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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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NFC tag enables smarter consumer, industrial devices 2013-11-19
ST's "dynamic NFC tag" memories enable a range of consumer devices, domestic appliances and industrial equipment to become smarter, more flexible and easier to use  
Crystal oscillators support up to 700MHz frequency 2013-11-19
The devices from Epson feature a frequency tolerance of ±20 x 10-6 and low phase jitter of 270fs, boasting outstanding accuracy, stability and a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +85°C  
Checksum, ECT unveil universal-probe test system 2013-11-18
The Tilt 12KN claims to deliver in-circuit coverage and increased throughput using Tilt fixturing at a low bed-of-nails tooling cost of about $2 per pin  
Acromag expands USB-configured process transmitter line 2013-11-18
The TT230 and TT330 series are isolated signal conditioners that feature high-density mounting on DIN rails, supporting RTD/resistance and potentiometer/thermistor input signals.  
Ultra-short laser deposition tech cuts materials costs 2013-11-18
Picodeon's ColdAb technology is geared for the application of gold and platinum thin films, enabling thinner films and reducing precious metal costs  
Ams offers cost-efficient IC prototyping service 2013-11-15
The prototyping service, known as Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) or shuttle run, claims to deliver significant cost advantages for foundry customers  
Polyester films cut hardcoat iridescence for touch sensors 2013-11-15
DuPont Teijin Films released a series of clear films geared to reduce haze and eliminate the iridescence commonly found with polymer films containing refractive index mismatched coating layers  
Bergquist uncloaks thermally conductive gap filling 2013-11-15
The Gap Pad 1450 features a permanent polyester (PEN) liner that allows reworking and enhances mechanical compliance in low-stress applications.  
Toshiba expands wireless LAN SDHC memory cards 2013-11-15
The 32GB FlashAir cards support wireless sharing and transfers of photos from digital cameras to smartphones and tablets  
ST MCUs promise security in next-gen mobile, consumer apps 2013-11-15
The ST33G1M2 can function either in a mobile phone NFC UICC, which handles mobile payments alongside SIM applications and user-data storage, or as a dedicated embedded secure chip in NFC smartphones  
Microsemi unveils advanced security IP block 2013-11-14
With EnforcIT Security Monitor, SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 devices can be easily configured to interface with hardware security mechanisms built into the silicon of these FPGAs  
Meller Optics extends sapphire portfolio 2013-11-14
The sapphire products from the company is available in any configuration and grade ranging from raw material to finished optics.  
AMD outs sol'ns for heterogeneous computing apps 2013-11-14
The firm released a unified SDK, an improved CodeXL tool suite with added features and support for the latest AMD hardware, and added heterogeneous acceleration in popular OS libraries.  
Starter kit for embedded MPUs targets low cost HMI apps 2013-11-14
With 10MB of on chip SRAM, the RZ/A1 device family aims to meet the requirements of the GUI developer, as it is able to drive screens up to XGA size without the need for external RAM  
TI's SDK aimed at low-power DSP + ARM devices 2013-11-14
The firm's SDK on low-power OMAP processors offers developers reduced development time and scalability to TI's TMS320C6000 high-performance digital signal processors.  
Pentek unveils 2-channel analog RF tuner 2013-11-13
The Model 7120 accepts RF signals over the range of 400MHz to 4GHz geared for communications, radar and signal intelligence systems  
High-reliability connectors boast up to 35% less footprint 2013-11-13
The Harwin Gecko (G125) Series Hi-Rel connectors claim to provide a low-profile dual-row cable-to-board and board-to-board interconnect solution in a miniature package.  
CMOS image sensor for automotive view cameras 2013-11-13
Toshiba's TCM5126GBA integrates a high dynamic range (HDR) function that reproduces high quality images of objects backlit by the sun and vehicle headlights  
MEMS sensor supports six degrees of freedom 2013-11-12
The SMI130 from Bosch is designed for non-safety-critical applications in the automotive industry, including in-dash navigation and telematics systems such as toll, eCall and alarm systems.  
Multilayer varistors tout 0.47 x 0.47mm footprint 2013-11-11
TDK released a series of EPCOS multi-layer varistors of the CeraDiode family that the company said includes the most compact, flattest and most rugged varistor for the ESD protection of mobile devices  
Industrial switch supports major real time Ethernet protocols 2013-11-11
The fido5000 REM switch from Innovasic supports PROFINET, PROFINET IRT (version 2.3), EtherNet/IP, EtherNet/IP with Beacon-based DLR, ModbusTCP, EtherCAT, SERCOS and POWERLINK.  
MEMS motion-sensing tech for noise, power control 2013-11-11
The FlexSet Performance Optimiser from Kionix enables system designers to set and dynamically adjust power and noise values.  
Synopsys reveals DesignWare ARC HS processors 2013-11-08
Geared for next-generation embedded data and signal processing systems, the 32bit ARC HS34 and HS36 processors deliver 1.9DMIPS/MHz at speeds up to 2.2GHz in typical 28nm silicon  
Murata 1.2kW power supply boasts 94% efficiency 2013-11-08
The D1U54P series comprises two models, both providing a 12VDC 1.2kW output and an auxiliary 5VDC 15W output.  
Richardson reveals 1.7kV SiC MOSFET from Cree 2013-11-07
The C2M1000170D is geared for power supplies to 200W operating from DC inputs from 200V to 1kV, and it replaces silicon MOSFETs in auxiliary power supplies.  
Imagination upgrades PowerVR Graphics SDK 2013-11-07
The update brings samples for the OpenGL ES 2.0 extensions showing advanced functionality for PowerVR Series5XT GPUs and OpenGL ES 3.0 samples for 3D textures and real-time reflections and refractions.  
Broadcom system management sol'n targets cloud computing 2013-11-07
The Broadcom BCM5725 device offers a streamlined, power-efficient and robust Ethernet and manageability solution geared for large data centre and cloud environments  
Infineon rolls outs trust authentication chip 2013-11-06
Optiga Trust consists of a chip and software that can be integrated into headphones, cartridges and electronic replacement parts to authenticate them when connected to the end-device  
Test system offers LTE-A carrier aggregation support 2013-11-06
Agilent announced software options for the T4010S LTE RF and T4020S LTE RRM test systems, providing coverage for LTE-Advanced Carrier Aggregation test cases as defined by the 3GPP.  
Hillcrest unveils sensor hubs for Android 4.3 2013-11-05
The SH-1 features the firm's Freespace sensor fusion, gesture recognition and context-aware algorithms that come pre-integrated with Atmel's SAM D20 ARM Cortex M0+ based MCU.  

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