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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Cortex-M3 MCUs target low-power embedded apps 2011-02-24
Toshiba's new Cortex-M3 MCUs are intended for equipment and systems whose design requires minimum power consumption and component count as well as high levels of connectivity  
Autoclavable DC motors suit medical apps 2011-02-24
Ametek launches the Pittman "Size 8" slot-less, brushless DC motors suited for power medical instruments, dental drills and other small medical devices  
Chip capacitor model addresses DC blocking from 16kHz-65GHz. 2011-02-23
AVX and Modelithics have jointly designed a surface mount chip capacitor model to address DC blocking issues from 16kHz (-3dB rolloff) to 65GHz.  
DAQ software tool reads ten instruments at once 2011-02-23
Windmill Software's data acquisition software suite lets users read and control up to 10 instruments, and includes applications to chart and log data, control analog and digital outputs and monitor the com port.  
Smart meter chipsets increase accuracy 2011-02-23
STMicroelectronics' STPMC1 and STPMS1/S2 polyphase metering chipsets for modular smart meters support 50-60Hz IEC and ANSI standards for up to 0.2-class AC Watt meters  
TLM enables modeling for the AMBA protocol 2011-02-23
Carbon Design Systems' Through Life Management (TLM) 2.0 solution for the AMBA protocol contains definitions and extensions for AMBA 3 AXI3, AHB, AHB-Lite and APB protocols at the loosely timed, approximately timed and cycle-timed levels of abstraction  
Solid-state disk module touts data encryption, ruggedness 2011-02-23
Extreme Engineering Solutions' Xport6103 solid-state disk XMC module provides up to 512GB storage with data encryption for MIL-specified harsh temperatures, and shock and vibration  
Security microchip self destructs 2011-02-23
Xelltec's patent-pending microchip allows users to copy data from a stolen laptop, smart phone, or other mobile device to a server, then destroy the data and disable the device.  
PRU daughter cards expand TI's ARM MPU 2011-02-23
Texas Instruments' programmable real-time unit UART and CAN-lite daughter cards let customers add peripherals to increase the functionality of their AM1x Sitara ARM microprocessor-based systems.  
ST-Ericsson NovaThor platforms eye smartphones, tablets 2011-02-22
The NovaThor platforms combine application engines, modems and connectivity chips into integrated and tested chipsets that can be used in smartphones and tablets.  
LDO in HSNT-4(0808) package consumes 0.9µA 2011-02-21
Seiko Instruments' ultra-small LDO voltage regulator ICs enable high component density designs, improved power dissipation and thermal shutdown protection  
Solution enables printing from smart phones 2011-02-21
A printing solution from Zoran Corp. and Software Imaging Ltd will allow consumers to print the most common document formats from mobile devices to networked printers.  
Shunt protectors cut LED lighting failure rates 2011-02-21
Bourns' LSP series of open LED shunt protectors address the failure rates of early LED designs.  
Netlogic multicore targets network security apps 2011-02-21
Integrating 16 NXCPUs and the NETL7 knowledge-based processor, the XLP316S is aimed at next-gen network security appliances, deep-packet inspection gateways, intrusion prevention systems, among others.  
MIMO active array antenna unveiled for mobile broadband coverage 2011-02-18
Powerwave Technologies has introduced a new multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) active array antenna which is expected to increase mobile broadband coverage up to 100 percent and reduce power consumption by 40 percent, helping network providers slash total operational costs  
Mobile platform touts triple-mode LTE, 3D 2011-02-18
Renesas Electronics and Renesas Mobile announce the availability of the high performance 3D mobile platform, the MP5225. The new platform integrates Renesas Mobile's LTE triple mode-modem platform, the SP2531, with the SH-Mobile APE5R application processor.  
Screw-terminal Al capacitors last 5,000hrs 2011-02-17
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.'s 104 PHL-ST screw-terminal power aluminum capacitors feature high capacitance/voltage combinations, including 6,800µF at 450V and 33,000µF at 200V, both in the large 90 x 220mm case size  
HSIC-compatible PHY IP delivers power, area savings 2011-02-17
The HSIC standard fully supports 480Mbit/s data transfer of the USB protocol. It eliminates 3.3 and 5V signaling, delivering huge silicon area and power savings in comparison to standard cable USB 2.0  
Kontron packet processor blade offers future proofing 2011-02-17
Kontron AG's AT8242 40GbE ATCA packet processor blade touts two OCTEON II cnMIPS64 multicore processors from Cavium Networks to manage complex networking functions.  
RFMD FEMs deal with high band count, harmonics 2011-02-17
RF Micro Devices Inc. expands its line of front end modules for 3G and 4G switch and signal conditioning applications  
3G chip combines UMTS, China's TD-SCDMA 2011-02-16
Marvell's world phone platform based on its PXA978 communications processor with HSPA modem features 3G UMTS and China's TD-SCDMA.  
Silicon die integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2011-02-16
Atheros's XSPAN AR9462 combo solution integrates 2-stream, dual-band 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies onto a single die.  
Low-noise op amps reduce supply current to 1µA 2011-02-16
Maxim's MAX9636-MAX9638 rail-to-rail, low-noise operational amplifiers target interfacing to high-impedance sources such as photodiode and piezoelectric sensors  
New PCB inspection tech comes to market 2011-02-16
Christopher Associates introduces the Machvision Hole Doctor - II, an inline, conveyorized PCB inspection technology.  
2.5GHz/core Snapdragon claims integrates GPU, LTE 2011-02-16
Qualcomm's next mobile processor architecture for the Snapdragon family will be available in single-, dual- and quad-core versions and include an Adreno GPU and integrated multimode LTE modem  
Integrated CMF, ESD protection IC saves 50% PCB space 2011-02-15
STMicro's ECMF02 and ECMF04 ICs that use the company's IPAD technology to combine the common-mode filtering and ESD protection designed to protect high-speed data lines.  
TI Tx/Rx processors tip DPD tech base stations 2011-02-15
Texas Instruments's GC533x family of transmit/receive processors features two turn-key processors that provide a flexible digital transmit and receive solution for wide-bandwidth and multiantenna wireless base stations at a fraction of the cost of high-gate-count FPGAs  
Power amp aimed for small-cell base stations 2011-02-15
Anadigics Inc. introduces the AWB7227 power amplifier (PA) that promises high linearity and efficiency for use in small-cell base stations  
MIMO Wi-Fi SoC offers beamforming, Bluetooth 4.0 2011-02-15
Marvell's Avastar 88W8797 SoC is an 802.11n 2x2 dual-band Wi-Fi solution touting Wi-Fi Tx beamforming technology, Bluetooth 4.0 low energy capabilities and FM Tx/Rx for smart phones and tablets  
SymTA/S 2.4 scheduling analysis tool targets car design 2011-02-15
Symtavision is set to release the new version of its SymTA/S 2.4 scheduling analysis and optimization tool suite at Embedded World 2011.  

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