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2014-11-06 After Samsung, Google shares patent rights with LG
Google and LG signed a deal that will allow both companies to utilise each other's existing and future patents, a move than is seen as a way to prevent patent infringement lawsuits in the future.
2006-09-21 Actions Semi optimistic for U.S. market despite patent loss
Actions Semiconductor claims that the loss of a patent infringement case to SigmaTel Inc. won't significantly hinder its growing business in the U.S. MP3 chip market.
2007-07-24 Acer countersues HP for patent infringement
Acer filed a patent infringement counterclaim July 19 against Hewlett-Packard before the U.S. Eastern District of Texas Court.
2007-08-02 3M, Sony settle battery patent row
3M has dropped its battery patent lawsuit against Sony after the Tokyo-based electronics maker agreed to license 3M-developed materials for cathodes in batteries
2008-02-12 U.S. Patent Reform Act faces opposition
The Patent Office Professional Association and 13 other unions are opposing the proposed Patent Reform Act and has urged the U.S. Senate to block this legislation
2015-03-13 Synopsys bares infringement-free ZeBu server emulators
Due to a court injunction prohibiting them from marketing emulators that incorporate Mentor Graphics-patented emulation technology, Synopsys released infringement-free versions of ZeBu emulators
2007-09-10 SK Supreme Court invalidates two FormFactor patent claims
The South Korea Supreme Court has issued a ruling affirming a 2005 Korea Patent Court decision invalidating certain claims of FormFactor's Korea Patent Nos. 278342 and 399210
2015-10-06 Silicon Labs cleared of patent charges
Cresta Technology filed a complaint that started the investigation in 2014. The company alleged that Silicon Labs and several of its customers infringed three patents related to TV tuners.
2012-08-02 Samsung details countersuit against Apple in patent dispute
Samsung provided a detailed outline of its countersuit case against Apple in its opening statements. The company began by showing prior art on all the patents that Apple claims it infringes.
2008-07-18 Rambus, Qimonda revise patent license deal
Rambus Inc. has signed an amendment on its current patent license agreement with Qimonda AG, the memory spin-off of Infineon Technologies Inc
2013-04-03 Peregrine files another patent suit against RFMD
The suit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California claims that certain RFMD products infringe a newly issued Peregrine patent relating to SOI technology for RFICs
2014-03-18 Patent debates give impetus for academic study
Stanford's recent symposium on the US patent system has been targeted to examine issues concerning the US patent system by presenting solid empirical evidences validating strong positions
2006-12-05 Mosaid acquires PSRAM patent portfolio
Mosaid Technologies Inc. has acquired a portfolio of pseudo-SRAM (PSRAM) technology, consisting of three U. S. patents, three Taiwan patents and three Korea patents.
2006-02-14 Korean patent court decides on FormFactor case
FormFactor announced the Korean Patent Court issued an oral ruling declining to render a decision on the company's Korean patent no. 252,457 regarding wafer probe card technology
2007-01-31 Jury favors Broadcom in patent case against Qualcomm
Broadcom Corp. announced that a federal jury in San Diego found that the company had not infringed two patents for digital video compression owned by Qualcomm Inc.
2006-06-27 ITC confirms Actions' infringement of SigmaTel patents
SigmaTel announced that the U.S. International Trade Commission confirmed the previous administrative law judge's ruling that Actions Semiconductor infringed the two SigmaTel patents.
2008-12-09 Infringement inquiry of Rambus patents issued
Rambus Inc. announced that, at its request, the U.S. International Trade Commission has instituted an investigation regarding infringement of Rambus' patents by Nvidia Corp. and other companies whose products incorporate the accused Nvidia products
2011-06-09 Freescale, Rambus sign patent license pact
After signing a five-year patent license agreement with Rambus, Freescale can now use Rambus patents for memory controllers and serial links in its various ICs
2006-06-20 Form Factor patent upheld by Korean Court
Wafer probe supplier FormFactor Inc. announced that the Korean Patent Court issued an oral ruling upholding the validity of the company's Korean Patent No. 252,457
2011-08-16 Firm examines dubious Nortel patent sale hype
UBM TechInsights digs deeper into the assumed hype about patent valuation bubble with Nortel being dragged in all sides of the other's commentaries
2015-12-21 Fairchild pays $140M to Power Integrations for infringement
Power Integrations recently filed another lawsuit to address Fairchild's ongoing infringement of Power Integrations' patents, including additional products not included in the latest verdict
2007-10-19 Epistar-Philips Lumileds patent battle escalates
Epistar has accused Philips Lumileds of unfair competition, stating that the latter has been misleading existing and potential customers into believing that many of Epistar's LEDs were also affected by the limited exclusion ordered entered by the ITC.
2012-08-30 Avoid design disputes, file patent now
Tumultuous court battle between Apple and Samsung illustrates the necessity of design patents and trade dresses.
2008-05-28 Atrua brings Authentec to court for patent violation
Atrua Technologies Inc., a provider of fingerprint touch control solutions for mobile phones, has filed a countersuit against Authentec for infringement of Atrua's patented technology and illegal interference with Atrua's business
2008-05-15 ARM wins MMP patent appeal case
ARM Holdings has won a significant round in the long running legal dispute with TPL and Patriot Scientific over the MMP portfolio.
2006-02-13 Advantest expands patent fight to Taiwan
Advantest, the IC test equipment vendor locked in a patent dispute with Korean-based TechWing, has expanded its case by petitioning a Taiwan court to temporarily block imports there of TechWing's memory test handlers
2006-09-19 Actions sues SigmaTel for IP infringement
Actions Semiconductor has filed a complaint in China against SigmaTel Inc. and its subsidiaries, with the intention of halting SigmaTel's infringement of Actions' intellectual property rights
2006-04-07 MagnaChip files patent suit against Pixelplus
MagnaChip Semiconductor announced that its Korean operating company filed a lawsuit against Pixelplus for infringement of four Korean patents owned by MagnaChip
2012-09-27 US Judge rules that Rambus shredded evidence
Rambus destruction of records will limit the royalties that it can collect off its patents in the SK Hynix suit.
2007-08-08 U.S. judge overrules verdict on Microsoft-Alcatel case
A U.S. judge has overturned a jury verdict ordering Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion for infringing on the latter's patents.
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