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2014-05-15 SHDSL extends purpose with industrial apps
Industrial applications such as infotainment systems, surveillance cameras, Wi-Fi hotspots, and vending machines can use the combination of broadband and power over existing copper using SHDSL
2009-01-14 Micrel, Cyan partner on industrial RF modules
Micrel and Cyan Holdings are working together on a technology partnership that involves developing subsystem level module products aimed at automated meter reading infrastructure, public lighting management, Ethernet gateways and RF sensor network markets
2002-04-19 LSI Logic interface IC operates at industrial temperatures
LSI Logic Corp. has announced that the L80227 10/100 PHY interface IC now supports operation at the industrial temperature range of -400C to 850C
2005-07-04 Industrial networks move to standards
Hardware interfaces and software protocols are highly flexible; however, designers need to be cognizant of the limitations of each in an industrial environment
2000-03-20 Enhancing automotive and industrial control design performance using CAN
This paper presents the CAN protocol as it is optimized for systems that need to transmit and receive relatively small amounts of information (as compared to other protocols like Ethernet or USB) reliably to any or all other nodes on the network
2015-04-13 Complexity in industrial IoT delays deployment
M2M and remote connectivity are not new concepts, so the real goal may be development of an IIoT ecosystem that address integration/security issues and result in a consensus on networking solutions.
2011-09-07 Switch ICs support centralised, distributed networks
Micrel has introduced the KSZ84xx family of IEEE 1588v2-enabled Ethernet devices for Industrial Ethernet and Power Substation Automation applications.
2015-02-27 Microchip licenses EtherCAT for next-gen controllers
In an effort to expand its industrial Ethernet portfolio, Microchip Technology has announced that it is now licensing the EtherCAT technology for use in its future generation of controllers.
2002-04-05 CCS media converters change copper to fiber media
The CTRLink line of industrial Ethernet media converters from Contemporary Control Systems Inc. perform conversion between copper to fiber media, while appearing as transparent devices and consuming <4W.
2013-07-31 Altera, ETG partnership roll EtherCAT protocol IP
The collaboration between Altera, EtherCAT Technology Group and Softing Industrial Automation aims to simplify the integration of FPGA-based Industrial Ethernet designs.
2004-05-19 TI rolls out IC controller, PoE power module
Texas Instruments Inc. has launched an IC controller and a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) plug-in power module that reduces design time and eases implementation of Ethernet-powered industrial and commercial devices.
2003-03-20 Sumitomo ships 10Gbps optical transceivers
Sumitomo Electric has introduced the SXP3101 and SDX4101 series of 10Gbps optical transceivers for use in 10GbE and 10Gb Fibre Channels.
2015-02-03 Spellman unveils X-ray generator module
The compact uXHP offers up to 80kV at 100W powered from a 24VDC input, extending both the output voltage and power level of the company's recently released uX X-ray generator series.
2008-07-07 PLCs cut costs in developing production equipment
Omron Corp. today announced the released the SYSMAC CJ2 programmable controller, Ethernet unit for CS/CJ series and CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package version 3.0 to support Ethernet/IP for industrial use.
2013-03-04 Non-unified networking elicit downfall for fieldbus
Although fieldbus solutions offer faster speeds for certain applications, companies experience less downtime and lower overall cost with integrated systems offered by Ethernet, stated IMS Research
2005-06-23 Harting offers M12 connectors in panel feed-through configuration
Now available from Harting is a range of panel-mount M12 industrial connectors for panel feed-through applications. These devices are available in Ethernet female D-coded and standard M12 male A-coded configurations.
2007-07-23 Cyclone III FPGAs support EtherCAT technology
Giving industrial equipment designers greater flexibility in implementing real-time Ethernet communications, Altera Corp. has IP support for the EtherCAT protocol.
2010-03-12 Wireless comm processor ups security with WPA2
Rabbit, a Digi International brand is offering the Rabbit 6000 embedded wireless communications and control SoC targeted for industrial automation applications
2008-03-03 Switching power supplies feature keypad controls
Amrel's K family of switch-mode power supplies for industrial test and measurement market feature 12-button keypad and encoder controls
2011-01-20 Switch-on-a-chip halves power use
Micrel's new series of switch ICs feature the company's physical transceiver and switch technology for IP content-based applications in the digital home, as well as for industrial and automotive apps
2009-12-16 Optical transceivers achieve 10Mbit/s to 11.3Gbit/s
CompoTRON has beefed up its line of high-performance optical transceiver products for the datacom, telecom, video and industrial industries
2015-03-19 Microsemi-Vitesse merger: A bad fit?
The merger's focus is communications semiconductors, with plans to direct the combined company at carrier, enterprise and industrial Internet of Things markets
2013-02-18 FPGA cards target OpenVPX systems
Alpha Data's ADM-VPX3-7V2 is geared to support FPGA (V2000T), PCIe Gen3, VITA57 FMC I/O, full industrial ruggedisation, and Alpha Data software development kit
2009-11-04 ARM-based MPUs handle extreme environments
The MPUs integrate multiple peripherals such as a CAN controller and an Ethernet MAC for savings of up to $10
2009-03-04 Flyback DC/DC controller suitable for several apps
The LTC3803H flyback DC/DC controller contains all the features to design a high efficiency single-ended isolated or non-isolated flyback converter for automotive, industrial, telecom, Power-over-Ethernet and datacom requirements.
2002-11-07 Dallas MCU supports IPv4, v6
The DS80C400 networked microcontroller chip integrates a high-speed 8051 core, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, and a silicon software TCP IPv4/v6 stack to provide network connectivity to devices such as MP3 players, web cameras, and industrial equipment.
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