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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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Toshiba integrates two ARM core units in smart meter MCU 2014-08-20
Aside from the cores, the MCU implements tamper detection, failure detection and key security functions, enabling independent control of the measurement and communication units on one chip  
Altera rolls out 20nm design tools 2014-08-19
The Quartus II software Arria 10 edition v14.0 software delivers the fastest compile times and enables the highest performance for 20nm FPGA and SoC designs in the industry.  
Monolithic 3D accelerometer boasts WLP tech 2014-08-19
The MXC400xXC three-axis accelerometer boasts a technology breakthrough in combining the 3D IC sensor with full WLP that translates directly to a 60 per cent cost and 50 per cent size reduction  
Vishay rectifiers target car, telecom apps 2014-08-18
The Ultrafast recovery rectifiers come in compact low-profile SMF package, and combine extremely fast and soft recovery characteristics with low leakage current and low forward voltage drop.  
DC-DC converters support 50-600W operation 2014-08-18
The VHK and VFK DIN families from CUI are high efficiency isolated DC-DC converters packaged in a rugged aluminum case that feature an ultra-wide 4:1 input.  
Molex rolls microminiature board-to-board connectors 2014-08-18
The SlimStack SSB6 connectors aim to save space in the compact packaging of smartphones and other portable mobile devices, as well as various surgical, therapeutic and monitoring medical devices  
Expansion board eases multi-touch design for Linux devices 2014-08-18
The Arbor 43C from Gumstix is compatible with Newhaven Display displays, providing a capacitive touchscreen replacement for the resistive touchscreen Chestnut 43 expansion board.  
TI sol'ns ease design for Power over Ethernet apps 2014-08-15
The TPS23861 evaluation board cuts development time and cost when creating PoE-enabled network video recorders, IP phone switches and wireless base stations.  
Speed up design process with latest solidThinking software 2014-08-14
Important features in solidThinking Inspire 2014 include geometry simplification tools, linear static analysis, concentrated mass parts and smoothing options as well as the ability to export solid geometry.  
Rohde & Schwarz software can analyse DOCSIS 3.1 signals 2014-08-14
The R&S DSA software, together with the R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyser, is intended for cable TV network operators and manufacturers of cable TV network components  
Positioning module combines GPS, GLONASS receiver techs 2014-08-14
The module touts unprecedented accuracy with quad-constellation support, acquiring and tracking all visible GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, and SBAS satellites.  
Dual unipolar motor driver IC aimed at stepping motors 2014-08-13
The TB67S158 from Toshiba incorporates 8ch-MOSFET outputs to control dual unipolar motors simultaneously and integrates a monolithic structure by adopting the latest analogue high-voltage process.  
Vishay rolls out RTD simulator with built-in climate control 2014-08-13
Designed to simulate resistance temperature detector PT-100 and PT-1000 outputs for the calibration of RTD instruments, the device features a low nominal TCR of ±1 ppm/°C  
Signal generation tools take on Wi-SUN and LTE/LTE-Advanced 2014-08-13
These tools further ease the signal generation requirements for R&D and manufacturing engineers developing or testing the conformance of devices to the Wi-SUN and LTE/LTE-A standards  
Diodes rolls out adjustable LDO regulator 2014-08-12
The TO252 packaged adjustable LDO regulator offers designers a high degree of stability under extreme conditions of change in either input voltage or load  
Smart load switch supports 5-16V operating input voltage 2014-08-12
The AOZ1363 from AOS is a high current smart load switch with rapid turn-off fault protection and current monitoring, and supports up to 6A of continuous current  
25V dual-power MOSFET trims power losses by 5 per cent 2014-08-12
The IRFHE4250D is housed in a 6x6 PQFN package, which boasts excellent thermal performance, low on-state resistance and gate charge.  
Fairview delivers 18GHz RF attenuators 2014-08-11
There are 236 new part numbers in this release. Attenuation options include 3dB, 6dB, 10dB, 20dB, 30dB, 40dB, 50dB, and 60dB models for most connector styles.  
Bluetooth kit geared for consumer, medical, industrial apps 2014-08-11
The PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit from Microchip features a PIC32 MCU, HCI-based Bluetooth radio, Cree high-output multi-colour LED, three standard single-colour LEDs and an analogue 3-axis accelerometer.  
Protection switch aimed at portable, adapter-powered devices 2014-08-11
TI's TPS25940 and TPS25942 ICs include back-to-back FETs to provide bidirectional current control, while reducing system size by 50 per cent compared to discrete solutions.  
System-on-Module takes on industrial IoT apps 2014-08-08
The PremierWave SE1000 SOM provides Ethernet networking connectivity to any device and comes preloaded with full embedded Linux, making it easy to add custom software and applications.  
Server card touts 2.53TFLOPS compute performance 2014-08-07
The AMD FirePro S9150 server card is supported by a powerful software ecosystem, enabling developers to better harness its compute performance.  
NVMe SSD controller packs fully Flash-optimised architecture 2014-08-06
The 88SS1093 NVMe SSD controller integrates Marvell's third generation NANDEdge error-correcting, low-density parity check technology for higher reliability, and endurance boost.  
Flash-backed DRAM rides PCIe 3.0 bus 2014-08-06
The Flashtec card from PCM claims to offer better performance than flash-based SSD without its endurance issues, delivering 10 million IOPS when used as additional system memory.  
Altera unveils design software for Stratix 10 FPGAs, SoCs 2014-08-05
Altera introduces the Hyper-Aware design flow with this design software, including the Fast Forward Compilation capability that allows customers to perform rapid design performance exploration.  
Combo module integrates SSD, DRAM in single device 2014-08-05
The Combo SDIMM from Apacer is available in two SSD options, including M.2 NGFF and CFast memory card, both supporting SATA 3.0 (6Gb/s) interface.  
DC/DC converter features 2kVAC isolation rating 2014-08-04
The µmodule converter from Linear Tech also offers 4.3mm minimum creepage distance on the package exterior to support operation at a working voltage up to 400VRMS in a pollution degree 2 environment.  
TI delivers triple-output synchronous buck converters 2014-08-04
TPS65261 and TPS65262 feature 4.5V to 18V input supply voltage range for intermediate bus voltages operating off 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V power buses or batteries  
GigOptix delivers dual-mode GNSS RF receivers 2014-08-01
The EXG0201 marks the introduction of GNSS RF receivers by GigOptix. It is a low-power consumption, highly linear RF GNSS receiver in a small Quad Flat No-Lead package  
Timing IC integrates clock generators, jitter attenuators 2014-07-31
The chips provide an I2C-configurable platform featuring a combination of frequency translation capabilities and <100fs RMS jitter performance, significantly reducing BOM cost and design complexity  

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