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2007-07-20 8bit, 2GSps ADC is optimized for second Nyquist zone
Maxim's MAX109, an 8bit, 2.2GSps ADC, promises excellent wideband dynamic performance that has been optimized for capturing input frequencies in the second Nyquist zone.
2005-08-04 ADC delivers 2GS/s clock frequency
Atmel unveiled the second in a series of high-speed integrated ADC and DMUX devices, with a new 10bit ADC offering a clock frequency of 2GS/s, and an embedded 1:4 LVDS demultiplexer for direct interface with standard FPGAs
2008-07-14 TI rolls 16bit single-channel ADC, low-jitter clock
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a 16bit, single-channel, 135MSps ADC and a low-jitter clock synthesizer.
2007-08-02 Analog video signal requirements: Similarities and differences (Part 3)
This article explores some of these analog video signal requirements and how to simplify the analog I/O design in these video systems, focusing on the use of digital and analog filtering.
2005-02-15 ADC surpasses 8.0 ENOB barrier over 1GS/s sampling rates
Atmel's new 10bit ADC with a clock frequency of 1.5GS/s is billed to be the first device to break the 8.0 ENOB barrier at sampling rates over 1GS/s.
2008-01-10 Using high-IF sampling ADCs beyond baseband frequencies
By going to a system architecture that takes advantage of the high IF abilities of today's ADCs, designers can reduce the number of components and, therefore, the physical size of the analog portion of the receive chain.
2011-08-01 Signal chain basics: Using the digital features of high-speed DACs
Here's a look at the function and value of each of the digital features in today's high-speed digital-to-analog converters.
2010-06-14 How multicarrier ADCs withstand large signals
With the increasing number of wireless devices, robust radio receivers must reliably receive small signals in the presence of large interfering signals or blockers
2007-09-13 Dual DACs enhance quality of wideband cellular signals
ADI's two new two-channel, high-speed DACs feature low noise and low intermodulation distortion to enable the high-quality synthesis of wideband cellular signals.
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