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Vicor CEO shares probable trends in power tech 2014-03-14
Phil Davies, VP of global sales and marketing at Vicor, said that large datacom and data centres eyeing HVDC distribution, and packing power in smaller packages as forthcoming trends in 2014  
MediaTek aims to overtake NFC dominance with Hotknot 2014-03-14
Considered a poor man's NFC, Mediatek's Hotknot is targeted for China's smartphones, which are mostly NFC-free.  
Research groups focus on harnessing WSe2 properties 2014-03-14
MIT, University of Washington and Vienna University of Technology have each conducted a separate research that examines the potential of WSe2 to create innovative optoelectronic devices  
NXP placates workers with over 2.5% wage increase deal 2014-03-14
Trade unions representing hundreds of workers at NXP's wafer fab in Nijmegen previously held a two-hour strike in a protest against stalled wage negotiations  
China LED market enters a productive year 2014-03-13
According to IHS, lighting has been the major driving force for China's LED market growth, expected to surpass 50 per cent share of all applications in 2014  
Consortium releases HMC specification update 2014-03-13
HMCC's update acknowledges existing industry nomenclature by migrating the associated channel model from SR to VSR, while the USR definition also increases performance from 10Gb/s up to 15Gb/s.  
Intel, Mellanox, Vello aim for optical networking standards 2014-03-13
The companies announced their respective standards efforts for optical networking aimed at the rising tide of data at various points through Internet data centres and carrier networks  
STATS ChipPAC unveils novel wafer level manufacturing 2014-03-13
FlexLine claims to provide freedom from wafer diameter constraints while enabling supply chain simplification and cost reductions that are not possible with a conventional manufacturing flow.  
China IC market braces up for a tough year 2014-03-13
A market research company reported a sudden drop in its proprietary leading indicators of China's semiconductor industry, pointing to the country's weak economy  
Intel develops tech to secure data-sharing 2014-03-12
Intel is gradually unveiling its research project codenamed "Reliance Point" that aims to shield sensitive data and enable organizations to collate their databases with ease and confidentiality  
Fujitsu tech eases supply chain management 2014-03-12
The model predictive control technology makes it possible to make successive revisions to plans based on multiple long-term forecasting scenarios and to respond to sudden changes in demand.  
Japanese companies team up for SDN on WANs 2014-03-12
The companies have brought together technologies developed through the "Open Innovation Over Network Platforms project, which has defined unified expressions of network information and built a database for handling them  
Analyst: Apple to take sapphire market to new heights 2014-03-12
Yole Developpement revealed that the sapphire industry ended an 18 month period of depressed pricing and reached $936 million in revenue for wafer products, helped by an increase in LED demand  
Bosch dominates MEMS market in 2013 2014-03-12
IHS revealed that ARM mobile phone and iPad design wins helped Bosch to become the top manufacturer of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and actuators last year  
Asia tops Europe in PV installed capacity last year 2014-03-12
Dynamic Asian markets, led by China and Japan (around 11.3GW and 6.9GW respectively), partially explain this trend reversal, as APAC represented 57 per cent of 2013's global market, according to EPIA  
Marvell to uncloak IoT prototyping device 2014-03-12
The Kinoma Create's hardware consists of a power-efficient CPU; WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; a capacitive touchscreen; and numerous I/O options for external sensors, LEDs and input devices  
High-tech supply chains become more customer-oriented 2014-03-11
The 2013 UPS Change in the (Supply) Chain survey gives an insight into how customer service factors into the decision making of high-tech supply chains  
DARPA solicits help to combat counterfeit components 2014-03-11
Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency introduced its initiative to target bootleg electronic components under its SHIELD programme.  
Xilinx: 16nm multi-core chips in the works 2014-03-11
Xilinx said it will integrate the future 16nm chips with its own UltraScale architecture, which was first featured in the previous 20nm chips.  
Research team brings 'rollable' displays closer to reality 2014-03-11
University of Surrey teamed up with scientists from Philips to create a technology that could see flexible electronics such as affordable roll-up tablets become widely available in the near future  
A*STAR obliges SMEs with tech licensing programme 2014-03-11
With the Headstart project, A*STAR expects to help local SMEs increase their global competitiveness by giving them more time to transform technology from R&D into actual products and services.  
Dongbu takes X3 sensor chips into volume production 2014-03-11
Developed by Foveon, the sensor features 39 megapixel-equivalent ultra-high resolution for the latest Sigma camera.  
NXP needs to be "more Chinese," says exec 2014-03-11
NXP's car chip business is mostly centered on connected cars and keyless entry, which is why Drue Freeman, SVP, believes that the firm can take advantage of China's growing automotive chip market  
Is Fairchild eyeing MEMS sensors with Xsens buy? 2014-03-10
The rumour about the purchase of body motion sensor firm Xsens is said to launch Fairchild's entrance into the MEMS sensor market implements cookies in the physical world 2014-03-10
A smart device from sense utilises multipurpose sensors that are integrated into "Motion Cookies," which track and send the activity of objects or people to a single Internet-connected hub called Mother  
Global revenue for digital power devices to reach $3.3B 2014-03-10
The global market for digital power is undergoing explosive growth, with revenues for digital power supplies and digital power ICs each projected to jump almost 65 per cent in 2014, stated IHS.  
Server adapter card for SDN features dual 100Gbit ports 2014-03-10
The server adapter cards from Netronome support network virtualisation standards including OpenFlow 1.4 protocol, Open Vswitch 2.0 and Intel's data plane development kit  
Supply chain management engages big data 2014-03-10
The supply market chain eyes big data and predictive analytics as opportunities for growth  
Dynamic bus voltage adjusts power to load requirements 2014-03-10
The DBV builds on the previous intermediate bus architecture, dynamically powering boards using advanced digital power control and hardware combined with a series of energy optimising algorithms  
ARM-led Linaro to push tablet, STB SoC convergence 2014-03-07
Linaro, a not-for-profit organization, is speeding up the adoption of the ARM architecture in the digital home entertainment segment  

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