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Consumer electronics to boost Bluetooth Smart IC market 2013-11-05
Worldwide annual shipments of Bluetooth Smart ICs will surge to almost 300 million units in 2018, up from just over 30 million projected at the close of 2013, stated IHS  
Columbia researchers develop new architecture for 2D materials 2013-11-04
Columbia Engineering researchers showed that it is possible to electrically contact an atomically thin 2D material only along its 1D edge, rather than conventionally contacting it from the top  
LED backlighting to hit 90% penetration in LCD TVs 2013-11-04
IHS forecasted that out of 231 million LCD TV panels to be shipped this year, 207 will use LED backlighting, with the remainder using the older cold-cathode fluorescent lamp technology  
Notebook market rises in Q3 amid annual decline 2013-11-04
Mobile PC shipments worldwide are estimated to have reached 47.9 million units in Q3, up six per cent from Q2, revealed IHS.  
Smartphone shipments to reach 250M units in Q3 2013-11-04
TrendForce projects smartphone shipments to grow 11.6 per cent QoQ and 36 per cent YoY, while yearly smartphone shipment volume is forecast at 940 million units, a 33.2 per cent increase over 2012.  
Qualcomm's foray into STB space to shake industry 2013-11-04
The company is entering the STB chip market via the Snapdragon 600 MPQ8064, a device featuring Qualcomm's quad-core version of an ARM-based architecture called Krait  
RIKEN: Nanotech boosts next-gen Li-O<sub>2 batteries 2013-11-01
The application of catalytic ruthenium oxide (RuO<sub>2) nanoparticles was observed to allow lithium-oxygen batteries batteries to be recharged efficiently  
iOS smartphone market stagnant at 14% growth 2013-11-01
ABI Research reported that smartphone shipment penetration was 56 per cent in Q3, setting a record high for the third consecutive quarter, while Windows Phone achieved 165 per cent growth YoY  
APAC IT spending to reach $767B in 2014 2013-11-01
Driven by opportunities presented by the digital world, IT spending in the Asia Pacific region is forecast to reach $767 billion in 2014, stated Gartner  
PV energy demand strong in APAC emerging markets 2013-10-31
The Asia-Pacific region's PV energy demand is exceeding Europe in 2013, due to emerging Chinese, Japanese and Indian markets, according to EnergyTrend  
Intel to fabricate Cortex-based Altera Stratix 10 2013-10-31
Altera's deal in June to use Intel's 14nm FinFET process took an interesting twist when the FPGA designer announced today it will pack ARM's 64bit cores into its chips  
SK Hynix turns to BeSang for 3D IC tech 2013-10-31
SK Hynix has licensed BeSang's 3D IC process that uses a low-temperature process to build multi-layer 3D integrated circuits one layer at a time using traditional vias.  
Cellular to drive bulk of M2M connectivity revenues by 2018 2013-10-31
ABI Research revealed that M2M connectivity will be embedded in more than two billion devices across nine key industries by 2018, but it will be cellular that will bring the bulk of the revenues  
HP touts universal memory for next-gen computing 2013-10-31
HP CTO Martin Fink talked about the long-term future of computing in his keynote speech at the ARM TechCon  
Samsung plays the field, SDK supports Android and iOS 2013-10-30
Samsung aims to create an ecosystem around a broad set of software platforms that compete with offerings from both Apple and Google  
Hydrothermal vents power up deep-sea batteries 2013-10-30
A team of researchers from Japan's RIKEN Centre for Sustainable Resource Science demonstrated a system that uses natural hydrothermal vents on the sea floor to generate electricity  
Intelligence, seamless integration enhance sensor market 2013-10-30
Frost & Sullivan found that in 2012, the global sensors and transmitters market generated revenue of $64.78 billion and estimates this to increase to $95.67 billion in 2016  
Smartphone, tablet factory revenue to hit $354.3B in 2013 2013-10-30
IHS predicted that the combined factory revenue for smartphones and tablets this year will rise to become larger than revenue for the entire consumer electronics market for the first time  
IBM licenses ARM Cortex processors for comms apps 2013-10-30
IBM plans to offer the microprocessors to its custom-chip clients, companies that build network routers, switches and the cellular base stations  
ARM, Nordic partner to speed dev't of BLE-enabled devices 2013-10-30
The collaboration will enable developers to easily create Bluetooth-connected devices and applications that leverage Nordic's SoCs that are based on the ARM Cortex-M processor series  
Analyst: Wireless network market keeps uphill climb 2013-10-30
IC Insights revealed that unit shipments of WiFi-enabled equipment surged 54 per cent in 2010, followed by 46 per cent in 2011, 36 per cent in 2012, and expects further growth in the coming years  
Insufficient display supply to drag iPad mini shipments 2013-10-29
IHS forecasted that shipments of the new iPad mini with Retina Display will fall below four million units and potentially amount to less than three million units in 4Q13  
Imec, Johns Hopkins to push nanotech for medical apps 2013-10-29
Johns Hopkins University will team up with Imec to advance silicon applications in healthcare, beginning with development of a device to enable a broad range of clinical tests  
Battery technologies forecasted to reach $896M by 2020 2013-10-29
According to Lux Research, lithium-ion technologies are leading the growth as storage developers shift focus in the face of uncertainty in the emerging grid storage market  
Iron oxide nanoparticles boost battery capacity 2013-10-29
The electrode material developed at A*STAR IMRE is inexpensive, suitable for large-scale manufacturing and can store higher charge densities than conventional electrodes used in Li-ion batteries  
Mobile devices continue path towards integrated platforms 2013-10-29
ABI Research predicted that in 2015, more integrated platforms with wireless connectivity will ship more than each of integrated platforms without wireless connectivity and stand-alone app processors  
Sigma Designs, Z-Wave Alliance roll out certification programme 2013-10-28
The Z-Wave Plus certification programme aims to help consumers identify products that take advantage of the 'Next Gen' Z-Wave platform (500 Series) from Sigma Designs  
Real-time energy audit cuts power use of factories 2013-10-28
Researchers from A*STAR's Institute of Manufacturing Technology developed an approach to track the daily energy usage of individual machines and monitors the operational state of a machine in

A team of scientists at A*STAR's Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, together with researchers at the National University of Singapore and The University of Texas, United States, has developed an approach to track the daily energy usage of individual machines. According to them, the approach monitors the operational state of a machine in real time.

SD 3.0 memory card penetration rate to hit 20% in 2014 2013-10-28
The maximum bandwidth SD 3.0, also known as UHS-I, offers a transfer speed of 104MB/s (much quicker than SD 2.0's 25MB/s), and a write speed that easily surpasses 10MB/s, stated TrendForce  
Pulsed RF power devices to surpass $250M by 2018 2013-10-28
ABI Research forecasted that the markets for pulsed RF power devices up to 18GHz will grow in the next five years despite the current economic turmoil and cuts in defence spending  

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