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SD 3.0 memory card penetration rate to hit 20% in 2014 2013-10-28
The maximum bandwidth SD 3.0, also known as UHS-I, offers a transfer speed of 104MB/s (much quicker than SD 2.0's 25MB/s), and a write speed that easily surpasses 10MB/s, stated TrendForce  
Pulsed RF power devices to surpass $250M by 2018 2013-10-28
ABI Research forecasted that the markets for pulsed RF power devices up to 18GHz will grow in the next five years despite the current economic turmoil and cuts in defence spending  
'Squeezed light' on a chip overcomes MEMS quantum limit 2013-10-28
The ORCHID programme from DARPA seeks to overcome thermal fluctuations and random quantum fluctuations, a barrier known as the standard quantum limit, in MEMS sensors  
Microsemi to buy timing specialist Symmetricom 2013-10-25
Microsemi will acquire Symmetricom in a bid to strengthen its position in high-value communications timing markets.  
Oracle inches closer to macrochip vision with low-power laser 2013-10-25
Oracle Labs is developing a low-power laser it hopes will be a significant driver in the adoption of silicon photonics  
Intel invests in Singaporean cloud, mobile software start-ups 2013-10-25
Intel Capital funnels $65 million into sixteen start-ups including Singaporean firms CloudFS and Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Services.  
Thinner iPad sports bigger Retina display, 64bit A7 2013-10-24
Apple releases slimmer iPad with power-efficient 64bit A7 processor, slimmer body and bigger Retina display.  
Semikron, PCS team up for high efficiency converter system 2013-10-24
During the course of the research project, Semikron was tasked with designing an inverter system with new modular phase components, which would then be integrated into a power converter by PCS  
Researchers create supercapacitors out of silicon 2013-10-24
Vanderbilt University researchers unveiled a supercapacitor design that allows storage of energy in chips with applications seen for solar cells and sensors  
Mitsubishi Electric announces plan for new LCD facility 2013-10-24
The new engineering facility is expected to strengthen the company's TFT-LCD module technologies and accelerate development of related products  
O-S-D market still struggling to maintain growth momentum 2013-10-24
Total O-S-D sales are expected to grow slightly less than one per cent in 2013 to $58.6 billion after rising just one per cent in 2012 to the current annual peak of $58.2 billion, noted IC Insights  
Computer model determines best cut for machining 2013-10-24
Researchers from A*STAR Institute of Manufacturing Technology created a computer model that allows engineers to predict the best way of cutting different materials using vibration-assisted machining  
SMIC opens R&D, manufacturing facility for 3D ICs 2013-10-23
By rolling out a centre dedicated to vision, sensors, and 3D IC, SMIC is hoping to let the world know of its ability to extend its manufacturing and R&D capabilities  
PC shipments in many APAC countries down in Q3 2013-10-23
IDC has revealed that the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) PC market grew two per cent QoQ but fell 12 per cent YoY in 3Q13 to reach 27.8 million units  
Taiwan PV makers gain from mono-si self-consumption in Europe 2013-10-23
EnergyTrend reported that the proportion of mono-si cell shipment for Taiwan's first-tier manufacturers has increased from five per cent in the beginning of the year to more than 20 per cent  
Tablet sales up 53% as Apple releases 5th Gen iPad 2013-10-23
Gartner's latest report found that the sales of traditional PCs and Notebooks will decline by 11.2 per cent while tablet sales will go up to 53.4 per cent  
System limits excessive aggressiveness of compilers 2013-10-23
MIT researchers developed a system, dubbed Stack, that automatically combs through programmers' code, identifying just the lines that compilers might discard but which could, in fact, be functional  
DRAM market defies post-PC threat with 11% growth in Q1 2013-10-22
Operating margins climbed to a lofty 27 per cent during the April to June period, up from 11 per cent in 1Q13, according to IHS  
Thin film semiconductors to drive next-gen displays 2013-10-22
NIMS researchers said the material cuts the power usage of displays, consuming about half of the power in rapidly diffusing smartphones, but also achieves higher frequencies to realise HD TVs  
Magnetic sensor revenue to rise by 6% this year 2013-10-22
Driven by the automotive sector, the magnetic sensor market is predicted to reach $1.73 billion at year-end, stated IHS  
Broadcom ventures into 64bit ARM core race 2013-10-21
Broadcom is designing a custom quad-issue, quad-threaded, out-of-order ARMv8 processor that will "raise the bar" in single and multi-core performance  
Brain implant close to receiving FDA approval 2013-10-21
The NeuroPace RNS is the first implant to listen to brain waves and autonomously decide when to apply a therapy to prevent an epileptic seizure  
JEDEC outlines proton radiation effects on e-devices 2013-10-21
The JESD234 assists with proton testing in several areas, including pre-trip planning, decision making during the test, and post-exposure planning and analysis on electronic devices  
3D memory improved via laser thermal anneal application 2013-10-21
Laser thermal anneal application can enhance the current in vertical polysilicon channel devices for 3D memory, as demonstrated by Imec and Excico  
Sensor-based system optimises industrial cleaning 2013-10-21
Fraunhofer researchers created a sensor-based measurement system that is integrated directly in the cleaning system, where it registers and analyses particles caught up in the cleansing fluid  
Mobile devices catalyst for power, analogue ICs strength 2013-10-21
Sales and unit shipments of both analogue and digital ICs are forecast to post gains in 2013, but the strength of these increases will differ considerably, according to IHS  
Qualcomm, Apple still ahead in mobile apps processors market 2013-10-18
Qualcomm, Apple, MediaTek, Samsung and Spreadtrum captured the top five revenue share spots in the smartphone apps processor market in 2Q13  
Ultra-high-res display makers switch to metal-oxide TFTs 2013-10-18
The expensive low-temperature polysilicon process has prompted the ultra-high-res display industry to move to metal oxide TFTs  
Thermal management materials post $1.8B for 2013 2013-10-18
Lux Research forecasts that thermal management materials for LEDs and power electronics to grow by 4.8 billion market in 2020  
Smartphones boost sapphire substrate market 2013-10-18
Demand for 2in-diameter sapphire ingots used to make substrates will amount to 84km in 2016, up 166 per cent from 32km in 2012, according to IHS  

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