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7555 or TS555CN CMos Timer IC data sheet of 7555 cmops timer ic

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TI's op amp boasts high precision aimed at industrial apps 2014-01-27
The OPA192 achieves stable offset voltage drift over the full specified temperature range, which eliminates the need for system level calibration.  
Buck-boost converter supports up to 1.5A output current 2014-01-27
Linear Tech's LTC3111 claims to offer 95 percent efficiency and delivers a continuous, jitter-free transition between buck and boost modes, making it ideal for RF and noise-sensitive applications.  
Software from Zeta Instruments offers 3D imaging, analysis 2014-01-27
The ZMorf Surface Imaging and Metrology software supports 3D imaging of surface topography combined with colour image overlays to speed up the identification of surface features and anomalies  
Trinamic unveils driver stage for NEMA 17 stepper motors 2014-01-24
Trinamic Motion Control's TMCM-1043 energy and cost-efficient embedded driver stage is custom designed for direct mounting on NEMA17 stepper motors.

Trinamic Motion Control has released its TMCM-1043 energy and cost-efficient embedded driver stage that is custom designed for direct mounting on NEMA17 stepper motors. The board is pre-programmed and pre-configured with all operating parameters to support standard 1.1A (rms) motors. It is designed for fast design-in and off-the-shelf use without the need for additional programming.

Agilent M8000 allows validation of physical layer designs 2014-01-24
The M8000 bit error ratio test solution from Agilent Technologies allows developers and system integrators of multi-gigabit network equipment to characterise and validate physical layer designs and to conduct compliance testing in this area  
TI wireless charging controller touts foreign object detection 2014-01-24
TI's bq500412 controller, a wireless power transfer circuit with foreign object detection, allows designers to bring to market 3-coil, 5-V, and 12-V A6 charging stations compliant with the Wireless Power Consortium 1.1 specification.  
Module integrates ARM-based SBC, touch-screen display 2014-01-23
Premier Farnell has launched the EDM6070AR-01 fully-integrated embedded display module (EDM) that integrates an ARM-based single board computer (SBC) with a 7" LCD and touch-screen assembly.  
Aitech augments GbE rugged switch product roster 2014-01-23
Aitech Defense Systems has expanded its Ethernet switch line with managed Gigabit Ethernet switches in 6U VPX (C670), 3U VPX (C680), and XMC (M620) formats.  
Rigol M300 combines DMM, gauge head selector switch 2014-01-23
The M300 from Rigol Technologies combines a digital multi-meter with a gauge head selector switch. The company says the device addresses the needs of system integrators  
Sol'n enhances battery performance in PSoC apps 2014-01-22
The Smart Carbon additive from Trojan Battery provides improved performance when the batteries operate in Partial State of Charge, pushing overall battery life in off-grid and unstable grid applications  
Pentek unveils Flexor line of FMC carriers, modules 2014-01-22
Pentek has released the first members of its Flexor line of FMC carriers and FMC modules: the Model 5973 3U VPX FMC carrier with a Virtex-7 FPGA and the Model 3312 multi-channel, high speed data converter FMC  
NXP releases LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers 2014-01-22
The LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors builds on the company's LPC11Uxx portfolio with a range of enhanced features, including a more energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, more flash and SRAM, more serial communications, a new 2-Msps ADC, and more versatile timers  
Dual gate logic devices extend mobile device battery life 2014-01-21
Geared for low voltage, low energy operation, the miniature 74AUP2G family targets a variety of hand-held consumer electronics, including cell phones, e-book readers and tablets  
Atmel, PDI develop EPD Xplained Pro e-Paper shield 2014-01-21
Atmel and Pervasive Displays have developed an e-Paper shield called EPD Xplained Pro dedicated to Atmel MCU Xplained Pro kits.  
DC/DC converters aimed at high temperature, high shock apps 2014-01-21
IR's HTH27022S and HTM27092S isolated hybrid hermetic DC/DC converters target high temperature and high shock environments such as oil drilling applications and mud turbine generators.  
FlexWave AIP designed for BTS-to-DAS interface 2014-01-17
TE Connectivity's FlexWave active integration panel is designed to provide multi-carrier, multi-protocol connectivity between mobile operator base stations and distributed antenna systems.  
35A POL solutions designed for servers, storage units 2014-01-17
ZMDI and Murata Power Solutions have released a true-digital 35A point-of-load solution that has applications in servers, storage units, and FPGA designs  
ROHM Semiconductor starts production of BU210xx series 2014-01-17
Rohm Semiconductor has started the mass production of its BU210xx series of 4-wire resistive touch panel controller ICs, delivered in various package options, including an 8bit or 32bit CPU, for 2-point gesture detection and a calibration function for enhanced flexibility and reliability  
R&S ramps up bandwidth of FSW spectrum analysers 2014-01-17
The FSW-B500 hardware from Rohde & Schwarz boosts the bandwidth of FSW signal and spectrum analysers to 500MHz, up from its previous limit of 320MHz  
Cloud-based Arrow enVision shortens design cycles 2014-01-15
Arrow enVision from Arrow Electronics is a cloud-based interactive reference design application for engineers. The app allows designing in an online schematic environment to specific requirements.  
Cadence unveils Incisive 13.2 for SoC verification 2014-01-15
The Incisive 13.2 platform from Cadence Design Systems offers features two new engines and additional automation features to speed SoC verification closure.  
Powerstax transformer rectifiers boast up to 500 kVA 2014-01-14
Transformer rectifier units from Powerstax allow an AC input to be converted into a steady DC output, delivering power levels of up to 500 kVA  
Ecrio, GCT to integrate VoLTE into 4G chipsets 2014-01-14
The companies expanded their collaboration to integrate Ecrio FlexIMS based VoLTE on GCT's 4G LTE chipsets.  
RPI demonstrates prototype light measurement system 2014-01-14
The prototype Google Glass-based personal light measurement system is designed to use an Android app to help people understand their circadian rhythms to improve heath, happiness, and productivity.  
Intel, Fuhu uncloak Android tablet made just for kids 2014-01-14
Based on Intel's Bay Trail processor, the DreamTab promises fast performance, powerful graphics capabilities, long battery life, and rich, immersive educational and entertainment experiences.  
Toshiba's 5W chipset boasts fast wireless charging 2014-01-13
The company introduced enhancements to the TB6865FG power transmitter and TC7763WBG receiver chipset that claims to enable faster wireless charging of mobile devices  
Android code, improved architecture push DSP capabilities 2014-01-13
CEVA's TeakLite 4 DSP processor core claims to offer reduced power consumption by 20 percent and code size by 30 percent alongside an Android framework to offload performance from the CPU.  
Alcatel smartphone features octacore chipset 2014-01-13
Alcatel unveiled its Android-based OneTouch Idol X+ smartphone powered by the MediaTek True octacore chipset, a 2GHz SoC design that offers additional support for web browsing with WiFi.  
Memsic debuts SDK aimed at MEMS-watch ref design 2014-01-13
The SDK makes use of the MMC3416xPJ magnetometer that uses less than 50uA and can be always on, and also provides a wireless connection to another mobile device  
Dialight's LED high bay touts 125LPW fixture efficiency 2014-01-13
The Vigilant LED high bay provides up to 26,500 delivered fixture lumens and backed by Dialight's 10-year full-performance warranty  

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