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China's antitrust issues threaten US semicon industry 2015-01-30
The need to build Chinese walls in the semiconductor industry is taking on a completely new significance as China's antitrust regulators start to flex their muscles.  
Shift in China's mobile market threatens U.S. chip companies 2015-01-20
Among big changes in the works are China Mobile's shift in procurement policy from five-mode smartphones to three-mode models and plans among Chinese apps processor vendors to embrace connectivity.  
Keep your eyes open for these gadgets in 2015 2015-01-14
The recently concluded International CES 2015 showed tons of interesting items that provided a preview of the possibilities that people might explore in 2015.  
MediaTek, Sony fortify relations to expand market presence 2015-01-09
C.J. Hsieh, president of MediaTek, recently announced Japan's Sony as MediaTek's "most important friend," whose partnership led to the development of the world's first Android TV  
Microsoft's feature phone exit profits Samsung, white-box 2014-12-12
Based on a recent report, Microsoft Mobile is in the process of leaving the feature phone industry. With Microsoft's plan, mobile and chipset makers from China will up their feature phone market.  
Intel unveils software for IoT apps 2014-12-11
The effort echoes a more general offering Intel created for embedded systems in 2012. It comes amid a growing diversity of options in IoT components, software and services.  
Freescale touts 15W wireless charging 2014-12-09
Freescale's WCT1012/WCT1111 transmitter chips—offered in standard and premium versions—and its WPR1516 receiver chip are geared for mobile devices with bigger batteries.  
Qualcomm takes biggest chunk in mobile GPUs pie 2014-12-08
Qualcomm is the leader in mobile graphics cores, a market expected to see shifts among other players as China's market for smartphones and tablets heats up.  
Times Ten: Qualcomm runs foul with China, Samsung shows new projects 2014-12-03
Qualcomm, Samsung and TSMC have all made it to the November 10, the first for its troubles in China and elsewhere, and others for new projects, innovation and investment.  
Cypress seeks to acquire Spansion for $4B 2014-12-02
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. hopes to merge with Spansion in an all-stock deal valued at $4 billion. The deal would create an expanded embedded chip vendor with $2 billion in annual revenues.  
Big spender: MediaTek ploughs $48.9M into China's chip fund 2014-11-26
The Taiwan-based chip designer said it will invest $48.9 million in a Chinese government fund with an aim to sharpen its competitive edge in the world's largest smartphone market.  
$1.7B fund promises to boost China's semicon market 2014-11-26
The fund raised by SummitView enables it to acquire semiconductor design companies and help them expand their market share in China by increasing sales, marketing activities, support and engineering.  
Japan's Megachips eyes sensor hubs for IoT devices 2014-11-24
Megachips is Japan's only fabless chip company listed among the top 25 in the world by IC Insights. The company has worldwide revenues of more than $600 million.  
Dreams can come true: China to rise as IC powerhouse 2014-11-19
With nearly two decades of efforts aimed at creating a strong and thriving semiconductor industry, China's dream to become an IC powerhouse may come true after all.  
Can Marvell lead China's LTE market with new SoCs? 2014-11-18
While Qualcomm remains the dominant player in the global LTE market, Marvell's quiet success with its LTE base band business in China has gotten little notice.  
TSMC 'ahead of schedule' in 16FF+ production 2014-11-14
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has entered risk production for its 16nm FinFET Plus process, which, according to analysts, is yet another sign that the chip foundry is ahead of schedule with its first 3D chips that will be at the core of smaller, more powerful mobile devices.  
MediaTek aims to cut Qualcomm's lead in China's 4G market 2014-11-10
MediaTek plans to move to the 4G market more quickly than expected in order to keep up with the smartphone trends. Its octa-core processor aims at Chinese smartphone brands  
Rising costs drive chip companies to alternate routes 2014-10-10
The low cost of capital is fuelling M&A across all industries, and the rising cost and complexity of making chips is pouring gas on the fire in semiconductors.  
TSMC takes lead over Samsung in FinFET race 2014-10-07
TSMC's 16nm pilot line is gaining incremental confidence among prospective customers, leaving behind Samsung, whose foundry has experienced a setback with its 14nm FinFET project.  
64bit octa-core SoC poses to lead China's 4G market 2014-10-02
The first LTE octa-core processor is designed to propel device makers into the Android 64bit era. With the release of this SoC early next year, Taiwan-based MediaTek is posed to narrow the lead of other players in China's smartphone market  
From volume to value: Singapore electronics industry matures 2014-09-29
The tumble Singapore's electronics manufacturing output took in the period of April to July has been a source of concern for many. With the rosy August results spelling a turn for the better, the weakened numbers may have been indicative of an industry that is moving up the value chain.  
China's IC dream gets $1.5 billion backing 2014-09-29
China's domestic semiconductor industry is getting a $1.5 billion investment to help it build a mobile force—via Spreadtrum Communications and RDA Microelectronics—so that Chinese OEMs and white box vendors will have an alternative to Qualcomm.  
Taiwan, China chipmakers spread wings in cell base band market 2014-09-26
Cellular base band modem processor chips and applications processor chips see good traction in both smartphone and tablet markets. Still, analysts forecast further gains for mobile chipmakers in the future due to the continued LTE growth.  
China mobile chipmakers eye major deal 2014-09-26
Chinese fabless companies and Intel share common competitors in the market for smartphone and tablet processors. China is shifting its focus towards developing fabless chip designers, a more cost-effective route to growth.  
Less phones, more IoT on Qualcomm's horizon 2014-09-23
Developers are preparing for the coming wave of inescapable computing with tools that will make it easy to add capabilities such as communication, computer vision and wireless charging to common household items.  
Apple-Samsung rivalry expands to 20nm chips 2014-09-16
The two prominent smartphone makers are set to ship their latest smartphone models powered by their own mobile processors in the 20nm node, which Apple and Samsung used in radically different ways.  
Marvell gears up for 4K revolution 2014-09-11
The chipmaker developed an Ultra HD SoC integrated with 12K DMIPS quad-core ARM CPU, called ARMADA 1500 PRO 4K, for hybrid set-top boxes with wireless connectivity.  
China plots global chip domination 2014-09-05
A group of Chinese investors, which include a state-owned firm, offered a buyout proposal to U.S. digital imaging chipmaker OmniVision—a move that will allow China instant access to the global market.  
Andes enters competition in CPU market 2014-09-03
Focused more on the embedded market, Andes and its CPU licencees have been finding enough niches to get around ARM's stronghold. It has signed 100 IP licencing agreements with 81 customers.  
ARM flexes muscles to take on wearables 2014-08-20
David Maidment, mobile segment marketing manager at ARM, talks about his company's value proposition in the wearable devices market and what ARM technologies present in the new generation of wearables.  

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