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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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SMD fuse gets extended current ratings 2010-10-29
Schurter's UMZ 250 now rated for 80mA to 4A currents  
3-state class-D modulation powers audio codecs 2010-10-28
Apogee Technology's 3-state class-D modulation technology powers IDT's new family of PC audio codecs  
1-, 3-phase EMC filters for TS35 DIN rails 2010-10-28
Schurter unveils 1-phase and 3-phase EMC filters for DIN rail mounting  
Digital signal controller for power apps integrates DSP, 16-bit controller 2010-10-28
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has begun mass production of a digital signal controller that targets digital-controlled power supply applications  
Microcontrollers with on-chip flash target home appliances, metering 2010-10-27
ST adds new low-cost microcontrollers with more flash  
Power protection controllers combine hot swap, digital monitoring 2010-10-27
Texas Instruments debuts new controllers with hot swap control and digital current monitoring  
PMP solution integrates PMU, HDMI Tx 2010-10-27
Actions Semiconductor Co. Ltd launched its Series 27 family of portable media player (PMP) solutions that integrate power management unit (PMU) and HDMI transmitter  
Chipset supports hybrid home net 2010-10-27
Sigma Designs is developing a chipset that is one of the first to handle the new ITU standard that covers high speed data over coax, telephone and powerlines.  
Xeon gets embedded for flight 2010-10-27
Mercury's Xeon embedded computer houses two quad-core Jasper Forest Xeon processors in an OpenVPX module for use in high-end radar, multi-sensor electro-optical/IR and other embedded applications  
RF ICs for car access systems tout sensitivity, efficiency 2010-10-26
Atmel introduced its ATA5830 and ATA5780 monolithic RF transceiver and RF receiver devices touting sensitivity and efficient power consumption  
All-silicon CMOS oscillator highlights shock resistance 2010-10-26
IDT announced that its new all-silicon CMOS oscillator, IDT3C02, has achieved a 100ppm total frequency error across temperature, voltage and other factors.  
E-beam litho system supports mask, direct-write apps 2010-10-26
The electron-beam lithography system from Vistec Electron Beam GmbH will support both mask writing and direct-write applications.  
ADSL chipset enables 96ch on linecard 2010-10-26
Lantiq says Geminax XXS V3 chipset has highest level of integration and is smaller than the competition  
USB boundary scan controller lowers cost 2010-10-26
JTAG debuts JTAGLive USB Controller  
Place and route system increases design variability 2010-10-25
Nvidia Corp. has licensed the Olympus SoC place and route system of Mentor Graphics for its high performance graphics processors  
SiP device supports automotive LIN networking 2010-10-25
Atmel unveiled a new SiP solution for LIN automotive networking applications, the ATA6614  
Low-light MP sensors in 360°-view auto reference design 2010-10-22
OmniVision Technologies' megapixel sensor at the heart of Xilinx' 360-degree surround view automotive reference design  
Power MOSFETs offer high performance in compact package 2010-10-22
International Rectifier unveils new family of automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs  
Dual-tuner, quad demodulator digital cable front-end chip for 8ch 2010-10-22
MaxLinear says MxL261 is world's first dual-tuner, quad demodulator digital cable front end chip that can capture eight channels in a 200MHz input frequency bandwidth  
1.8in SSD for ultra-mobile devices 2010-10-22
Kingston released the 1.8in SSDNow V+180 range, which targets ultra-mobile devices.  
Oscilloscope family tips 5x oversampling 2010-10-22
A new series of digital and mixed-signal oscilloscopes from Tektronix deliver 100GSps sample rate on 2 channels or 50GSps on 4 channels.  
SMD fuse expands current ratings 2010-10-21
Schurter has expanded the current rating of its 250VAC, IEC time-lag sub miniature SMD fuse UMZ 250.  
Smart RF devices tout sensitivity, efficiency 2010-10-21
Atmel says new smart RF devices feature high sensitivity, low-cost efficiency  
Power amplifiers for mobiles boast digital power mode control 2010-10-21
Avago Technologies' new CoolPAM power amplifier modules designed for linear quad-band GSM/EDGE operation  
Sony PlayStation Move teardown 2010-10-21
The $99 Sony PlayStation Move bundle is powered by devices from STMicroelectronics, Kionx, CSR, AKM Semiconductor and OmniVision Technologies.  
MCUs support lighting controllers, digital power conversion 2010-10-21
The MCUs consume 130µA/MHz, cut deep sleep current by 60 percent, and are suited for lighting controllers, digital power conversion and management systems, and portable battery-powered CE  
Switch increases solar cell efficiency 2010-10-21
The integrated low-loss power switch and precision controller from STMicroelectronics replaces bypass diodes, thus protecting the energy that would have been lost in each diode  
High-performance cable tuners offer low cost, compact form 2010-10-20
Microtune releases three new universal digital QAM cable tuners offering high RF performance with size and cost benefits  
Power-efficient stereo audio codec for mobile Internet devices launched 2010-10-20
Conexant offers new power-efficient stereo audio codec  
BT low-energy SoC, ANT processor target med, mobile apps 2010-10-20
TI recently launched two ultra-low power, short-range wireless connectivity solutions for consumer medical, mobile accessories, and sports and wellness applications  

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