations and PCs  
WirelessHD chipsets pack HDMI, LVDS 2009-10-09
SiBeam's second generation chipsets based on the WirelessHD specification features lower power consumption, smaller form factor, 3D video support and integrated HDMI and LVDS  
Valere's ultra-compact power systems support wireless networks 2005-06-17
Valere Power announced new versions of its Mini DC Power System that expand the system's application range to include in-building and other small wireless networking sites  

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