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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Low-voltage smoke-detector IC allows 10-year battery life 2011-01-13
Microchip Technology's smoke detector IC has programmable calibration and operating modes. Its low operating current of 8µA typically enables up to 10 years of battery life.  
C2000 MCUs' enhanced math engine increases speed by 7x 2011-01-13
TI's C2000 32-bit Piccolo MCUs feature an enhanced math engine that combines an 80MHz floating-point C28x core, Viterbi Complex Math Unit and Control Law Accelerator to deliver speed that is 7x faster than that of software-only solutions.  
SNIC lets meter and control center talk 2011-01-12
Infrax Systems Inc. is set to launch a secure network interface card for smart metering that lets the meter and the control center of the energy company communicate  
74AUP logic gates address mobile, portable devices’ power needs 2011-01-12
Fairchild Semiconductor’s 74AUP logic gate family performs up to nine different logic functions to reduce overall part count. It also addresses the design trend in mobile and portable devices for lower-voltage operating ranges  
Module connects controllers via Profibus 2011-01-12
The Brad SST PB3 remote module for Process Field Bus from Molex is a stand-alone hardware platform that enables fast and easy connectivity to any Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix controller  
Inductors offer 1MHz maximum frequency 2011-01-12
Vishay Intertechnology's new IHLP low-profile, high-current inductors offer a 3mm x 3.6mm footprint with ultralow profiles of 1.2mm and 1.5mm respectively.  
18-bit serial ADC uses unipolar supply to achieve 101dB SNR 2011-01-12
Linear Technology Corp.’s LTC2379 ADC uses the successive approximation register converter architecture to deliver 18 bits resolution at up to 1.6Msps throughput, and a technique called digital gain compression to allow excellent performance from a unipolar supply.  
Controllers give 1mm RSR support for capacitive touchscreens 2011-01-11
Cypress launches two new touchscreen controllers that enable manufacturers to replace resistive touchscreens with more attractive capacitive technology, while giving up to 1mm stylus solution.  
MoCA 2.0 chipsets support Gbps data rates 2011-01-11
Entropic Communications Inc. will sample chipsets to support the Multimedia over Coax Association home's standard ver. 2.0 by June 2011, with full production slated in early 2012.  
Persona ICE Platform powers tablets, enables connected home 2011-01-11
Designed in a low power 40nm CMOS silicon process, Broadcom's next-gen Persona ICE Solution gets picked by Compal Electronics to address growing tablet and connected home market  
Connected HD , 3D solutions for DTVs, STBs, cams, printers 2011-01-11
Zoran demonstrates exciting products and technologies for digital entertainment and digital imaging platforms, as well as HD multimedia processor platforms and silicon tuner and demodulator solutions  
Internal pentaband PCB antenna has omnidirectional pattern 2011-01-10
Laird Technologies' Revie Prime internal pentaband PCB antenna offers 824MHz to 960MHz & 1710MHz to 2170MHz multi-band operation. Omnidirectional pattern assists limitless wireless applications.  
Dual silicon cable tuner handles multiple HD 3DTV streams 2011-01-10
NXP's TDA18260 eliminates tuner-to-tuner interference, as well as complex RF components. It also permits handling of multiple streams of HD 3DTV. The device is now in mass production.  
R&S signal generator now with electronic step attenuator 2011-01-10
R&S SMB100A expands range up to 12.75GHz for blocking tests. R&S SMB B112 option enables the R&S SMB100A with a wear-free electronic step attenuator  
Silicon tuner eases HD multi-tuner STB design 2011-01-10
NXP Semiconductors' TDA18260 dual silicon tuner for cable TV applications eliminates tuner-to-tuner interference and the need for complex, costly RF components  
Connector features USB 3.0 specs, performance 2011-01-10
Tyco Electronics rolls a USB 3.0 connector that supports 5Gbit/s data rate, or a 10X performance increase over USB 2.0.  
SATA 7-pin SSD series has 17-mm ultra-slim profile 2011-01-10
Matching the SATA ports on the motherboard, Apacer's 17mm profile SATA Disk Module is ultra-slim. Capacities ranging from 512MB to 4GB in angles of 90, 180, 270 degrees configurations are available.  
Power supply enables high currents at low voltage 2011-01-10
Aim-TTi's new dual-output power supply delivers 80V or up to 50A on each 600W output, each of which can be operated as entirely independent and isolated power supplies, having its own comprehensive graphic LCD display  
Cavium video processor supports LG TVs 2011-01-07
LG Electronics has selected Cavium's WiVu solution to power its wireless TV products  
Intel's second gen chips bring new graphics, video 2011-01-07
The 20 new new processors, chipsets and wireless chips of the second generation of the Intel Core processors can convert a four-minute HD video file on a laptop to play on an iPod in only 16 seconds.  
Gigabit communications processor targets home gateways, IADs 2011-01-06
The Atlanta 2000 processor family from TranSwitch achieved a CaffeineMark score of 7,000 and meets Home Gateway Initiative software modularity test criteria.  
ZigBee network processor comes with software stack 2011-01-06
TI’s CC2530ZNP is a simple solution that does not require designers to learn the complexities of a full ZigBee stack.  
Wireless power development kit touts Qi certification 2011-01-05
The bqTESLA wireless power development kit from Texas Instruments is the first in the industry to get Qi certification, the company said  
STB SoC with VXP studio quality video processing, 3D 2011-01-04
Sigma Designs' SMP8910 is an STB SoC that integrates VXP studio quality video processing and 3D video processing. It reaches more than 6,000DMIPS with its dual-core 1004K MIPS CPU.  
Virtualization software for Sandy Bridge 2011-01-04
LucidLogix Technologies launched Virtu, software designed specifically to support Sandy Bridge processors in working with external GPUs.  
Quad-core chips target high-end CE 2011-01-04
Freescale's new processor series offers one-, two- and four-core models so OEMs can deploy several models for one design, with good, better and best product levels  
Compact Intel SSD comes in 40-, 80GB capacities 2011-01-03
Intel's SSD 310 is a new solid state drive (SSD) that measures 50x30x5mm and weighs 10 grams.  
Cortex A8-based development board supports open source 2011-01-03
Mistral Solutions launched its Craneboard, which the maker is boldly positioning against TI's AM35x Sitara ARM Cortex-8 MPU evaluation modules.  
FPGA DSP development kits address performance, cost needs 2010-12-30
Xilinx's new Spartan-6 FPGA, Virtex-6 FPGA DSP development kits address a full range of high performance to cost effective DSP requirements across the spectrum, including specific focus on peak performance, price-optimized performance and co-processing acceleration. The company developed the kits with AVnet, Mathworks, TI and 4DSP.  
Voice processing modules free for VoIP transcoding, gateway designers 2010-12-29
Now available in object code, TI’s VoLIB and FAXLIB offer flexibility and reduced development time for designers of VoIP transcoding and gateway solutions  

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