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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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element14 rolls out Raspberry Pi B+ 2014-07-16
Offering a 40-pin extended GPIO, even more sensors, connectors and expansion boards can be added to the board, allowing users to increase the complexity of their Raspberry Pi projects  
Cadence RC extraction tool qualified for 16nm FinFET designs 2014-07-16
The Quantus QRC Extraction Solution promises to speed design signoff and offers faster runtime for single and multi-corner extraction.  
EnVerv rolls combined dual-modem PLC, RF SoC 2014-07-15
The EV8600 combines the company's power line communications technology operating at 10-500KHz and an RF modem operating in the range of 142-1050MHz  
Meet the display of the future: Flexible, transparent OLED 2014-07-14
The 18-inch transparent, flexible OLED panel from LG Display can be rolled up into a cylinder with a radius of 3cm, and boasts 30 per cent transmittance  
8Gb DDR3 components double memory per chip 2014-07-11
I'M has developed its own way to manufacture 8Gb DDR3 components with single chip-select utilising existing 30nm manufacturing technologies.  
Microsemi FPGA kit speeds up prototyping 2014-07-11
SmartFusion2 Evaluation Kit allows for simplified development of transceiver I/O-based FPGA designs necessary in today's PCI Express (PCIe) and Gigabit Ethernet-based systems  
Android open source project port targets ARMv8 architecture 2014-07-11
The Linaro ARMv8-A reference software stack combined with the ARM Development Platform (ADP) provides the ARM ecosystem with a foundation to accelerate 64bit Android availability on silicon.  
Converters get boost from power transistors 2014-07-10
Power transistors from EPC provide lower on-resistance, lower capacitance, higher current, and superior thermal performance, allowing power converters to perform with greater efficiency.  
GRID test platform reaches APAC shores 2014-07-10
The Test Drive allows anyone considering VDI to easily test GRID for free and experience the difference of having powerful graphics behind their remote desktops and applications  
Emulator runs pre-silicon verification of memory SoCs 2014-07-10
The Veloce2 from Mentor Graphics is enables verification engineers to develop and stress test software and hardware on SoCs using HMC, LPDDR4, and eMMC 5.0.  
Probe series touts 1THz high-accuracy measurement 2014-07-09
The T-Wave probe series includes millimetre and sub-millimetre wavelength on-wafer ground-signal-ground probes and components for electrical measurement with frequencies up to 1.1THz.  
18-channel data logging system supports up to 100MHz 2014-07-09
The DAS1600 offers provision for determining voltage, strain, pressure, temperature and other parameters through utilisation of the series of accompanying measurement boards available  
element14 announces latest power devices from KEMET 2014-07-09
Some of the devices included in the release are the Tantalum T545 and T521 series devices, MPL series of power inductors with high inductance and ESD-R series of EMI cores  
IR augments 60V MOSFETs line for industrial apps 2014-07-09
The MOSFETs, which feature ultra-low on-state resistance, are aimed at power tools, LEV inverters, DC motor drives, Li-ion battery pack protection, and SMPS secondary-side synchronous rectification.  
Intuitive dev't kit targets motion control apps 2014-07-09
The TMCM-1043-KIT development system is aimed at Trinamic's highly integrated, NEMA 17-compatible TMCM-1043 stepDancer stepper motor module.  
IDT, eSilicon to give RapidIO switches 40Gbit/s boost 2014-07-09
The RapidIO 10xN switches will offer an optimal combination of high bandwidth, low 100ns latency, and scalability to greater than 4 billion nodes in a network in advanced base station platforms  
Software bypasses touch control prototyping 2014-07-08
The tool has an intuitive GUI that allows creation of a code, which can either be uploaded directly to the Arduino platform, or used to quickly create device drivers for an independent host processor  
60V MOSFET come in multiple packaging options 2014-07-08
The options include through-hole and surface mount—low profile, ultra-compact packages that deliver high current density while reducing overall system size and cost.  
Deposition, etch equipment revs up 3D NAND ramp-up 2014-07-08
The equipment from Lam Research addresses the need for three of the most critical steps in forming 3D NAND memory cells: stack deposition, vertical channel etching, and tungsten wordline deposition  
Microchip MCUs offered in larger flash, RAM 2014-07-07
The PIC32MX1/2 MCUs are intended for designs in digital audio with Bluetooth, USB audio, graphics, touch sensing and general-purpose embedded control.  
MEMS mic gives 64.3dB SNR within 235µA 2014-07-07
The device from Knowles uses three times less power than other digital MEMS microphones. It measures 20 per cent smaller, 3.5mm by 2.65mm by 0.98mm, and has the highest SNR of any low-power mic  
DC-DC converter runs 9V to -36V input operating range 2014-07-07
The outputs are fully isolated from the input, allowing versatile polarity configurations and grounding connections. It incorporates an architecture that halves power loss.  
Artesyn intros 85W, 1/16th brick DC-DC converters 2014-07-07
The AVD85 claims to deliver excellent thermal performance, high power density of 72.5W/in2 and boasts peak efficiency of 92 per cent  
Test platform supports high voltage, high-current devices 2014-07-04
Advantest released its PVI8 floating power source that extends the capabilities of its V93000 test platform for high-voltage and high-current testing of embedded power devices  
Accelerator boards buff TCP, UDP connection speeds 2014-07-03
The boards have 16,000 concurrent connections, and ported to Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGAs  
Amplifier features linear reverse path variable gain 2014-07-03
The two-stage differential amplifier from MACOM delivers 36dB MER performance loaded with 39 channels at 52dBmV per channel, designed for DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 reverse path infrastructure equipment.  
Vector CDM Studio allows ECU calibration data editing 2014-07-02
Vector's latest CDM Studio supports all commonly used data formats such as ASAM CDF 2.0, DCM, Intel Hex, Motorola-S, PAR and PaCo  
X-REL augments high-temperature MOSFET transistors line 2014-07-02
X-REL rolls out mid-power P-channel and two small-signal P- and N-channel transistors intended for high-reliability and extreme temperature applications.  
DecaWave module enables precise indoor location, comms 2014-07-01
The DWM1000, based on DecaWave's DW1000 CMOS chip, claims to make indoor location and communications more accurate, cost-effective and power-efficient  
ARM-based processors support industrial connectivity 2014-07-01
The Sitara AM437x processor family from TI offers support for industrial protocols for both automation and industrial drives, and features dual camera for data terminals with bar code scanning  

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