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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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Synopsys extends development platforms for ARC-based SoCs 2014-02-27
The software development platforms include support for Synopsys' different systems including HAPS prototyping and MetaWare development toolkit.  
MEMS pressure sensor drives location-based innovation 2014-02-27
The pressure sensor from ST features enhanced temperature compensation that allows apps to perform consistently in changing environments.  
SK introduces lifestyle tracking smartphone apps 2014-02-27
Personal smartphone apps Context Platform and Life Log operate using a smartphone's camera, sensors, GPS and Wi-Fi.  
Silicon Labs gives its Zigbee chips memory boost 2014-02-26
The expanded memory enables developers to utilise a single Zigbee SoC for all of their multi-processor designs  
Action-Imagination collaboration boosts tablet graphics 2014-02-26
Actions is leveraging Imagination's PowerVR technology to provide multimedia processing solutions for OWL chipsets, covering an entire range of tablets  
MCU-class processors showcase hardware virtualisation 2014-02-26
The integration of hardware virtualisation aims to provide security and reliability to entry-level smart embedded applications  
Broadcom equips fitness wearable with GNSS sensor 2014-02-25
The GNSS SoC from Broadcom is implemented in the 40nm process and includes a sensor hub that enables location intelligence and extended battery life.  
POF-based sensor measures strain 2014-02-25
In a "meander path," POF loops transmit a strain signal upon an exertion of pressure, which is then compared to a reference signal that is necessary to measure the strain  
MediaTek bolsters midrange smartphones with 64bit LTE chip 2014-02-25
Targeting the midrange market, MediaTek's ARM-based 64bit LTE processor packs multimedia, multi-mode modem and connectivity solutions at mainstream prices.  
Goniometer system simulates light distribution 2014-02-25
At the upcoming Light + Building fair, Radiant Zemax will demonstrate a line-up of testing solutions that address the requirements for manufacturing light  
1Mbit FRAM supports frequent data rewriting 2014-02-24
The 1Mbit memory from Fujitsu features non-volatility, random access support, and I2C interface.  
HMD projects images that augment real world 2014-02-24
The AR processor in the HMD works just like human vision. Implemented in the 65nm process, it duplicates the ability of human brain to process visual data  
Cadence preps Tensilica for "always on" applications 2014-02-21
Cadence will run the FreeMotion Library on the Tensilica, offloading the functions from the processor and extending battery life.  
Millimetre wave modem IP supports 60GHz-80GHz 2014-02-20
Using a common platform, the 1.6Gbit/s wave modem IP from Xilinx addresses low power small cell backhaul and high throughput wireless fronthaul applications.  
GNSS module tracks multiple constellations at once 2014-02-20
The multi-constellation module from Telit Wireless s Solutions has a low power processing core, delivering current optimised multi-constellation tracking.  
Altera optimises microwave backhaul at 5Gbit/s throughput 2014-02-20
The microwave backhaul modem IP from Escape is optimised for use on Altera Cyclone V, Arria V, and Arria V to meet the increasing bandwidth demands of 4G networks  
Red laser diode at 100mW outdoes He-Ne gas laser 2014-02-19
The Oclaro laser diode from The Optoelectronics Company delivers a 633nm beam and consumes power as low as 0.4W, designed as an alternative to He-Ne gas lasers.  
SDK adds Bluetooth Smart support for Arduino platform 2014-02-19
The Bluetooth Smart software development kit from Nordic for Arduino-based projects can be accessed as a GitHub repository.  
Carbon, FePt enhance device storage performance 2014-02-19
An A*STAR research examines the properties of iron–platinum (FePt) nanocrystals for use in ultra high-density magnetic recording media  
u-blox antenna module prompts quick GPS/QZSS solution 2014-02-19
The GPS/QZSS antenna module from u-blox integrates dual SAW filters, and targets security device applications.  
DSP audio tunnelling extends Android device battery life 2014-02-19
The DSP audio tunnelling in Android 4.4 is available with Nexus 5 phones in the DSP block, cutting audio processing power by up to 14X.  
Capacitive touch switches resist wear 2014-02-18
Noritake's touch switch features a flat glass surface with a metallic finish, and low impedance.  
Ultrasonic water metering chip consumes less power 2014-02-18
The chip includes 4-wire temperature connection that processes heat meter functions.  
Linear supercapacitor minimises charging time 2014-02-18
Programmed using a single resistor, the charger's input current is controlled over a range of 0.5A to 3A  
Althen sensors measure contactless torque 2014-02-18
The contactless technology is based on piezoelectric ceramic comb structures mounted on the transmitter's shaft, and transmits signals via a radio signal coupling.  
GAn-on-SiC based HEMT pushes power at 150W 2014-02-17
Using wafer fabrication processes, the HEMTs provide gain, efficiency, bandwidth and ruggedness over several bandwidth ranges.  
Altium adds support for Rosenberger connectors 2014-02-17
Altium expands support for its range of PCB component libraries, which now covers Rosenberger connectors  
Smart TV SoC supports 4K content 2014-02-17
Realtek teamed up with UMC and Synopsys to design a smart TV SoC in the 40nm process that addresses the issue of large pixels found in super-sized displays  
LTE protocol stack reduces third party requirements 2014-02-13
ALPS-Lite is NextG-Com's answer to alleviate the high cost and high footprint requirements of the standard LTE device, according to CEO Denis Bidinost  
EVG outs high-volume-mfg photoresist processing system 2014-02-13
The EVG150XT is optimized for ultra-high throughput and productivity and is aimed at logic and memory high-volume manufacturing.  

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