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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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COM Express modules target embedded computers 2010-11-11
Eurotech unveils new COM Express modules based on Freescale QorIQ SoC processor  
75W GaN RF transistor delivers high peak efficiency 2010-11-11
RF Micro Devices says GaN RF delivers superior performance ersus competing GaAs and silicon power technologies  
2A PWM step-down converter optimized for 5V, 12V rail 2010-11-11
Exar's XRP7664 can operate on input voltage of up to 18V with max load current of 2A  
LED driver IC supports automotive head, tail lights 2010-11-11
NXP Semiconductors N.V. has just announced the availability of fully integrated, highly flexible driver IC solutions designed for vehicle LED headlights and tail lights, based on automotive-qualified technology  
AC-DC converter has single-stage isolation, voltage transformation, PFC 2010-11-11
Vicor Corp. has just introduced its PFM VI BRICK module, an isolated AC-DC converter with power factor correction  
Car sensor chips improve safety 2010-11-11
Freescale's low-g MEMS accelerometers reduce the space and cost of implementing advanced electronic stability control systems that meet or exceed the requirements of emerging new safety standards.  
Machine vision camera touts NIR capability 2010-11-11
Adimec adds near infrared capability to QUARTZ Q-4A180 camera  
Magnetic sensors enable on-off, hibernate via distance, angle 2010-11-11
Toshiba unveils magnetic sensors that detect north, south or both poles for application switches  
GPU brings geometric realism to PC gaming 2010-11-11
Nvidia's GeForce GTX 580 GPU has been redesigned from the transistor-level up to give increased power efficiency and performance over previous generation products  
MEMS device claims complete inertial measurement 2010-11-11
When used with a magnetometer, the device provides nine-degree-of-freedom functionality for smart phones, touchscreen tablets, 3D TV remote controls, gaming consoles, DSCs and video cameras  
VTI makes consumer-grade MEMS 2010-11-10
VTI Technologies Oy takes its automotive MEMS expertise into the consumer arena with consumer-grade MEMS chips targeting mobile handsets, gaming consoles and TV remote controls.  
New long wave infrared lenses for security applications debut 2010-11-10
LightPath Technologies unveils focal length and thermal imaging lenses for security products  
Auto camera system offers HDR images 2010-11-10
OmniVision teams up with INOVA Semiconductors to create camera system using APIX Link and OV10630-based cameras  
FPGA meets 10G optical jitter performance 2010-11-10
Xilinx Inc. rolls out FPGAs that support 40Gbps and 100Gbps line cards with flexible port configurations.  
Embedded platform for small-footprint, low-power apps 2010-11-10
Mentor Graphics adds support for ARM Cortex-M3 microcontrollers to Embedded ReadyStart Platform  
Controller speeds industrial, telecom, auto apps 2010-11-10
Micrel Inc.'s latest addition to the Hyper Speed Control adaptive on-time controller family drives up to 15A of load current while reducing required output capacitance up to 40 percent.  
FPGA design software updated 2010-11-10
Lattice Diamond 1.1 extends support to MachXO and MachXO2 product families  
ST affirms iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips' support for cinema mode format 2010-11-10
ST launched its iDP-LVDS 'bridge chips,' parts STiDP888 and STi880, which fully support the Cinema Mode display standard. These bridge chips are said to be the industry's first internal DisplayPort to high-speed Dual LVDS/Quad LVDS converter chipset compliant with the VESA iDP standard.  
High-res display controller IP core is 4K digital cinema ready 2010-11-10
Evatronix SA has just introduced its next generation high-performance display controller, the DISPLAY-CTRL-4K. This Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) compliant IP core accommodates resolutions of up to 4096x2160 pixels with 24 bits/pixel color depth, yielding 60 fps at full HD resolution.  
Signal, power connectors designed for embedded computing 2010-11-10
3M expands array of embedded computing connectors  
Ultra-hard metric cable assembly supports 12Gb/s transfer 2010-11-10
3M unveils 2mm hard metric cable assembly with full shielding and low crosstalk  
New CFL driver ICs enable better power management, longer lifetimes 2010-11-09
NXP launches new CFL driver ICs for 230V and 110V fluorescent lamps  
Analog and mixed signal test platform gets performance boost 2010-11-09
LTX-Credence updates ASL test platform with improved capabilities  
CATV front-end chip offers dual tuners, demodulators 2010-11-09
MaxLinear launches highly integrated cable TV front-end chip for DOCSIS and cable video gateways  
Flow sensor supports electronic gas meter 2010-11-09
Omron joins forces with STMicroelectronics to create smart gas meter flow sensor  
Engineering software enables composite structure design 2010-11-09
Vistagy Inc. announced the release of FiberSIM 2010, their latest version of engineering software for designing and manufacturing innovative, durable and lightweight composite structures. New features of the software were inspired by the adaptation of composites in a growing number of industries  
Testing solution for fiber channel services over OTN 2010-11-09
Digital Lightwave adds fiber channel over OTN test solution to NIC platform  
Real-time clock features temperature compensation, tamper detection 2010-11-09
IDT offers real-time clocks suitable for temperature-sensitive and tamper detection applications  
One-step PCB test system unveiled 2010-11-08
JTAG Technologies merges boundary scan option with Digitaltest's combinational test system for easy PCB testing  
Silicon diodes replace SiC devices in new circuit topology 2010-11-08
STMicroelectronics unveils new circuit topology utilizing silicon diodes instead of SiC devices for improved efficiency  

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