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Matsushita surface measurement unit called Blu-ray disk system enabler 2002-04-15
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd. has developed a 3D profilometer that it says is a crucial tool for making the lens for the next-generation Blu-Ray DVD systems  
Digital still camera runs on mixed-signal components 2006-11-07
Far from what the product category name might imply, the digital still camera is loaded with mixed-signal design and components.  
Shanghai clears way for AMD's 45nm shift 2008-12-29
AMD moves to the 45nm technology node with the launch of its new Opteron server chip, code-named Shanghai.  
Zetex offers motor controllers for 100W fans 2002-04-05
The ZXBM2000 series of fan motor controllers integrates rotational speed sensing, locked rotor detection, and automatic recovery functions, and is targeted for variable speed control of two-phase, dc brushless fan and blower motors up to 100W  
Sunon cooling fan measures 6-by-6mm 2003-02-12
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its Mighty Mini Fan cooling fan that measures 6-by-6mm  
Next-gen 12V motor drivers boost system reliability 2014-12-10
TI's DRV8846 automatically tunes motor performance for precise, smooth and quiet motion, while the DRV8848 eases designs by using a PWM control interface and minimal external components  
New fan motor from Sanyo Denki delivers high airflow, low noise 2005-10-07
Sanyo Denki has expanded its San Ace 40 family of compact DC cooling fan motors with the availability of the 12V G- and J-speed models that deliver as much as 15 percent more airflow than its predecessors  
Hot swappable fan design allows quick exchange 2009-05-07
Delta Electronics has released its Hot Swappable Fan series in Europe that can be replaced within seconds without turning off the computer system  
Cooling fan motor generates higher airflow 2005-11-09
Sanyo Denki America expanded its San Ace 172 family of DC cooling fan motors with a quiet, energy-efficient GV-type series  
8bit MCUs target motor control apps 2011-10-03
The MB95630 series from Fujitsu Semiconductor uses a DC brushless motor controller and an analog voltage comparator  
Sunon cooling fan fits 1U, 2U servers 2003-04-28
The PMD 4028 cooling fan from Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd measures 40-by-40-by-28mm and is suitable for use in 1U and 2U rack servers  
Smart motor controller saves space 2010-01-20
The all-in-one motor controller IC's soft switching operation makes it suitable for low noise applications  
Single-phase brushless DC motor pre-drivers blow fans 2008-03-10
The first device in a series of single-phase brushless DC motor pre-drivers used to control high current fans, blowers or pumps, has been launched by Allegro MicroSytems  
Server fan delivers high airflow, static pressure 2009-05-22
Sunon Inc. has released the 40mm x 40mm 56mm Power Motor 4056 Server Fan designed especially for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency  
PIC MCU enables cost-effective fan/small motor control 2006-11-20
Microchip Technology's newest general-purpose PIC MCU offers designers specialized peripherals for cost-effective control of fans or small motors.  
Motor-driver IC uses Hall-element commutation 2007-08-20
Allegro MicroSystems Europe's A1442 is designed to drive low-voltage bipolar brushless DC motors, with commutation of the motor being achieved using a single Hall-element sensor  
Motor controller delivers all-in-one solution 2008-12-01
Diodes Inc. has introduced a single chip solution providing all the functionality required for driving low power single coil brushless DC fans and motors.  
Motion-SPM eases inverter motor drive designs 2006-11-21
Fairchild said the high integration level and advanced packaging of its Motion-SPM devices simplify the design of small inverter motor drive applications, speed time to market and reduce total system cost  
Microchip unveils new MCUs for intelligent motor control 2006-11-07
The PIC18F1330 and PIC18F1230 8bit MCUs from Microchip are aimed at basic, open-loop and low-end closed-loop motor control that is not algorithmically intensive  
Matsushita video processor packs comb filter, VCJ functions 2002-07-12
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd is sampling a video microprocessor series that features comb filter and video chroma jungle functions, as well as NTSC analog signal processing  
Matsushita varistors target Firewire, USB2.0 systems 2003-05-20
The new series of Panasonic multi-layer chip varistors from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is suitable for measuring ESDs in high-speed interfaces such as USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE 1394  
Matsushita varistor exhibit 3pF capacitance at 1MHz 2002-10-18
Matsushita Electronic Components' series of chip-type multilayer varistor array features a maximum capacitance of 3pF at 1MHz  
Matsushita unveils next-gen dry cell battery 2004-02-04
Matsushita has developed a new dry cell battery with 1.5 to 2 times better performance than alkaline dry cell batteries  
Matsushita unveils new multimedia-based platform 2004-09-06
Matsushita developed a new multimedia processor-based platform that can be applied to a wide range of digital appliances  
Matsushita tweeters operate within 1kHz to 50kHz 2004-03-30
Suitable for DVD-based home theater systems, Matsushita Electronic's latest tweeters are capable of handling high-quality DVD sound  
Matsushita touchscreen panel is <0.5mm thick 2002-05-16
The EMU601 series film touchscreen panels from Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd are <0.5mm thick and offers a 0.82 transmission factor  
Matsushita touchscreen panel eyes cellphones, PDAs 2003-06-05
Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd has released the EMU601 series of touchscreen panels with a narrow frame that are suitable for use in mobile apps  
Matsushita to unveil two new SD memory cards 2004-10-04
Matsushita announced that it will introduce its Pro High Speed series of 1GB and 512MB SD memory cards this Fall that doubled the internal data transfer rates  
Matsushita to offer Blu-ray Disk recorders by July 2004-03-12
Matsushita Electric said it will join Sony in July as the second manufacturer to offer Blu-ray disk recorders  
Matsushita switch features quiet stroke operation 2003-11-20
Matsushita Electronic Components Co. Ltd has released the EV00J operational switch that comes with a large-sized stainless steel diaphragm  

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