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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Base station makes BDTIsimMark2000 score of 18,500 2010-11-22
Used in Freescale's base station processor, the SC3850 DSP core offloads the complex 4G tasks into a dedicated accelerator  
Illumination design software adds features 2010-11-22
Synopsys updates LightTools with new features  
Atom-based COM offers improved graphics 2010-11-19
Kontron extends its computer-on-module offerings with a model that suits applications in the commercial temperature range, thus offering lower price points compared to the industrial model.  
System brings boundary-scan test to small designers 2010-11-19
Corelis Inc.'s TestGenie offers a low-cost, low-risk boundary-scan test solution for companies with limited resources, minimal JTAG experience, fixed schedules and tight test budgets  
2Gbit NOR chip supports interactive 3D 2010-11-19
Spansion Inc. launched a single die 2Gbit NOR Flash memory product, the 2Gb Spansion GL-S. The solution supports high-quality, interactive 2D and 3D graphics, animation and video in games, learning devices and automotive infotainment and instrumentation clusters.  
Energy harvesting kit for wireless charging targets RF devices 2010-11-19
Powercast launches development kit for energy harvesting system for wireless charging  
MCU family integrates peripheral functions 2010-11-19
The first 32- and 16-bit RISC MCUs from Fujitsu's FM3 family operate at up to 80MHz with up to 512KB high-speed flash memory and up to a 64KB SRAM, with wide support for communications protocols  
Detection, control solution features passive IR sensor 2010-11-18
Zilog Inc. introduces the Zmotion module which integrates an MCU with embedded software for products requiring control based on passive IR motion detection  
Next-gen PEPS-2 ASSP prototyping platform based on Virtex-6 2010-11-18
Xilinx system enables quick ASSP prototyping designs and jumpstart software development .  
700mA LDO regulator features reverse current protection 2010-11-18
Torex launches 700mA high-speed LDO regulators with reverse current protection  
RF power transistors tout ruggedness, affordability 2010-11-18
Freescale launches RF power transistors for industrial and commercial aerospace applications  
72Mbit SRAM supports M-503 FPGA platform 2010-11-18
GSI Technology Inc. is sampling its 72Mbit product line, the GS8662 family, which includes Type II and Type II+ SigmaQuad interfaces.  
MCU enables energy harvesting 2010-11-17
Linear Technology Corp. and Energy Micro AS presented a joint demonstration of a smart energy harvesting application using a piezoelectric energy harvesting power supply from Linear and an MCU from Energy Micro  
Bridge chip targets tablets, smartphones 2010-11-17
Elan Digital launches system bus to USB host controller bridge and USB2.0 to SD/SDIO host bridge chip  
SoC design solution integrates Synopsys, SMIC technology 2010-11-16
Synopsys Inc. and SMIC announced their delivery of a comprehensive solution for SoC design for the advanced 65-nm process. The solution integrates Synopsys' broad DesignWare interface and analog IP portfolio, plus other foundation IP with Synopsys' Galaxy Implementation Platform, in a tuned reference flow  
SoC addresses 1080p, 3D computing needs 2010-11-16
Amlogic combines ARM Cortex-A9 processor and ARM Mali-400 GPU with 1080p video  
ARM GPU cuts memory bandwidth use by 30% 2010-11-15
ARM debuted a graphics processing unit that the company claims delivers five times better than its predecessor.  
AC/DC LED solution has universal AC inputs, power factor correction 2010-11-15
Element14 has just announced the latest RECOM power solutions, a new range of high-efficiency constant current LED drivers in the power range of 12W and 20W  
Single design solution works for PL, hardware, software 2010-11-15
Design software vendor Altium Ltd will provide its Altium Designer  
Hybrid circuit protection tech capable of 30A hold currents, 100A max 2010-11-15
Tyco Electronics introduced its Metal Hybrid PPTC (MHP) technology, useful for high-rate-discharge battery applications at ratings above 30VDC/30A  
Low-voltage LED ICs designed for battery-powered applications 2010-11-15
ZMD offers LED control solutions for battery-powered consumer electronics  
Accelerometers for automotive airbags 2010-11-15
STMicroelectronics introduced a new family of high-g acceleration sensors for advanced airbag systems. These micro devices pick up rapid deceleration of the vehicle during a collision and relay instantaneous information to the airbag control unit  
Surface-mount RTP device helps protect against thermal events damage 2010-11-15
Tyco Electronics introduced has a technology that enables manufacturers to incorporate surface-mountable thermal protection in their standard RoHS-compliant reflow assembly process.  
Optocoupler improves isolation in industrial control application 2010-11-15
Avago says optocoupler can function as intelligent power module interface or IGBT gate drive  
Teardown: Kinect Xbox 360 add on has PrimeSense, Marvell, TI, ST parts 2010-11-15
a teardown analysis performed by UBM TechInsights of Microsoft Corp.'s Kinect motion-gaming add on for its Xbox 360 found chips made by PrimeSense, Marvell, TI and STMicroelectronics  
Public radio IC uses 190mW per channel 2010-11-12
Radiocomp Inc. and eASIC Corp. debut a low-power common public radio interface (CPRI) v4.1 solution for radio equipment controller equipment  
65nm flash platform pushes out antifuse 2010-11-12
Microsemi Corp. has unveiled a 65nm embedded flash platform that features an expandable, four-input look-up table architecture.  
512Mbit NOR flash offers cars parallel interface 2010-11-12
Micron Technology Inc.'s device, made in a 65nm process technology, is now sampling and is scheduled for mass production in 2011  
DDR3 register runs at 1,867 Mbit/s in server at SC10 Conference 2010-11-12
IDT's ultra-low power DDR3 register runs at 1,867 Mbit/s in a standard server  
CSSP platform has visual enhancement engine, digital optimizer 2010-11-12
QuickLogic Corp. announced production availability of the second member of the ArcticLink II VX CSSP solution platform, the VX4, featuring Visual Enhancement Engine and DPO PSBs with a Mobile Display Digital Interface.  

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