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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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Transceiver enables 3-year battery life for wireless HIDs 2014-05-16
The WirelessUSB NX transceiver from Cypress claims to offer robust performance along with ultra-low power consumption for devices such as wireless mice, keyboards, trackpads and remote controls.  
Planar platform boosts throughput power for SMT transformers 2014-05-16
Pulse Electronics released a planar platform that claims to increase throughput power for its planar SMT transformers by 50 per cent over transformers of comparable size to deliver up to 800W  
Cobalt-sheated lines prevent electromigration in the 10nm 2014-05-14
Applied Materials' platform encapsulates copper features in cobalt—an element that adheres well to both the TaN barrier and copper—to prevent voids and electromigration.  
Power tester detects thermally-induced failures in real time 2014-05-13
The industrial power tester from Mentor Graphics can power modules through tens of thousands—potentially millions—of cycles while providing "real-time" failure-in-progress data for diagnostics  
ST upgrades 8bit MCUs with 20MIPS processing 2014-05-13
Based on the company's 24MHz STM8A 8bit processor core, the STM8AF6223 and STM8AF6226 feature a mix of connectivity, timing, and analogue functions for space-constrained modules in automotive applications  
Haswell-based motherboard features dual Gb LAN card 2014-05-13
The BIOSTAR motherboard doubles the bandwidth, allowing 1G network to become that of 2G, and also enables simultaneous transmission  
Sensor integrates proximity, illuminance in tiny package 2014-05-09
The surface mounted sensor uses two photoreceptors to measure the distance to an object based on the amount of returned light, and to detect the amount of ambient brightness  
FTDI incorporates EVE into display dev't platform 2014-05-09
The VM800P 'Plus' integrates an EVE graphic controller chip to create HMI solutions with display, audio, and touch functionalities. It can be programmed via the Arduino IDE.  
PWM controller integrates programmable volt-second clamp 2014-05-09
The volt-second clamp enables primary switch duty cycles above 50 per cent for high switch, transformer, and rectifier utilisation.  
DTS-HD decoder minimises processor bandwidth requirements 2014-05-09
The audio decoder from Synopsys features sampling frequencies of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz, as well as an ability to decode multiple audio streams for use on single and dual-core ARC audio processors  
Converter features simultaneous voltage, current outputs 2014-05-08
TI's DAC8760 can be programmed as a current output or as a voltage output. It is a fully integrated 16bit DACs designed to meet the requirements of process-control applications  
DC-DC converters boast 94% efficiency in half, full-brick 2014-05-08
The converters from Artesyn include a series that maximises space and cost savings, and another that supports large base station cell sites with up to 800W power levels.  
Sensor captures 5Mpx images on both sides of smartphones 2014-05-07
OmniVision's 1.12µ image sensor captures full resolution images and quad HD video at 30fps, and cropped 1080p HD or 720p HD at 60fps, and fits into a compact 6x6x3.5mm camera module  
Linear voltage regulator minimises PCB area, component count 2014-05-06
The regulators from Diodes Incorporated come in TO252-4 and PowerDI5060-8 TYPE B packages, and provide fixed 5V ±2% output and 50mA drive capability.  
Power module delivers a total of 60A current via split blades 2014-05-06
Molex's power module's split blades shorten the distance between the energized power contacts, delivering faster response times, lower overall impedance, and greater capacitance benefits.  
VadaTech kits out MCH with 40GbE option, advanced clocking 2014-05-05
The MCH boasts up to four times boost in performance and enables highly flexible master/slave clock and time synchronisation to multiple clocking standards, leading to precision timing, aligned frequency/phase of the signals, and risk elimination involving packet loss due to buffer overflow  
Surge protection provides 12V lines with up to 100A immunity 2014-05-05
The low-capacitance ESD protection from Semtech is a two-line device with a very low clamping voltage and a line-to-line capacitance of less than 12pF, dedicated to RS-485 interfaces and other 12V lines in industrial applications  
Silego powers up mixed-signal matrix in smaller footprint 2014-05-02
The additional device under the GPAK3 family integrates the function of two ACMPs, four LUTs, six combination function macrocells, and a number of other counter/delay/flip-flop macrocells in a tiny 1.6mmx1.6mmx0.55mm, 8-GPIO STQFN package  
Agilent crams features into portable oscilloscopes 2014-04-30
The Infiniium S?Series provides 10bit ADC signal integrity for bandwidths up to 8GHz, while the InfiniiVision 6000 X-Series has bandwidths up to 6GHz featuring 6-in-1 integration and multi-language voice control.  
R&S tanks up network analyser with 24 test ports 2014-04-30
The R&S ZNBT allows characterisation with multiple test ports in the 9kHz to 8.5GHz frequency range. It can determine all 576 S-parameters of a 24-port DUT, and carry out multi-port measurements faster than switch matrix-based multi-port systems  
8bit MCU cranks up digital-analogue controllers 2014-04-30
Microchip MCP19114 and MCP19115 provide the power conversion performance typical of an analogue-based controller, with the flexibility approaching a fully-digital power conversion solution  
Cypress outfits entry-level SoCs with scalable architecture 2014-04-30
The PSoC 4000 devices facilitates effortless upgrades of legacy 8bit and 16bit MCUs with value added features including a capacitive sensing technology, programmable digital and analogue peripherals, and reduced footprint (QFN package  
Touchscreen MCUs support mutual-capacitance sensing 2014-04-29
Targeting devices with screen sizes in the 7"-8" range, Atmel's touchscreen controllers also support self-capacitance sensing, enabling designers to achieve optimal power consumption and noise immunity while supporting bare finger and gloved operation.  
Humidity sensors boast tiny mounting area of 2mmx2mm 2014-04-29
Alps Electric's HSHCAL humidity and pressure sensors employ proprietary sensing film for the sensor part. In addition, an original sensor configuration enables temperature compensation within the sensor device.  
2W DC-DC converter powers high/low side gate drives 2014-04-25
The converters from Murata Power Solutions use IGBTs and MOSFETs, with an isolation test voltage of 5.2kVDC. They can operate at up to 100°C, matching industrial-grade temperature ratings in high power AC/DC conversion, motor drives and solar power inverters  
Comprehensive LPDDR4 sol'n yields low-power mobile SoCs 2014-04-24
The solution from Synopsys supports data rates up to 3200Mbit/s and features backward compatibility with LPDDR3 and DDR3/4 SDRAMs. It includes PoP and memory-on-PCB supports to reduce PCB area in smartphones and expand bandwidth capacity for larger devices  
Shuntless BMS measures current to ±1% accuracy 2014-04-23
The current-sensing design from ams achieves linear current measurement up to 100A by monitoring voltage drop across a PCB's copper track. It eliminates the requirement for the precision shunt resistor, yielding BoM cost savings.  
4Kbit I2C EEPROM for DDR4 features backward compatibility 2014-04-23
The EEPROM from Microchip supports DDR4 SDRAM modules with up to 16B of data writing capability. It also features JEDEC Serial Presence Detect compliance and reversible software write protection  
20bit SAR ADC delivers 1.6MS/s throughput at 9mW 2014-04-23
The successive approximation register analogue-to-digital converter from Maxim Integrated features internal reference buffers, saving up to 50 per cent space and providing a wider dynamic range with no trade-off in precision, speed, or power  
ATCA software suite accelerates design time by up to 40% 2014-04-23
The System Services Framework (SSF) is a centralised management suite that allows users to configure and monitor software and hardware components across a single shelf or multiple ATCA shelves  

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