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2008-02-29 ITC denies Qualcomm request to review ruling on Nokia
The U.S. ITC has declined Qualcomm's request for a review of Administrative Law Judge Paul J. Luckern's initial determination that Nokia's GSM/GPRS/Edge-only handsets do not infringe three Qualcomm patents.
2008-01-04 It's business as usual for Qualcomm despite injunction
Despite the ruling ordering Qualcomm to stop producing and selling 3G chipsets that infringe Broadcom patents, the company launched new UMTS devices that it says comply with the decision.
2007-01-17 Intel countersues Transmeta, reports say
Intel Corp. has countersued a much smaller developer of microprocessors, Transmeta Corp., alleging patent infringement in a Delaware court, according to online reports.
2010-01-28 ICT favors Rambus over Nvidia
The Administrative Law Judge determined that three of Rambus' five asserted patents are valid, enforceable, and infringed by Nvidia and other respondents.
2010-05-19 HTC seeks iPhone, iPad, iPod import, sale ban
Google phone maker HTC Corp. has filed complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.
2008-08-25 Hillcrest Labs sues Nintendo for Wii-related patents
Hillcrest Labs has filed a complaint for patent infringement with the U.S. International Trade Commission and a separate patent infringement suit in the U.S. District Court in Maryland against Nintendo regarding the Wii video game system.
2012-01-06 Google beefs up tech resource with 200+ IBM patents
Ever since the fight for smartphone market dominance has turned into a series of patent infringement lawsuits, Google has been strengthening its patent portfolio.
2008-03-26 Gibson sues more guitar video game makers
Gibson Guitar has filed a lawsuit against Harmonix, MTV Networks and Electronic Arts, claiming the companies infringed its patent, according to an Associated Press report
2012-02-14 German court allows Samsung to sell tablets
Samsung can now continue to sell its updated 10-in tablet computer in Germany. The German court ruled against Apple's bid to have the tablets banned.
2008-06-30 FormFactor patents invalid, SK Supreme Court rules
The Korea Supreme Court issued an oral ruling finding that 12 claims of FormFactor's Korean Patent No.252457 are invalid, and remanding the case back to the Korean Patent Court for further proceedings consistent with the ruling
2006-08-11 FormFactor files new suits against SK's Phicom
FormFactor Inc. has filed a pair of new patent infringement lawsuits against South Korea's Phicom Corp. in a Seoul, South Korea court, the company said Aug. 9.
2010-03-10 Fairchild sues Power Integrations in China
Fairchild Semiconductor has sued Power Integrations Inc. for patent infringement in the People's Republic of China.
2012-12-27 EU Commission deems Samsung's pursuit of Apple abusive
The European Commission said that while injunctive relief is appropriate in some circumstances in a case where patents in question are standard-essential patents.
2008-12-04 Court: Qualcomm abused standards-setting process
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has upheld a decision by a federal judge in San Diego that Qualcomm violated its duty to disclose its patents to a standards body.
2014-03-06 Court rules Fairchild infringed Power Integrations patents
In a patent lawsuit that was brought by Power Integrations, Fairchild Semiconductor was found guilty of breaching two power supply IC patents
2007-09-14 Court lifts ban on third-party imports of Qualcomm chips
Qualcomm scored a victory as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit granted a stay pending appeal that will allow third parties to import handsets into the United States originally banned by the ITC.
2006-11-03 Court forbids Broadcom from revealing Qualcomm WCDMA trade secrets
Qualcomm reported that a federal court has enjoined Broadcom from any further solicitation, use or dissemination of Qualcomm's confidential WCDMA trade secrets, including source code.
2008-05-29 Court favors System General on Power Integrations suit
Fairchild Semiconductor announced today that a federal court in San Francisco has dismissed a patent infringement lawsuit by Power Integrations Inc. against Fairchild subsidiary System General Corp.
2011-08-11 Court bans Samsung's Galaxy Tab in EU
A district court in Germany has favored Apple and has temporarily barred Samsung from selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in all countries of the European Union except The Netherlands, says reports.
2009-07-06 Chip ban ripple effect hits OEMs
Systems makers may be beginning to feel the bite of a limited exclusion order banning the import of chips from six companies found to infringe two packaging patents of Tessera Technologies Inc.
2007-06-13 Bush veto sought in Qualcomm mobile ban
Qualcomm will seek a presidential veto on the U.S. federal trade agency's importation ban on some of its patent-infringing 3G chips
2007-07-06 Broadcom: 'Bush veto would affect global IP policy'
Broadcom has asked the White House not to repeal an ITC ruling banning Qualcomm chip imports to the U.S.
2007-03-23 Broadcom urges import ban on phones with Qualcomm chips
Broadcom Corp. argued for an import ban on certain cellphones utilizing its battery-saving technology, according to a Reuters report.
2007-11-27 Broadcom scores again in dispute with Qualcomm
A federal judge has maintained that Qualcomm infringed on three Broadcom patents related to video compression and technology that allows handsets to simultaneously access data and voice networks.
2006-11-06 Broadcom exec refutes Qualcomm announcement
According to Bill Blanning, vice president of corporate communications for Broadcom, Qualcomm's recent announcement is "misleading in several fundamental aspects."
2010-04-07 Avago sues ST over optical sensor IP
Avago alleges that certain STMicroelectronics products infringe four of Avago's patents covering optical navigation technology.
2007-12-06 Apple, AT&T face lawsuit over iPhone voice mail tech
A patent infringement lawsuit has been filed by Klausner Technologies against Apple and AT&T over the voice mail technology used by the iPhone.
2015-09-22 Apple's recent court victory over Samsung raises some issues
The case has never clearly found what technology patents actually mean, since innovations are usually built on top of older ideas and designs, but at what point can a company patent something
2006-08-25 Apple to pay Singapore's Creative $100M for MP3 dispute
The bitter dispute between Apple Computer Inc. and Singapore's Creative Technology Ltd will cost the former some $100 million as part of a broad, out-of-court settlement over MP3 technology.
2011-04-21 Apple sues Samsung for iPhone, iPad imitation
Apple has accused Samsung of imitating the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads with its own smartphones and media tablet.
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