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2003-03-03 Using the LIN bus in household applications
Utilizing the LIN bus saves money by abolishing the need for multiple program modules and multiple wires; testing and debugging can also be performed via the LIN bus, thereby saving even more money for the manufacturer and consumer.
2004-12-08 ST MCU with CAN, LIN interfaces in TQFP32 package
ST announced volume production of its ST72F561 8bit MCU, which integrates CAN and LIN bus interfaces, plus 60KB of flash memory.
2008-02-25 Smart sensor includes programmable MCU, LIN 2.0 interface
Micronas has announced the HAL 2810 smart sensor, said to be the first linear Hall-effect sensor to include programmable MCU and a LIN bus 2.0 interface.
2003-09-15 Motorola MCU speeds up LIN bus development
Motorola Inc. Semiconductor Product Sector has expanded its 8-bit HC08 "Q-LIN" family with a LIN-slave device, the 68HC908QL4
2008-02-13 Micronas unveils 8bit MCU line for LIN bus apps
Micronas has unveiled its easyLIN product line of 8bit MCUs for LIN bus applications in cars and trucks.
2002-10-25 Microchip LIN transceiver features on-board voltage regulator
Microchip's MCP201 single-chip LIN bus interface transceiver features an on-board 5V voltage regulator that helps save board space.
2004-09-16 LIN Bus emerging standard for body control apps
Learn everything about LIN as a low-cost serial communication system for distributed electronic systems in vehicles
2004-12-16 LIN protocol keeps costs low for automotive nets
The LIN protocol has the potential to be used widely in automotive applications, enabling designers to produce systems at the lowest possible cost
2010-03-12 Comparing bus solutions
This application note discusses Local Interconnect Network (LIN), USB-On-the-Go, DisplayPort, digital isolators and more
2005-09-01 Keys to new car sensor
As electronic content in cars increases, low-cost, reliable sensing systems become even more important.
2008-03-18 Simplifying movable-headlamp motor control
Using LIN-enabled smart micro-stepper motor drivers lets designers perform intelligent system partitioning and simplifies complex multi-axis real-time programming
2002-11-29 MT9171/72 DNIC application circuits
This article presents the design of the MT9171/72 dnic application circuits.
2006-07-01 FlexRay apps get ready to hit the road
The approval of the V2.1 BMW will introduce FlexRay for active damping control as the successor to BMW's X5 model. The initial features implemented using FlexRay is the first step in an evolutionary path toward an autonomous or nearly autonomous vehicle.
2002-04-08 Increasing bandwidth of north-bridge and south-bridge interconnection by using HyperTransport technology
This article describes HyperTransport technology, its advantages and usage in PC core logic.
2014-12-30 TVS array offers circuit protection for industrial comms
The PESD1LIN from ProTek is an asymmetrical line protection transient voltage suppressor array for LIN BUS protection in industrial applications such as field devices, protocol converters and gateways.
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