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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Switch-on-a-chip halves power use 2011-01-20
Micrel's new series of switch ICs feature the company's physical transceiver and switch technology for IP content-based applications in the digital home, as well as for industrial and automotive apps  
MOSFET tips 16mΩ in 2mm x 2mm chip 2011-01-20
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. introduces a TrenchFET power MOSFET that it claims offers the lowest on-resistance for a p-channel device in a thermally enhanced PowerPAK SC-70 package  
Bi-directional optocoupler offers robust optical isolation 2011-01-20
Fairchild's bi-directional logic gate optocoupler provides reliable optical isolation and supports isolated communications of digital signals between systems with 0.4mm optical gap.  
TDKs for analog-intensive BCDMOS chip development 2011-01-19
Mentor Graphics and Dongbu HiTek jointly release BCDMOS process technologies which facilitate integration of analog functions, adding high value to IC designs targeting demanding applications.  
Fault protection switch includes current fold-back 2011-01-19
With response time to a fault less than 1µs, Supertex FP0100 offers up to 100V input voltage protection, which automatically recovers after the fault conditions.  
USB-to-CAN adapters feature built-in digital isolation 2011-01-19
EasySYNC introduces two plug-and-play USB-to-CAN adapters that are powered directly from the USB connection eliminating the need for an independent power supply  
4G platform raises the bar in data upload speeds 2011-01-19
RF Micro Devices Inc. has announced PowerSmart power platforms, a new series that achieved HSPA+ 4G data upload speeds during independent product testing  
Temp sensor IC enables efficient LED lighting 2011-01-19
Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) launches the S-5855A Series of pulse width modulation (PWM) output temperature sensor IC for LED lighting designs  
RF4CE controllers tout antenna diversity technology 2011-01-19
GreenPeak Technologies announces three controllers that use antenna diversity technology and are designed for use in RF4CE designs  
TVS touts low capacitance for HD multimedia interface 2011-01-19
ST introduces the ESDAXLC6-1MY2, a transient voltage suppressor (TVS) that allows increased high-definition (HD) picture quality due to its ultralow capacitance.  
Modular subrack targets military apps 2011-01-19
Schroff grows its europacPRO line of modular subracks with a version for military systems, aircraft, power generation and other demanding environments  
High-efficiency 6-channel WLED driver for 72 LEDs 2011-01-18
LDS8763 white LED driver from IXYS Corp. designed for wide array of display and lighting needs  
4Mb MRAM SPI solution debuts 2011-01-18
Everspin adds 4Mb solution to MRAM family offering faster write speeds and improved reliability  
Successive detection log video amps target military, space apps 2011-01-18
Hittite Microwave Corp. introduces successive detection log video amplifiers with a limited RF output feature that operates over the 1GHz to 26GHz and 1GHz to 20GHz frequency ranges  
PCI mezzanine card integrates 4-port hub 2011-01-18
Data Device Corp. rolls an Enhanced Bit Rate-1553 (EBR-1553) and MIL-STD-1553 PCI mezzanine card (PMC) combo card with a four port hub.  
Basic data logger acts as oscilloscope 2011-01-18
Pico Technology launches a data logger that the company says is suitable for hobbyists, teachers and technicians  
Multicrystalline wafer boosts solar cell efficiency 2011-01-18
Rene Sola creates new solar wafer with improved conversion efficiency  
Third-generation platform for microcontroller development 2011-01-18
STMicroelectronics releases the new EvoPrimer development platform for IC design  
AS-interfaces offer choice of round or flat cables 2011-01-17
Belden adds two AS-Interface modules to its Lumberg Automation product range, featuring either an integrated T-piece functionality or piercing contacts to couple to the actuator/sensor network with round cables or flat cables.  
Android OS supports configurable processor 2011-01-17
Synopsys reveals that Android OS (v2.2 FroYo) support for its DesignWare ARC 750D processor addresses the needs of low-power, cost-sensitive portable and consumer applications  
DSP core touts audio performance, flexibility, broad codec support 2011-01-17
CEVA's 1GHz CEVA-TL3211 extends CEVA-TeakLite-III DSP architecture. With HD audio features, this DSP targets digital TVs, STBs, mobile computing and smartphones.  
LDLS tips maximum brightness 2011-01-17
Energetiq's newest laser-driven light source features an ellipsoidal collector to deliver ultra-high brightness UV-VIS-NIR light to a standard SMA fiber coupling.  
Green Power Processor provides platform for energy-saving power supply designs 2011-01-17
The Green Power Processor combines mixed-signal technology, multi-threaded hardware, low-power features and optimizations to provide a platform for the development of energy-efficient power supply designs  
Microsoft launches new OS to power enterprise handheld devices 2011-01-17
Microsoft's Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 will power enterprise handheld devices while enabling efficient data input and secure connection to existing enterprise infrastructure  
CAN PHY transceiver, MCU tip on-chip CANopen drivers 2011-01-14
NXP's LPC11C22 and LPC11C24 SiP integrates a CAN transceiver, reducing board space by 50 percent.  
Lightweight spectrodensitometers use VFS technology 2011-01-14
Designed for the digital imaging market, KMSA's FD-series are lightweight, handheld models that can measure density and color while taking into account the fluorescence of the paper substrate  
Mini IR receivers tip 0.35mA supply current 2011-01-14
Aside from the ultralow supply current, Vishay's new devices feature typical Irradiance of 0.15mW/sqm over 75 degrees for remote control and data transmission applications  
High-voltage power MOSFET realizes 52 percent lower loss 2011-01-14
Renesas Electronics' RJK60S5DPK allows low power consumption for LCD TVs and servers  
Rugged clamp meters offer versatility, safety 2011-01-14
Electronic test and measurement company Fluke's clamp meters are now available through element14. Available models include Fluke 381, 376, 375, 374, iFlex 12500-18 and 12500-10.  
Alacritech ventures into storage with new ASIC drives 2011-01-14
Alacritech is entering the storage systems arena with its Network File System, which comes with hardware support to break performance bottlenecks in large network-attached storage installations.  

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