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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Switch advances SRIO ecosystem 2010-10-11
Integrated Device Technology reports on the adoption of its Serial RapidIO Gen2 switch for applications in wireless baseband, semiconductor processing, medical imaging, and radar and sonar markets  
LCD EMI filters dubbed industry's thinnest 2010-10-11
Texas Instruments' EMI filters boost EMI filtering efficiency in package half as thin as credit cards  
GoogleTV device by Logitech gets shaky start 2010-10-11
The Logitech Revue launches as the first GoogleTV device, integrating broadcast and Web video on any HDMI-capable HDTV and supporting personal media playback and video conferencing.  
LSI's 28nm custom silicon platform enables enhanced SoC integration 2010-10-11
LSI Corp. announced its 28nm custom silicon platform which includes a broad portfolio of IP blocks as well as an advanced design methodology for customized SoCs  
RF transceiver ups data rate for smart grids 2010-10-11
Semtech's SX1233 ISM-band transceiver combines a bit rate of 600Kbit/s with a link budget of 137dB, ultralow power consumption, adjacent channel rejection with blocking immunity  
Open-frame LED driver supports up to 90W 2010-10-08
Phihong has developed a LED driver capable of providing 90W of power for application in indoor lighting. The Phihong PSM090-240P is an open-frame design power supply which enables ease of integration into interior lighting designs. The device is currently offered in a constant current of 3.75A with an output DC voltage range of 22.8~25.2V, made for any input line from input voltage range of 100-277V AC.  
FPGA modules add PCIe interface, high-speed memory 2010-10-08
Acromag adds high-speed memory and data transfer to Xilinx FPGAs  
Android app offers personal "tricorder" health monitor 2010-10-08
Sensors and application combine to offer new, high-tech way of monitoring health indicators  
Right angle LVDT position sensors for harsh environments 2010-10-08
Macro Sensors now offers right angle configurations of its spring-loaded and through-bore LVDT position sensors. These devices are targeted for industrial applications when a conventional LVDT position sensor proves too long or environmental contaminants can limit sensor performance  
High-powered VBG red laser line launched 2010-10-08
PD-LD uses VBG technology to stabilize multimode 647nm red lasers  
Battery chargers output 2A from up to 32V input 2010-10-08
Linear Technology's new battery chargers boast active current limit, host of features  
3D LCD TVs ditch glasses 2010-10-07
Toshiba creates no-glasses 3D LCD TVs  
GigaMOS TrenchT2 MOSFETs come in low-profile DE-series packages 2010-10-07
IXYS introduced the new additions to its GigaMOS TrenchT2 Power MOSFET portfolio, the IXTZ550N055T2 and the IXFZ520N075T2. These devices combine the high-current ratings of IXYS' GigaMOS TrenchT2 product line with the advanced electrical, thermal and mechanical properties of IXYS' ultra-low profile DE-Series package technology  
Surface-mount LEDs tout high contrast ratio, small footprint 2010-10-07
Avago says new surface-mount LEDs can produce brighter, higher-resolution screens and advertising signs  
Next-generation UICC SIM card bridge IC enables secure data transfers 2010-10-07
Atmel Corp. announced the availability of the Atmel AT73C260 IC, designed to bridge the host and USB UICC. The Atmel AT73C260 IC is for both existing and next-generation cell phone chipsets, supporting the latest SIM standard or the UICC Multimedia SIM  
AC/DC electric car charger post enables simultaneous charging 2010-10-07
Epyon delivers industry-first AC/DC car charger post  
PoE solution for military apps uses vehicular power 2010-10-06
Finnish company delivers power over Ethernet communications line  
LED drivers promise more vibrant LCD TV images 2010-10-06
austriamicrosystems says new LED driver ICs more efficient, offer fine control over brightness  
Miniature slide switch family gets surface-mount option 2010-10-06
C&K's JS Slide switch family offers surface-mount option for limited-space applications  
DC-DC step-down regulator controls input down to 0.8V 2010-10-05
AOS has expanded its synchronous EZBuck portfolio with the launch of the AOZ1110low input voltage DC-DC step-down regulator which controls input voltages from 2.7V to 5.5V down to 0.8V, and drives up to 4A of output current.  
Passive matrix LCDs tout Advanced Black Nematic technology 2010-10-05
Advanced Black Nematic technology creates true blacks, high contrast ratio, wider viewing angles  
First hybrid optical drive with onboard storage uses Micron 25nm NAND 2010-10-05
Micron announced that Hitachi-LG Data Storage Inc. (HLDS) has chosen Micron's 25nm NAND as the flash memory solution for its new hybrid optical disk drive  
Compact wireless module supports speeds faster than ADSL 2010-10-05
Fabless semiconductor provider u-blox announced a new family of small, ultra-fast wireless modems, codenamed LISA, which are designed to provide wireless high-speed Internet connection for a wide range of high-bandwidth applications such as mobile computing, car infotainment, telematics systems, handheld terminals and ultra-portable devices  
Armored low-loss RF coax prevent flexion, compression failures 2010-10-05
Crystek has made its LL142 low-loss RF cable assemblies more rugged by combining a spiraled stainless steel casing, as well as an extra fortification offered by a heavy-duty adhesive strain relief neoprene jacket.  
Rugged MOSFETs handle demands of VoIP equipment 2010-10-05
Diodes Inc. has expanded its MOSFET product line with its introduction of 60V N-channel devices customized for VoIP communication equipment. Made to handle the high pulse current required to generate tip and ring line feeds and to sustain an avalanche of energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series successfully fulfills the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) DC/DC converters  
First rugged handheld VNA covers frequency up to 20GHz 2010-10-05
Anritsu Co. has just introduced their MS202x/3xC VNA Master series of handheld vector network analyzers (VNAs). These VNAs offer the performance and capabilities of numerous benchtop instruments in a single highly-portable analyzer.  
Dual-track feeders feature 01005-capability 2010-10-05
Siplace introduced its X-feeders, 01005-capable dual-track feeders that offer about 25 percent increased price-performance ration/per track compared with standard 8mm feeders.  
Robotic evaluation board supports Stellaris 2010-10-04
Texas Instruments Inc. has just announced the availability of its new Robotic Evaluation Board (EVALBOT) for use with Micrium's uC/OS-III. This evaluation kit is a mini robot which allows developers to experience the Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3-based LM3S9B92 MCU in real-world applications that take advantage of the processor's integrated 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, USB On-The-Go, CAN, and motion control capabilities  
Tantalum capacitors highlight reduced DC leakage current 2010-10-04
Vishay Intertechnology debuts new low leakage capacitors for mission-critical applications  
Medical platform based on ARM Cortex-R4 2010-10-04
Infineon builds medical platform around ARM Cortex-R4, smart power management unit  

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