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2005-06-02 SIA confirms April semiconductor sales stall
The three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors came in at $18.22 billion in April according to World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association reported Tuesday (May 31
2014-02-07 Semiconductor sales hit record high in 2013 at $305.6B
The semiconductor industry posted record sales in 2013, climbing 4.8 percent to reach $305.6 billion with December 2013 sales the strongest on record at $26.6 billion, according to SIA
2015-10-08 Semiconductor sales experience faint drop in August
SIA revealed that the global sales of semiconductors hit $27.7 billion in August 2015, a drop of 0.5 per cent from the previous month when sales were $27.9 billion.
2014-06-09 Semiconductor market rides double-digit growth
Worldwide chip sales reached $26.34 billion in April 2014, an 11.5 per cent increase over the same period last year, according to SIA.
2003-06-05 Semiconductor market generates $141B in '02
According to the WSTS, the world semiconductor market reached a size of $141B in 2002
2016-05-10 ON Semiconductor VP shares supply chain ops challenges, solutions
In this interview, ON Semiconductor's Brent Wilson, senior VP of Global Supply Chain Operations and Procurement, talks about how the company is using technology to tackle business challenges and evolve the company's supply chain strategy
2004-09-08 Growth slows with $16.46B 'actual' July world chip sales
Worldwide chip sales in July 2004 were $16.46 billion according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), up by 33.7 percent on the same month a year before and a significant easing of the phenomenal growth rate recorded in the first half of 2004
2015-05-06 Global semiconductor sales reach $83.1B in Q1 2015
Sales of semiconductors worldwide for the month of March 2015 were $27.7 billion, 6 per cent higher than the March 2014 total of $26.1 billion and 0.1 per cent lower than last month's total.
2014-12-03 Global semiconductor sales continue bullish stride
Sales continue to be strong across the board, with nearly all regions and product categories exhibiting increases. Nearly double-digit growth is expected in 2014, followed by moderate growth in 2015 and 2016.
2005-05-05 European semiconductor sales fell in March, says SIA
Although March was dubbed a growth month by the Semiconductor Industry Association, European sales of semiconductors fell compared with March 2004 while sales across the Americas region were flat compared with a year ago, the industry organization's statistics have revealed
2014-11-05 Asia Pacific semiconductor sales up 2.5% from September
Asia Pacific continues to deliver upbeat month-on-month semiconductor sales, with a 2.5 per cent increase from $16.57 billion in September. Meanwhile, total global revenues reached $87 billion during the third quarter of 2014, an increase of 5.7 per cent over the previous quarter
2014-10-16 APAC semiconductor sales improve amid downturn fears
The region's sales of semiconductors reached $16.7 billion in August, a 9.4 per cent increase from August 2013 and an uptick of 1.7 per cent over the July total, suggesting nothing out of the ordinary that might signal an emerging industry correction predicted by Microchip CEO Steve Sanghi.
2005-06-02 Actual semiconductor sales growth at 4.7 percent in April
April's stall in semiconductor sales was driven largely by major fall in the amount of chips sold into Japan, which in actual terms was the lowest sales since August 2003, according to the global billings report from the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association
2007-11-15 WSTS: 2007 global chips sales better than expected
WSTS organization has increased its forecast for the increase in global sales of semiconductors for 2007.
2012-03-02 WSTS membership pull out: A wrong move for Intel, AMD
Any industry, whether it's automobiles, semiconductor or veeblefetzers, will begin—once it stops collecting data within the industry—to lose a significant measure of its economic and political power in the greater world
2006-07-06 Worldwide chip sales grew 9.4% in May
The three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors in May came in ahead of expectations at $19.75 billion and grew by 9.4 percent over the May 2005 equivalent sales of $18.05 billion, according to WSTS numbers.
2005-11-28 Wafer fab usage rose in Q3, says report
Semiconductor manufacturing capacity utilization rose in the third quarter of 2005 to 90.1 percent, according to a Reuters report, which referenced data from the Semiconductor International Capacity Statistics (SICAS) group
2004-12-01 TSMC tolls a mournful outlook for Q4
TSMC caught market watchers by surprise with a grim Q4 outlook that anticipates its manufacturing capacity utilization rate plummeting by about 15 percent to roughly 85 percent.
2012-04-04 TSMC grabs 49% of foundry market share
Gartner analysts attributed much of the foundry growth to depreciation in the U.S. currency and said that without that the foundry growth would have been 0.7 percent.
2005-07-06 Trends point to monthly chip market in annual decline from June
Steadily declining annual growth rates for the actual semiconductor sales in the months of January through May, both globally and for the Asia-Pacific region, indicate that year-to-year growth will have evaporated in June and that the market could be in for a period of annual decline, according to statistics from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA
2016-03-08 Sluggish chip sales predicted for 2016
Global chip sales totaled $26.9 billion in January, down three per cent from the previous month and down six per cent compared with January 2015, according to the sales numbers compiled by WSTS.
2007-12-05 SIA: PCs push October chip sales beyond targets
Worldwide semiconductor sales in October rose to $23.1 billion, an increase of 5 percent over the $22 billion reported in October 2006 and 2 percent higher than the $22.6 billion reported in September of this year, the SIA reported
2012-04-11 SIA: Feb chip sales dipped 1.3%
February chip sales were down 7.3 percent compared to February 2011, according to the SIA.
2012-03-06 SIA to still focus on data programs
SIA president, Brian Toohey, is hopeful that solutions could be found that would enable SIA to continue reporting accurate data on microprocessor sales pooled by WSTS in a way that Intel and AMD would be comfortable with.
2005-06-09 SIA projects record chip sales in 2005
Citing stronger than expected chip sales, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) on Wednesday (June 8) revised its annual forecast for global IC sales to a record $226 billion in 2005
2012-04-03 SIA confident on regaining Intel, AMD
With Intel and AMD's withdrawal from in the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, the publication lost its reliability, but the new chair of SIA announced a powerful statement: We will fix it.
2006-07-04 Semicon forecast: second half will be rough
2006 has seen it all—a stock option scandal, different chip predictions, materials shortages— and it's not even over yet. Here's our take on where things stand and where we see the industry heading.
2005-07-27 Semico sees upswing for ICs thru 2008
Semico Research Corp.'s new Inflection Point Indicator (IPI) model shows two years of moderate growth for the worldwide semiconductor industry in 2005 and 2006, followed by a strong double-digit upswing in 2007 and 2008
2011-03-11 Research firm forecasts strong 2011 IC sales
IC sales in January totaled $21.4 billion, up 16 percent from January 2010 and down only 4.5 percent from December 2010, prompting IC Insights to predict stronger growth for the IC market in 2011.
2011-05-09 Q1 chip sales rise 0.4%
The Q1 market for global semiconductor sales increased 0.4 percent and up 11.75 percent compared with 1Q10. But the numbers show a significant downward revision for previously published January and February 'actual' sales figures
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