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Design Considerations for Multicarrier CDMA Base Station Power Amplifiers

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Front-end power supply ideal for network systems 2011-03-30
Emerson Network Power's DS1200DC-3 is a high-efficiency DC-input 1,200W bulk front-end power supply for systems that use distributed power architectures  
ADLINK offers fastest SATA 6 Gb/s industrial SSDs 2011-03-30
The ADLINK ASD Series of SSDs has an extended operating temperature range and is able to withstand high levels of shock and vibration.  
Charger ICs meet various industry standards 2011-03-29
Summit Microelectronics introduces a programmable battery charger ICs that meet various USB industry standards and are ideal for single-cell Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, and Li-FePO4 battery packs  
STMicroelectronics engine expands motion sensing in CE 2011-03-29
STMicroelectronics' iNEMO filtering and predictive software engine integrates the output from a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis magnetometer to deliver accurate and reliable sensor performance as required by motion-based apps in smart consumer devices.  
NXP transistor tips 50 percent DVB-T 2011-03-29
NXP Semiconductors' BLF888B transistors are configured as a Doherty power amplifier and offer ruggedness over the full UHF frequency band from 470MHz to 860MHz, as well as thermal resistance of 0.15 K/W  
Picocell 4G products improve wireless services delivery 2011-03-28
Powerwave rolls 4G devices that improve the delivery of wireless services including an LTE picocell for indoor applications, an active array antenna and a remote radio Head with 65MHz of instantaneous bandwidth  
Anritsu spectrum analyzer eases field RF testing 2011-03-28
Anritsu's handheld MS2711E Spectrum Master comes equipped with a touch-screen interface, easy to use short-cut icons and intuitive menus, all designed to minimize training time and enhance user experience.  
VPX board offers wide variety I/O processing, FPGA computing 2011-03-28
Acromag's VPX board routes power and bus signals to a plug-in XMC or PMC mezzanine module with an 8-lane PCIe interface to enable a wide variety of I/O processing and FPGA computing options  
Oven safely cures PCBs 2011-03-28
Grive Corp.'s model No. 813 walk-in oven for curing PCBs uses a natural gas burner to achieve temperatures of 500°F and includes a recirculating blower to provide horizontal airflow to the oven, as well as safety equipment such as a 325 CFM 1/3 powered force exhauster  
ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX suits special-purpose systems 2011-03-28
The ITTIA DB SQL for ThreadX suits special-purpose systems that need self-contained data management software  
IP core requires no off chip DRAM 2011-03-28
The 1080p H.264 encoder and limited decoder is based on the new Compressed Frame Store technology.  
Voltage regulator fits into compact LIN tranceiver 2011-03-28
The TJA1028 LIN transceiver family released by NXP features integrated low-drop voltage regulator in a very small 3x3mm leadless package.  
Leadless package with low VF Schottky diode 2011-03-25
Central Semiconductor debuts the CFSH2-3L, with low profile SOD-882L leadless package that features low VF Schottky diode.  
Xilinx FPGAs go down to 28nm 2011-03-25
Xilinx Inc.'s Kintex-7 K325T FPGAs are built with 28nm technology to meet the price and power performance needs of key applications  
Infineon 16bit MCUs meet ultra low-end needs 2011-03-25
Infineon's XE16xL and XE16xU real-time signal controllers provide 16bit performance at 8bit cost for electric drive systems in energy efficiency and mass market applications  
National solar ICs cut PV system costs, simplify design 2011-03-25
National Semiconductor's line of SolarMagic ICs includes full-bridge gate drivers, micropower voltage regulators, MPPT controllers, a supervisory reset circuit and a preset temperature switch.  
KaiSemi to demo FPGA-to-ASIC tool 2011-03-25
KaiSemi's automated FPGA-to-ASIC tool reduces customer costs and ensures faster ASIC cycles through a guaranteed seamless process that does not involve the customers' designers.  
Memory controller IP enables timing closure, higher yield 2011-03-25
Uniquify's Self-Calibrating Logic makes possible SoC designs that use its memory controller IP to automatically fine-tune critical timing parameters after the SoCs are installed in system boards.  
Step-down LED driver offers 10,000:1 true color PWM dimming 2011-03-24
Linear Technology's LT3597 60V, 1MHz, step-down DC/DC converter operates as a three channel, constant current LED driver for backlighting LED billboards as well as industrial, automotive and medical displays  
Clock cleaner ICs offer low phase noise performance 2011-03-24
A family of clock jitter cleaners from National Semiconductor claims lowest phase noise and rms jitter performance to enhance system performance in wireless and wired communications.  
IR PFC ICs cut component count 2011-03-24
International Rectifier's IR115x family ofµPFC ICs use One Cycle Control technology and are designed to operate in continuous conduction mode Boost PFC converters.  
Microsemi GaN FETs suit up for outer space 2011-03-23
Microsemi's Gallium Nitride FETs designed for satellites are built on a wideband gap material which increases performance over current radiation-hardened silicon MOSFETs  
Video ICs offer wide range of output 2011-03-23
Chrontel debuts mixed-signal CH7033, CH7034, CH7035 low-power video ICs for mobile Internet devices, netbooks, tablet computers, portable e-book readers, and smartphones  
Diodes output rectifiers cool applications 2011-03-23
Diodes Inc.'s SBR12U100P5, SBR12U120P5 and SBR15U30SP5 Super Barrier Rectifiers offer blocking voltage capabilities of 100V or 120V and suit slim laptop, netbook adapter, LCD and LED TV applications.  
Voltage detector enables safer system operation 2011-03-23
STMicroelectronics' STM1831 voltage detector has independent connections for sense input and its own supply voltage enabling it to work even if the monitored voltage drops to zero  
Converters bag UL-60950-1 safety certification 2011-03-22
RECOM's REC8, REC10 and REC15 DC/DC converters are now UL-60950-1 and EN60950-1 certified and can be used in applications worldwide.  
Vishay Ta capacitors target military apps 2011-03-22
Vishay Intertechnology's T86 series of surface-mount Hi-Rel COTS solid tantalum chip capacitors combine Weibull grading and surge-current test options with built-in fuses.  
Analog Bits releases Serdes IP for next-gen displays 2011-03-22
Designed for 3D TVs and next-gen displays, Analog Bits' Serdes IP can reduce area, cost and power consumption and enable OEMs to eliminate LVDS  
Quarter-brick bus claims 98 percent efficiency 2011-03-22
Available as drop-in upgrades for 5:1 and 4:1 converters, the quarter-brick modules in the IBC048 series of VI BRICK Bus Converters from Vicor Corp achieves up to 98 percent efficiency  
TI VDSL line driver uses 47% less power 2011-03-22
Texas Instruments' gated, dual-port THS6226 Class H VDSL line driver offers digitally adjustable quiescent current, enabling power savings for high-speed broadband networks  

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