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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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WiFi chipset enables multi-device control 2014-09-17
The PCIe-integrated CL2340 from Celeno Communications covers the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and both 802.11n and 802.11ac, including 2x2, 3x3 chips as well as 4x4 dual band 11ac chips.  
Switch chip delivers more throughput at 3.2Tbit/s 2014-09-17
A new breed of switches ulitises novel architecture in order to deliver more than twice of the current high-end switch's throughput as well as provide more programmability for the growing datacentres  
100GbE gearbox PHYs aimed at enterprise, data centres 2014-09-17
The 28nm Broadcom BCM82792 PHY claims to be the first device to offer dual 100Gb/s ports on a single gearbox chip and doubles the density of existing solutions while reducing power usage by up to 30 per cent  
Toshiba rolls out 20Mpx CMOS image sensor for smartphones 2014-09-16
The T4KA7 employs high-speed circuit technology that delivers a frame rate of 22fps at full-resolution image capture  
Sequans, USI team up to offer LTE modules for M2M, IoT apps 2014-09-16
The LTE module is powered by Sequans' latest LTE chipset, Colibri, which is optimised for the design of devices for the Internet of Things  
Power management IC features 4MHz switching frequencies 2014-09-16
The chip from AMS also integrates DC-DC buck and boost converters, step-down controller and LDOs—power management building blocks required to power Li-ion battery-operated handheld devices.  
Sigma Designs unveils 4K HEVC STB chip 2014-09-15
The SMP8758 is designed for OEMs, STB manufacturers and service providers who want to efficiently deliver advanced UltraHD (4K) video services with a feature-rich yet cost-effective platform.  
Vision sensor kit offers high-speed part inspection, QA 2014-09-15
The Inspector I20 kit from RS Components is able to check parts in any orientation or position and reliably determine in real-time if objects pass or fail  
7.4um pixel image sensor targets industrial imaging apps 2014-09-15
The 8.6MP, APS-H optical format KAI-08670 image sensor from ON Semi is geared for industrial inspection, intelligent traffic and surveillance markets.  
RF antenna switch for smartphones offers LTE-A support 2014-09-12
With TI's TaRF6 process, MOSFETs customised for RF switch applications have been developed and used in the SP12T RF antenna switch IC, leading to a performance of 0.42dB in insertion loss  
Synopsys modelling tool automates photonic IC designs 2014-09-11
The OptSim Circuit provides options for design setup, data visualisation, plotting and project resource management, accelerating the design of advanced optical telecommunication systems  
Hybrid satellite/terrestrial SoC broadcast devices for STBs 2014-09-11
Broadcom's family of devices also combines HEVC with the advanced modulation efficiencies of DVB-S2, DVB-T2, ISDB-T and ATSC, and high-performance IP connectivity with MoCA 2.0  
LTE, carrier aggregation to benefit smartphones, tablets 2014-09-11
Qualcomm Technologies released a line-up of products and technologies aimed to drive high-performance computing and connectivity to entry-level and mainstream smartphones and tablets  
Network analyser supports uni/bidirectional measurements 2014-09-11
The R&S ZND allows users in RF component production to maintain high throughput while carrying out S parameter measurements on antennas and filters.  
Touchscreen MCU with face detection: No more dropped calls 2014-09-10
The Cypress TMA445A face detection feature prevents unintended touches from accidentally hanging up a call.  
Photorelays offered in industry's smallest package 2014-09-10
Toshiba revealed that the TLP3417, TLP3420, TLP3440 and TLP3475 are aimed at system solutions that include semiconductor testers, measurement equipment, probe cards and medical equipment.  
Inertial-sensor chipset reduces power consumption 2014-09-10
The LSM6DS3 chipset will improve the development of battery-powered smart sensor systems to be embedded in mobile and wearable devices and innovative objects for the IoT  
SerDes tech uses NRZ signalling to reach up to 57.5Gb/s 2014-09-10
Credo aims to make the SerDes available as both IP and fully manufactured ASIC devices that can be used on line cards, in optical modules, in active copper cables, and next-gen compute ASICs.  
Frequency and timing reference module aimed at small cells 2014-09-10
The LTE-Lite from Jackson Labs provides GNSS time and frequency synchronisation for cost-sensitive network equipment such as LTE 4G applications and small cell products from micro cells to femto cells.  
Samsung unveils phablet with wraparound screen 2014-09-08
The Galaxy Note Edge, which is a phone with an AMOLED screen that curves around the phone on its right hand side, can display notifications, icons and news scrolling similar to a 'ticker'.  
IPI outs single phase 50/60Hz step/control transformers 2014-09-08
The devices feature a flexible, scalable design that supports a range of cost-effective applications requiring superior electrical performance, high reliability, long-life and a low lifecycle cost  
Toshiba rolls out low-profile photocouplers 2014-09-08
The TLP5751, TLP5752, and TLP5754 are comprised of a GaAlAs infrared LED and integrated high-gain, high-speed photodetector, and feature an under-voltage lockout function  
DDR memory IP boasts innovative adaptive tech 2014-09-05
Uniquify's DDR memory subsystem IP targets broadband, cellular communications, DSL, HDTV, image processing, networking, test and measurement, video equipment markets  
WLAN-Bluetooth filter prevents signal interference 2014-09-05
The B8831 is able to prevent signals in the adjacent WLAN/Bluetooth and highband cellular bands from interfering with each other due to its excellent insertion loss and high out-of-band selectivity  
Bluetooth haptic dev't kit comes with a free app 2014-09-05
TI's Haptic Bluetooth Kit lets designers create haptic sequences and LED patterns for tactile feedback, notifications and alerts from a pre-licensed library of more than a hundred distinct haptic effects  
Imagination unveils MIPS I-class IP cores 2014-09-05
The I6400 can be implemented across a very wide range of performance, power, and area operating points and achieves high frequencies in aggressive implementations  
Sensor hub cuts power usage in smartphones, wearables 2014-09-05
The ArcticLink 3 S2 from QuickLogic features the second-generation flexible fusion engine that claims to be four times faster than previous generation, allowing it to process more algorithms faster.  
Allwinner bares octa-core processor for tablets 2014-09-05
Based on TSMC's industry-leading 28nm HPC process, the A83T is designed to be a high performance but extremely power-efficient octa-core processor.  
5G chipset touts 2x Wi-Fi performance 2014-09-04
The BCM4358 delivers unparalleled throughput, Bluetooth co-existence performance, and indoor location accuracy, enabling OEMs to design smartphones and tablets with twice the Wi-Fi performance.  
Image sensor shrinks camera size for tablets, smartphones 2014-09-04
Toshiba's T4KA7 can capture 20MP images at 22fps, 1.8 times faster than that of Toshiba's T4K46 20MP image sensor, which has a pixel dimension of 1.2um  

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