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What is PCI Express?
A high-speed peripheral interconnect Intel Corp. introduced in 2002 to serve as a replacement for PCI and AGP buses. Tailored for high-speed CPUs, it can accommodate Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and even support chip-to-chip transfers.
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2005-05-27 EDA vendors announce flows for IBM-Chartered 90nm process
IBM and Chartered Semiconductor Mfg added common design support to their jointly developed 90nm process platform.
2005-08-15 Dual-core CPU enables simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing
NextCom LLC's new extreme computing architecture called "Flextreme," leverages open standards, small form factors, and mobility with AMD Opteron 32- and 64-bit computing.
2013-03-11 Design, verification IP aimed at Mobile PCIe
The Cadence M-PCIe IP and VIP solution enables the PCI Express architecture to operate over MIPI M-PHY, extending battery life of mobile devices such as thin laptops, tablets and smartphones.
2006-06-21 Denali rolls out PCIe design IP product
Denali has announced the availability of its latest IP product—a fully featured design core for PCIe technology.
2003-01-16 Denali ready to expand into chip I/O market
Denali Software Inc. has taken what is has learned in building memory subsystems and applies it to chip-to-chip interfaces, backplanes, and other communications protocols.
2006-01-13 Decoder speeds transition to PCIe
Conexant has introduced a single-chip broadcast decoder that is designed to help consumer electronics manufacturers speed the transition to PCI Express.
2013-08-08 Creating hybrid FPGA/virtual platform prototypes
Know how to use the PCIe-over-Cabling interface in its HAPS-60-based system to create a new class of hybrid prototypes.
2004-09-01 Creating a third generation I/O interconnect
This paper looks at the success of the widely adopted PCI bus, and describes a higher performance next-generation I/O interconnect
2013-01-23 Comms processor operates from -40°C to 125°C
The PC8378 and PC8379 PowerQUICC II Pro communications processors from e2v target networking applications in aerospace, defence and demanding outdoor environments.
2006-03-10 CE products to benefit from PCIe bus
During the 11th Annual International IC-China Conference & Exhibition, Philips Semiconductor demonstrated a series of products based on PCIe, including a DVB-T TV receiver card and a 4-channel video server.
2003-08-06 CATC boosts presence in the west coast
Computer Access Technology Corp. has signed three new manufacturer representative firms to enhance its sales and support coverage on the west coast.
2007-01-04 Carrier board allows use of PCIe I/O boards in CPCIe systems
One Stop Systems has a 6U-sized CPCIe carrier board that allows the use of a PCIe I/O board in a CPCIe system.
2014-07-02 Can PCIe compete and win against Ethernet?
While nothing is on the horizon that will fundamentally change the status quo, PCIe is showing every sign of growing and competing for space once the domain solely of Ethernet.
2012-07-03 Cadence acquires Sigrity, strengthens system development
Cadence Design Systems has acquired Sigrity with the aim of boosting their Allegro and OrCAD design tools.
2007-12-03 Building PCIe endpoint devices with FPGAs
This article will review the factors for building single-chip x4- and x8-lane PCIe designs with the latest FPGA technology.
2005-08-24 Broadcom bares 3G RAID architecture at IDF
Broadcom Corp. is demonstrating what it claims to be the first SAS/SATA RAID-on-Chip (RoC) device with integrated PCI Express (PCIe) host bus architecture support at the ongoing Intel Development Forum 2005 (IDF) in San Francisco.
2009-01-29 Bridging options enable configurable computing
In many embedded systems, FPGAs have augmented or displaced dedicated microprocessors and DSPs, so endpoint bridging solutions for PCIe must enable FPGAs to fulfill their new role.
2005-11-01 Bridging device connects PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics
Kestrel, the latest member of StarGen's AXSys switching and software product family, is a PCI Express to Advanced Switching Interconnect bridge designed to connect PCIe-based host processors to ASI fabrics.
2006-06-13 Bridge chip targets space-constrained apps
NEC's new PCI Express-to-PCI/PCI-X bridge chip is suitable for networking and storage applications with stringent space limitations.
2014-06-26 Avago buys PLX Technology for $309M
An executive from Avago said the company's long-term strategy, which focuses on mixed-signal and high-speed opto-electronics, will be complimented by PCI switches and bridges used by PLX
2003-05-20 Artisan establishes analog, mixed-signal business unit
Artisan Components Inc. has formed an analog and mixed-signal business unit.
2012-10-10 Arria V GZ prepped to meet increased bandwidth demand
Altera Corporation's Arria V GZ incorporates the company's transceiver technology and boosts overall core performance by 30 per cent.
2003-04-16 Architecture backs up all local I/Os
It is prudent to embrace the range of local interconnect solutions and develop a device architecture that supports a common high-performance interconnect among them.
2005-09-01 Analysis tools speed up design debug, verification
Learn about developments in logic analyzers that open up new dimensions in speed and performance
2012-09-06 Altera ships 28nm FPGA devices
The Stratix V, Arria V and Cyclone V devices are high-end, midrange and low-cost FPGAs geared to meet the diverse product design and differentiation requirements, noted the company.
2006-09-21 Agilent upgrades PCIe validation, compliance tool
Agilent has announced an updated version of its PCI Express electrical performance validation and compliance software that lets users test devices to ensure compliance with the PCIe 1.1 and PCIe 2.0 specs.
2005-02-23 Agilent rolls two jitter analysis toolsets for its realtime scopes
Agilent has two new jitter analysis software packages for its previously released Infiniium DSO80000 series 10GHz, 12GHz, and 13GHz realtime oscilloscopes.
2006-10-06 Agilent rolls out analyzer, exerciser for PCIe 2.0
Agilent has announced an integrated x1 through x16 protocol analyzer and exerciser solution that support the high-speed class of PCIe 2.0.
2005-07-27 Agilent pattern/pulse stimulus generator spans 150MHz to 7GHz
Agilent's latest 81141A instrument, with its memory-based pattern generator, can be used all the way up to 7GHz (and down to 150MHz).
2004-12-10 Agere utilizes Verisity verification process automation
Agere Systems has used Verisity Ltd's verification process automation VPA products for a string of tape-outs including the ET1310 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller.
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