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Global revenue for digital power devices to reach $3.3B 2014-03-10
The global market for digital power is undergoing explosive growth, with revenues for digital power supplies and digital power ICs each projected to jump almost 65 per cent in 2014, stated IHS.  
Server adapter card for SDN features dual 100Gbit ports 2014-03-10
The server adapter cards from Netronome support network virtualisation standards including OpenFlow 1.4 protocol, Open Vswitch 2.0 and Intel's data plane development kit  
Supply chain management engages big data 2014-03-10
The supply market chain eyes big data and predictive analytics as opportunities for growth  
Dynamic bus voltage adjusts power to load requirements 2014-03-10
The DBV builds on the previous intermediate bus architecture, dynamically powering boards using advanced digital power control and hardware combined with a series of energy optimising algorithms  
ARM-led Linaro to push tablet, STB SoC convergence 2014-03-07
Linaro, a not-for-profit organization, is speeding up the adoption of the ARM architecture in the digital home entertainment segment  
IBM, Lenovo deal opposed by China employees 2014-03-07
The staged demonstration has so far suspended IBM's production for four days straight.  
Intel forays into wearables with $100 million deal 2014-03-07
Intel has yet to confirm the speculated acquisition of smart watch start-up Basis, but the company's repeated emphasis on the importance of wearables and IoT is a statement in itself  
SDN shift drags router, switch sales 2014-03-07
Software-defined networking, which aims to ease the work of building and running large networks, has many large buyers retooling for the technology, bringing down router and switch sales  
Towards commercially available quantum dot solar cells 2014-03-07
Researchers from South Korea developed quantum dot solar cells that claim an optical conversion efficiency of 4.31 percent, which is a 1.7-fold increase from conventional quantum dot solar batteries  
Japan holds tech, sales lead in electromobility 2014-03-07
The Electromobility Index explores the different aspects of competition in electromobility, including technology, industrialisation, market size and acceptance—revealing Japan's advantage  
RFID migration finds sol'n in multi-standard readers 2014-03-07
The multi-standard modules from Elatec RFID Systems aims to free system makers from having to deal with the variety and dynamics of using several different RFID standards in access control systems  
Silicon Basis lowers SRAM power via standard logic 2014-03-07
Silicon Basis built its SRAM on a standard logic process, directing the memory to source power from the logic's voltage source.  
Court rules Fairchild infringed Power Integrations patents 2014-03-06
In a patent lawsuit that was brought by Power Integrations, Fairchild Semiconductor was found guilty of breaching two power supply IC patents  
Future Electronics mobilises accreditation for 300 engineers 2014-03-06
Future Electronics is training engineers to provide technical support to OEM customers using a broad range of ARM-based microcontrollers, including devices from other vendors  
Apple to integrate smartphone apps in cars 2014-03-06
Apple debuted CarPlay, a tool that brings the iPhone user interface to the automobile dashboard, allowing drivers to easily control iPhone apps from the car's native interface.  
Cluster FLEET drives encapsulation tech into market 2014-03-06
Cluster FLEET pools the expertise of different institutions in order to accelerate the translation of encapsulation technologies into industrial and serial production flexible electronic applications  
Viewpoint: FD-SOI supports Moore's Law 2014-03-06
STMicroelectronics' Laurent Remont believes that when it comes to price, power, and performance, fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator comes into its own as a viable option in the journey towards 10nm process technology.  
A detailed look at Micron-Sony's 16Gb ReRAM 2014-03-06
The ReRAM used CuTe as the active memory material where in a CbRAM cell the growth and removal of a Cu filament link through an adjacent thin insulator to a lower electrode yields two NV logic states  
Competition heats up between two duelling chip vendors 2014-03-05
The launch of separate smartphone chips by MediaTek and Qualcomm at the Mobile World Congress marked the start of an interesting duel between the Asian and Western vendors  
Researchers develop low-cost gesture recognition system 2014-03-05
Scientists from the University of Washington stated that "AllSee" can run without batteries and lets users control their electronic devices hidden from sight with simple hand movements  
Indonesia on its toes to boost economy 2014-03-05
Thailand's political unrest and Malaysia's rising wages open a window of opportunity for the Indonesian economy  
Fabry-Perot interference boosts biosensor sensitivity 2014-03-05
Toyohashi University of Technology researchers created a label-free biosensor that overcomes the weakness of conventional MEMS-based biosensors for medical and pharmaceutical applications  
Chip sales in January hit $26B, says analyst 2014-03-05
SIA revealed that sales of semiconductors rose 8.8 percent from a year earlier, attributing the Internet of Things, especially connected cars and homes devices, as the reason behind the growth  
Silicon Labs buys low-power analog products from Touchstone 2014-03-05
Touchstone's low-power analog products and technologies complement Silicon Labs' embedded portfolio of energy-friendly MCUs, wireless products and sensors for the Internet of Things market  
IoT witnesses shift from connectivity to E2E solutions 2014-03-04
The M2M technology is gaining popularity as an area of business for mobile network operators, with cloud-based applications driving huge value-added-services revenues  
Lower prices drive LED lamp uptake in Indonesia 2014-03-04
While fluorescent lamps have dominated the Indonesian market, promotion of environmental issues in addition to reducing prices aid in boosting LED lamp revenues  
Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung named top R&D spending leaders 2014-03-04
The listed companies' spending on R&D programmes grew at a varied rate, except for Samsung, whose spending had remained relatively flat at $2.8 billion since 2011.  
DSA technique pushes chip fabrication below 20nm 2014-03-04
The MIT researchers' directed self-assembly technique utilises block copolymer self-assembly that facilitates the reduction of pattern sizes in photolithography and electron-beam photolithography  
Embedded World revealed five industry trends 2014-03-04
The embedded community came together for the largest trade fair that was hosted in Nuremberg last week, where a market trend involving IoT and virtualisation became apparent.  
Huawei: Cloud changes the game for telecom networks 2014-03-03
Telefónica leverages Huawei's FusionSphere, to extend its IT and telecom services to the cloud.  

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