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2004-09-02 Matsushita Electric, Daikin form motor venture
Daikin Industries Ltd and Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd will establish a joint venture company, Daikin Motor Suzhou Co. Ltd, in China
2008-07-08 IR designs MOSFETs for power supplies, electric motors
From International Rectifier comes a new family of 60V and 75V MOSFETs optimized for industrial battery applications such as e-bikes, scooters and utility carts.
2010-03-15 Connectors save costs in FHP electric motors
Tyco has released the Mag-Mate insulation displacement crimp interconnection system as a cost-effective interconnect for fractional horsepower (FHP) motor manufacturers.
2004-02-13 Zheda Tech dc motors targets electric bicycles, motorcycles
The brushless dc motors from Zheda Technology & Trading are designed for use in electric bicycles and motorcycles.
2010-07-09 Toshiba, Mitsubishi bring SCiB batteries to electric cars
Toshiba Corp. and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. are collaborating to bring the SCiB battery to electric vehicles (EV).
2010-06-29 Toshiba to produce HEV drive motors at U.S. plant
Toshiba Corp. plans to expand the manufacturing capacity of its Houston, Texas plant for high-performance drive motors for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs).
2010-05-26 Tesla, Toyota collaborate on electric vehicles
Tesla Motors Inc. and Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) are teaming up to develop electric vehicles, parts, and production system and engineering support.
2008-04-18 Tesla Motors sues Roadster designer for copying hybrid car
Tesla Motors has filed a suit against the automotive designer it hired to style the body and interior of its electric-hybrid four-door sedan, after the designer disclosed plans for a competing vehicle.
2004-03-10 Shihlin Electric dc motors suit electric scooters, bicycles
Shihlin Electric & Engineering's dc motors are suitable for electric scooters and bicycles.
2004-01-16 Shenle Vanstar motors feature 1.5V to 36V range
Ningbo Shenle Vanstar Electric Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its RS-540 and RS-545 miniature vibration motors that operate from 1.5V to 36V.
2003-10-07 Shenle miniature motors offer 9,080rpm
With a 9,080rpm rated load speed, the RS-300 series of miniature dc motors from Ningbo Shenle Vanstar Electric are suitable for use in various audio systems.
2003-09-11 Shenle dc motors operate to 11,600rpm
The RS-540S and RS-545S series of miniature dc motors from Ningbo Shenle Vanstar Electric Co. Ltd have 4.5Vdc to 12Vdc operating voltage.
2004-08-02 Moons' stepping motors feature 1.8° step angle
Shanghai Moons' Electric announced the availability of its 23 HS series of hybrid stepping motors that have a step angle of 1.8° with an accuracy of 5 percent.
2008-08-12 Mitsubishi electric vehicles cruise to SCE for testing
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has signed a letter of intent with Southern California Edison (SCE) to forge a unique collaboration for testing and evaluation of the new i MiEV electric vehicle.
2002-06-18 Minebea to mass produce Matsushita's FDB motors for HDDs
Matsushita Electric Ind. Co. Ltd and Minebea Co. Ltd have agreed to begin consignment production of fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motors for HDDs.
2010-10-06 EV motors run without rare earth metals
Japan researchers have successfully built electric vehicle motors that don't require rare earth metals.
2008-03-19 All-electric sports car gets ready to roll
Tesla Motors has started regular production of the 2008 Tesla Roadster electric sports car.
2010-11-29 Tesla Motors taps Infineon for power chips
Tesla Motors Inc. is sourcing power chips from Infineon, according to a report by Bloomberg
2004-06-30 Pro Motor geared motors offer 78rpm
The PF778-G3 geared motor from Pro Motor Electric features a no-load speed of 78rpm and current of 1.2A
2012-11-01 Mitsubishi Electric to roll SiC module-equipped CNC drive unit
The MDS-DM2-SPHV3-20080 is a multi-hybrid, multi-axis integrated-drive unit for drive control of spindle and servo motors
2008-10-22 Hitachi to supply motors, Li-ion batteries to Eaton
Hitachi Ltd has secured an order from Eaton Corp. to supply motors, inverters, Li-ion batteries and other components for Eaton's hybrid power systems to be delivered through 2011
2010-08-18 Controller drives motors for remote-controlled robots
Roboteq Inc.'s DC motor controller drives a brushless DC up to 150A at up to 50V, making it suitable for mobile robots, electric bikes, karts and other high power brushless motor control applications
2011-09-06 Pumpable electrons to drive gasoline into oblivion?
Electronics is poised to replace the gas-guzzling internal combustion engine with electric motors driven by pumpable fuels that bear electrons as their active elements
2007-11-19 High-efficiency motor control solutions aim at HVACs
This article describes a simple and low cost motor drive based on an inverter topology and specifically designed for the energy efficient permanent magnet motor.
2004-03-19 S&M Earth capacitors rated at 1µF to 120µF
Suitable for use in ac motors, S & M Earth Electric Co. Ltd's SM-R8-2T2 capacitors feature a capacitance range of 1µF to 120µF, and tolerances of ±5 percent (J) and ±5 percent to ±10 percent (U).
2014-08-04 Panasonic, Tesla set to build Gigafactory battery plant
The Gigafactory will produce cells, modules and packs for Tesla's EVs and for the stationary storage market, and is planned to produce 35GWh of cells and 50GWh of packs per year by 2020.
2009-05-22 Li-ion battery tech to make or break Chevy Volt
Even as General Motors teeters on the brink of bankruptcy, engineers are working on one of the boldest innovations in GM's history: the Chevy Volt, a range-extended electric vehicle powered by a revolutionary battery platform called the Voltec.
2006-08-29 Harbin, IEECAS enter transportation development agreement
Harbin Tech Full Electric Co. Ltd has entered into a joint development agreement with the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to build a train and track transportation system driven by high powered linear motors.
2007-06-08 Time apt for cars' electronic makeover, says GM exec
Time is ripe to reinvent the automobile. So says the man who heads the R&D efforts over at General Motors
2008-09-12 Turnkey algorithms extend benefits of STM32 MCU
STMicroelectronics has extended its library of functions supporting vector control of electric motors using the 32bit STM32 MCU, with new turnkey algorithms supporting single-shunt sensorless control, control of IPM motors, and field-weakening controls for PMSM motors.
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