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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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Imagination unveils MIPS I-class IP cores 2014-09-05
The I6400 can be implemented across a very wide range of performance, power, and area operating points and achieves high frequencies in aggressive implementations  
Bluetooth haptic dev't kit comes with a free app 2014-09-05
TI's Haptic Bluetooth Kit lets designers create haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts from a pre-licensed library of more than a hundred distinct haptic effects  
Sensor hub cuts power usage in smartphones, wearables 2014-09-05
The ArcticLink 3 S2 from QuickLogic features the second-generation flexible fusion engine that claims to be four times faster than previous generation, allowing it to process more algorithms faster.  
6GHz RF adapters resistant to dust, water 2014-09-04
The IP67 RF adapters, aimed at cellular, aviation and military industries, feature advanced ingress protection to make them virtually impenetrable to contaminants such as dust, sand and water.  
5G chipset touts 2x Wi-Fi performance 2014-09-04
The BCM4358 delivers unparalleled throughput, Bluetooth co-existence performance, and indoor location accuracy, enabling OEMs to design smartphones and tablets with twice the Wi-Fi performance.  
Image sensor shrinks camera size for tablets, smartphones 2014-09-04
Toshiba's T4KA7 can capture 20MP images at 22fps, 1.8 times faster than that of Toshiba's T4K46 20MP image sensor, which has a pixel dimension of 1.2um  
AMD processor sets new frequency record 2014-09-03
The 125W AMD FX-8370 CPU and 95W AMD FX-8370E and FX-8320E processors all feature eight native CPU cores for productivity at superior price points.  
Automotive-grade audio amp aimed at eCall, telematics apps 2014-09-03
By using the TAS5421-Q1, TI said designers can remove multiple discrete components, shorten automotive-grade diagnostic design and extend battery back-up power.  
Single-core MCUs aimed at industrial control apps 2014-09-02
The C2000 Delfino 32bit F2837xS microcontrollers from TI help expedite development when scaling from higher performance industrial control applications to mid-tier control designs.  
64bit revenge: ARM returns to server market 2014-09-02
The ARMv8 architecture adopts 64bit processing and extended virtual addressing, and has already gained favour with key enterprise networking chip providers including Cavium and AMD.  
Low-power MCUs claim to reduce BOM, product size 2014-09-01
The 46 ultra-low-power MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers from TI flaunt more memory, features and integration to allow developers to cut power consumption, BOM and product size.  
White-chip scale packages offer up to 80% cost reduction 2014-09-01
Rated for input power up to 3W, the the ReadyMount Enhanced CSP from SemiLEDs is a fully packaged white emitter SMD component, ready for surface mounting on any board level module or COB application  
Wearable sensors deliver bionic foot sensing 2014-09-01
Boogio Bionic Foot Sensors are a set of ultra-thin sensory stickers and tiny computers that turns any shoe into a smart shoe for applications in gaming, diagnostics and hands-free connectivity  
LED light engine pumps 100 lumens per watt 2014-08-29
The device from Seoul Semiconductor features Acrich3 IC technology that, when operated in power compensation mode, can adapt to variations in the line-voltage  
A/D converters dissipate 1.7mW at 1Ms/s 2014-08-29
The A/D converters from Analog Devices come in a 4mm x 4mm LFCSP package and enable industrial and medical equipment designers to improve operating and static power budgets.  
Toshiba MCU boosts motor control apps efficiency 2014-08-28
The low-pin count device is intended for motor control applications in equipment such as MFPs and printers, consumer electronics, digital equipment and factory automation equipment.  
Amp up power handling via carrier-grade WiFi switch 2014-08-28
The UltraCMOS PE42424 SPDT switch from Peregrine is aimed at transmit/receive switching applications for outdoor WiFi access points requiring high power handling and high-temperature performance.  
2.4GHz RF power amp extends range of high data rate WLANs 2014-08-28
Microchip's SST12CP21 claims to deliver high linear output power of up to 23dBm at 1.75 per cent dynamic EVM, with MCS9 HT40 MHz bandwidth modulation at 5V and 320 mA current consumption  
TI MCUs offer four 16bit ADCs for precision feedback 2014-08-28
The C2000 Delfino 32bit F2837xS MCUs from TI offer four 16bit ADCs, enabling precision feedback in power control applications and expedites industrial real-time control design.  
Knovel speeds up solving, sharing engineering equations 2014-08-27
Knovel Interactive Equations claims to be a powerful productivity tool for engineers, offering a convenient and unique workspace and calculator.  
Serial port modules offer optional opto-isolation 2014-08-26
The EMM-8EL-XT from Diamond Systems is a family of high performance PCIe/104 OneBankT serial I/O modules offering four or eight serial ports with software-controlled configuration  
Matlab software expands Keysight oscilloscope features 2014-08-25
Keysight Technologies revealed that the frequency domain analysis option for some of its oscilloscopes allows users to extend the device's analysis capabilities  
Linear regulator transistors target 48V devices 2014-08-25
Diodes released space-saving package options for its ZXTR2000 series of high-voltage linear regulator transistors aimed at 48V circuits in networking, telecom and power-over-Ethernet equipment  
Control software enables monitoring of heat trace circuits 2014-08-25
Chromalox debuted its intelliTRACE Supervisory Control offered as PC software or as an industrial touchscreen HMI that allows users to remotely take advantage of several system-wide capabilities  
Memsic rolls out monolithic 3-axis accelerometer 2014-08-21
The MXC400xXC makes use of Memsic's patented thermal convection, heated gas method to detect acceleration and inclination, and the first to use wafer-level packaging  
IO-Link reference designs improve proximity sensing 2014-08-20
Maxim's subsystem reference designs promise very accurate, low-power optical proximity sensing (MAXREFDES27#) and enhance distributed control with a compact digital-input hub (MAXREFDES36#).  
Toshiba integrates two ARM core units in smart meter MCU 2014-08-20
Aside from the cores, the MCU implements tamper detection, failure detection and key security functions, enabling independent control of the measurement and communication units on one chip  
Altera rolls out 20nm design tools 2014-08-19
The Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0 software delivers the fastest compile times and enables the highest performance for 20nm FPGA and SoC designs in the industry.  
Monolithic 3D accelerometer boasts WLP tech 2014-08-19
The MXC400xXC three-axis accelerometer boasts a technology breakthrough in combining the 3D IC sensor with full WLP that translates directly to a 60 per cent cost and 50 per cent size reduction  
Vishay rectifiers target car, telecom apps 2014-08-18
The Ultrafast recovery rectifiers come in compact low-profile SMF package, and combine extremely fast and soft recovery characteristics with low leakage current and low forward voltage drop.  

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