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2011-06-09 Freescale, Rambus sign patent license pact
After signing a five-year patent license agreement with Rambus, Freescale can now use Rambus patents for memory controllers and serial links in its various ICs
2015-12-21 Fairchild pays $140M to Power Integrations for infringement
Power Integrations recently filed another lawsuit to address Fairchild's ongoing infringement of Power Integrations' patents, including additional products not included in the latest verdict
2008-05-28 Atrua brings Authentec to court for patent violation
Atrua Technologies Inc., a provider of fingerprint touch control solutions for mobile phones, has filed a countersuit against Authentec for infringement of Atrua's patented technology and illegal interference with Atrua's business
2008-07-29 Appellate Court affirms Motorola case over patent breach
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has affirmed a district court order granting summary judgment in favor of Motorola and its customers on infringement claims asserted in a patent case.
2015-10-21 University wins infringement case against Apple
Apple was ordered to pay the University of Wisconsin $234 million in damages after a Wisconsin court decided that Apple's A7, A8 and A8X application processors had infringed its patent
2014-04-02 Marvell faces boosted patent fine at $1.54B
A recent court ruling on the Marvell-Carnegie Mellon infringement case has increased the damage award to 1.23 times the original sum, concluding a trial that was launched back in 2009
2006-04-07 MagnaChip files patent suit against Pixelplus
MagnaChip Semiconductor announced that its Korean operating company filed a lawsuit against Pixelplus for infringement of four Korean patents owned by MagnaChip
2007-08-08 U.S. judge overrules verdict on Microsoft-Alcatel case
A U.S. judge has overturned a jury verdict ordering Microsoft to pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion for infringing on the latter's patents.
2007-07-09 Toshiba takes legal action vs. German DVD maker
Toshiba has sued a German DVD maker for allegedly using its DVD technology patents without permission.
2008-05-28 Tessera, IPSG reach DRAM ITC Action settlement
Tessera Technologies has reached a settlement with International Products Sourcing Group , a respondent in the ITC action brought by Tessera against certain DRAM manufacturers.
2010-10-06 Tessera sues Sony, Renesas over stacked ICs
According to Tessera, the license agreements of the two companies have expired yet they continue to sell products using the technology.
2013-12-12 Spansion sharpens IP defence against infringers
Spansion sent letters to a list of memory companies and non-memory end users, warning them on potential patent infringement.
2011-06-07 Siemens' Osram files suit against LG, Samsung
Osram has filed a patent infringement cases against Samsung and LG in the United States, as well as LG in Japan and China.
2007-10-29 SanDisk brings 25 companies to court
SanDisk Corp. is filing three patent infringement lawsuits against 25 companies that manufacture, sell and import USB flash drives, CompactFlash cards, multimedia cards, MP3/media players and/or other removable flash storage products.
2006-08-30 Samsung, Matsushita did not infringe on each other, court rules
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd did not infringe on each other's DRAM-related patents, a U.S. district court has ruled last week.
2015-12-07 Samsung to pay $548M for infringing iPhone patents
Outside the courtroom, Apple and Samsung continue to go head-to-head in the market for smartphones and tablets with annual product releases aimed to leapfrog each other.
2011-07-01 Samsung takes Apple battle to the ITC
As a result of a series of patent infringement litigation between Samsung and Apple, a complaint has been filed by the former to ITC.
2014-04-21 Samsung seeks to undermine Apple's 'conjoint analysis'
Samsung's defence on day three of its trial versus Apple focused on how mere semblance of the contested features in their mobile devices does not constitute patent infringement.
2012-07-26 Samsung gives up Qualcomm deal for Apple war
The Korean firm had an agreement with Qualcomm made back in 1993 wherein Samsung would not sue Qualcomm or its customers for infringement on 3G patents
2012-10-04 Samsung Galaxy Tab back in U.S. stores
A U.S. federal court has lifted the sales ban on Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 more than a month after patent suit resolution
2011-04-27 Samsung fights back with countersuit against Apple
Filing its own patent suits in South Korea and Germany, Samsung accuses Apple of infringing on 10 of its mobile technology patents in the production of the iPad and iPhone
2011-10-10 Samsung bites Apple
The South Korean company filed a patent infringement case to block the sale of iPhone 4S in France and Italy.
2007-08-20 Running out of luck? Qualcomm hopes not
A string of bad breaks—Qualcomm is haunted by them these days, and from the looks of it, its luck isn't likely to improve anytime soon.
2007-05-29 Ruling on Broadcom's petition vs. Qualcomm delayed
The U.S. International Trade Commission announced that it needs 13 more days to consider the petition filed by Broadcom Corp. to block handsets using certain Qualcomm chips.
2006-04-26 Rambus awarded $306.9M in Hynix case
A federal jury has awarded Rambus more than $306.9 million in a patent infringement dispute with South Korean chipmaker Hynix Semiconductor.
2007-03-22 Qualcomm: Nokia complaints a 'maneuver to delay judicial determinations'
Qualcomm has called Nokia's latest legal action against the chipmaker as meritless and simply a maneuver by the Finnish handset maker to delay judicial determinations that Nokia's GSM handsets infringe Qualcomm's patents.
2007-04-12 Qualcomm-Nokia still in talks after pact expires
Even after the expiration of their licensing agreement on April 9, Nokia Corp. disclosed that it is continuing talks with Qualcomm Inc., according to an AP report.
2008-01-03 Qualcomm's legal misfortunes persist
It seems that the Broadcom-Qualcomm battle will never cease with a federal judge issuing an injunction this week (Dec. 31) against Qualcomm Inc.'s continued infringement of three Broadcom patents
2007-08-09 Qualcomm to file appeal on ITC ruling
After losing its bid to gain a veto from the Bush administration, Qualcomm Inc. plans to appeal the International Trade Commission (ITC) ruling to ban on imports of 3G handsets containing Qualcomm chips.
2007-07-03 Qualcomm says 'no deal' to Broadcom settlement offer
Qualcomm has declined Broadcom's settlement offer of a $6 royalty fee for each mobile phone containing Qualcomm chips that are said to infringe on Broadcom patents.
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